Pots and Pans Guide

The Ultimate Pots and Pans Guide

You will find a  comprehensive blend of the best kitchenware in this Ultimate Cookware Buying Guide.
When it comes to types of pans, upgrading your kitchenware with trendy, durable pans to prepare delicious cuisines can be mind-boggling.

We have spent hours reviewing cookware to make your choice of pots and pans easier.

Professional chefs, home cooks, and kitchen staff at restaurants and hotels have more insight into the best cookware than we do.

So, I made it my duty to speak to them as their hands-on experience through the years has afforded them knowledge with several cookware and cuisines.

With the extensive knowledge from these learned people, I put together this comprehensive Cookware Buying Guide to help you find the best brands, materials, and pans for your kitchen.

This kitchenware guide covers all the valuable information, tips, and tricks about cookware. The topics below are written in the simplest form with several resources to find essential cookware for you.

However, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go over the review, have a look at these essential pieces of cookware that every kitchen should have:
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What Is The Best Cookware On The Current Market?

Every kitchen accumulates some kind of work or the other.

There’s always a need for specific tools or gadgets to do the job. The pots and pans ideal for your kitchen will depend on the number of people you cook for and how often you use them.

When picking cookware for your kitchen, here are a few things you should look into:

Individual Pieces Vs. Sets, which is better?

Individual Pieces Vs. Sets which is better

It is usual that although home chefs sometimes have several pots and pans in their kitchens, they do have a few favorites that are most used. Like clothes, we tend to overuse our favorite cookware, which causes them to deteriorate faster.

Although it is unnecessary to have many kitchen accessories, it is pretty helpful to invest in a few good cookware brands to ensure value for money and use.

When looking at complete sets, we purchase them blindly without considering whether or not all the pots and pans are essential for our daily needs. It’s a fault on our side, which leaves us with unused kitchen cookware that never has a chance to sit on the stovetop.

Most of the package deal conveniently sits in the kitchen cupboard, forgotten.
If you choose a set, you are limited to one brand that produces the same line of cookware possessing the same materials and build.

As we all know, different recipes require different dishes, so having a variety of materials will result in a beneficial cooking experience.

If you look at the different materials like enameled cast iron and stainless steel, you will find that one performs better than the other. A stainless steel set will be just that, whereas individual pots and pans can sum up to various cookware. Enameled cast iron dutch ovens are above average cookware compared to stainless steel.

I understand that some of us are on a budget, and cookware can be expensive, but would it help you own cookware that is not useful? It is vital that the pieces you purchase meet your daily cooking needs, so various materials are essential.

Purchasing cookware piece-by-piece will be of benefit to you in the long run, no matter how sweet the deal on a set of pots and pans may seem.

What Do You Cook Daily?

When you look at the different pots and pans sold today, they are designed for specific cooking purposes and sometimes suit a particular cuisine. What types of dishes and cuisines do you like cooking for your family?

Having the answers to this question will allow you to choose from an open field of cooking utensils.

Being precise about the foods you prepare will narrow down your list of what you should buy.

Although home cooks enjoy exploring different recipes from various cuisines, favorite family meals always find their way into the pot. The dishes we love are always the most cooked meals in our homes with a bit of foreign cuisines when we’re up to it.

Some of us are fortunate enough to keep a food journal, while others know the favorite family meals expected on each day like the back of our hands. Frying pans are essential in every kitchen as breakfast is the main meal that calls for it.

Using pots and pans that cannot handle the load of your daily food expenditures will have you on the hunt for a new pan before you know it. Overuse of a single pan equals faster deterioration.

What Heat Source Are You Using?

oven safe pansOne of the essentials for pots and pans and cooking is to check your stovetop. It is crucial to know whether your cookware is compatible with your heat source. Different materials will give off various performances on stovetops.

When it comes to induction ranges, these stovetops work with iron and steel pans that contain ferromagnetic material. Then other cookware can tolerate a restricted temperature level and are sometimes not compatible with oven cooking.

It is essential to look out for cookware that is safe to use in the oven, especially if you do most of your cooking in there.

Oven cooking fairs well with materials like cast iron as they hold a consistent temperature that allows for even cooking even if the heat source fluctuates. Those who like cooking outdoors or over a campfire will find cast iron cookware in their favor.

Whether you decide to use your pots and pans on an electric glass top range, a gas stove, induction cooktop, or open fire cooking, buy individual pieces accordingly. It will avoid damage and keep your kitchenware in top shape.

Induction stoves are used by many for their convenience and work well with nonstick induction cookware, which is in high demand.

Portion Sizes Are Essential!

When buying cookware, it is essential to consider the amount of food you prepare daily. The size of the wok, pot, or pan that you use must accommodate the family that you feed. If you’re a single person, having a 16” or 18” inch pan would be useless. The amount of food you cook in it would look like one fish in the magnificent sea.

However, if you are entertaining family and friends, then having a larger dish to accommodate your preparation and portion sizes would be a clever move. Make sure you have the space to store it, though, as they are usually quite bulky.

You should buy what benefits you most! That’s what I do, as having a large dish you hardly make use of will see your investment collecting dust in the cupboard. It is a sorry sight, especially when you think of the money spent to purchase it.

Month-to-month cooking usually entails the same quantity or portions, and using your discretion should afford you valuable insight into what suits your family best. There are various pot and pan brands available that are specifically sized to fit your needs.

Liquid dishes like soups and stews call for pots and pans measured in quarts. On the other hand, solid-centric pans usually use diameter and inches to show measurement.

Here’s an example to give you a clearer picture:

We all love Dutch ovens, don’t we? It is versatile cookware that is suitable for all kitchens. When it comes to the extravagant Dutch oven, you can choose from various sizes, from small to large.

Single serving sizes start from 1-quart, and the large sizes can feed more than ten people with its 15.5 quarts. Amongst the Dutch ovens available today, the Le Creuset Dutch Oven Sizes has a comprehensive guide to help you make the ideal purchase.
Matching the perfect size for daily use is made easy through our guide for your unique kitchen.

Maintenance, Care, and Storage

Maintenance, Care, and StorageMaintenance, care, and storage are essential aspects to consider when buying kitchenware. Stainless steel is best for a low-maintenance pan when it comes to materials. It is easy to clean with soap and water, or you can let the dishwasher do the work for you.

Aside from that, it does not need to be seasoned and is made from durable materials.

The only mishap about stainless steel is that it is not nonstick. You would have to practice the art of using these pots and pans to get the jest of how they work. Beware that you can easily burn food when cooking with stainless steel if you’re not accustomed to using it.

However, all cookware has pros and cons, just as stainless steel does. For instance, if you look at carbon steel pans, special seasoning is required to avoid rust. It is also not advisable to wash it with soap.

On the other hand, Nonstick pans are highly fragile and require meticulous care when in use. Therefore, buying the best pots and pans to suit your needs requires a detailed review to help you make the right choice.

What are the Different Types of Pans?

Cookware sets have a variety of pots and pans to suit different quantities and cuisines. A specific recipe or cuisine would require a particular type of pan.

Understanding which pot or pan is suitable for which dish will make choosing your cookware a simple task. Have a look at the different types of pans on the market today.

It makes your selection easier, saving you time money, and making sure that you choose the perfect cookware for your kitchen.


what is a skilletThe Skillet

Skillets are a cook’s best friend. It is made from cast iron and is very similar to a frying pan. Use a skillet to roast, fry, bake, saute, sear, and much more.

It is also great to use on an open fire or the outdoors. Its materials and build have excellent heat retention and distribution properties, cooking food evenly.


what is a saute panThe Saute Pan

Saute pans are perfect for cooking. It functions similarly to a frying pan and can be used as one when needed.

The advantage of a saute pan is that it has more depth, unlike the frying pan, and can hold larger batches of food.


the best frying pan for steakThe Fry Pan

Breakfast is usually the day’s main meal, and what better way to prepare that in the sought-after frying pan!

It is perfect for cooking steaks, eggs, bacon, fish, vegetables, and various other delicious meals.


sauce-panThe Saucepan

Saucepans are petite and are made to fulfill simple kitchen tasks.

You can use them to make your favorite sauces, boil eggs, or do any other small kitchen tasks you may have. They are also easy to maintain and clean.


stock-potThe Stock Pot

Stock pots are great for cooking larger recipes. Recipes that call for large amounts of liquid are best suited to a stockpot.

You can quickly boil pasta and cook soups and stews in large baches with this fantastic pot.


the griddleThe Griddle

Griddles are a signature pan that is perfect to have when you’re entertaining a large crowd.

Although the pan is heavier than others, this is the pan for you if you want to make the best pancakes.


bamboo-steamerThe Bamboo Steamer

Think healthy cooking without the use of grease, fats, or oil!

The bamboo steamer is perfect for dumplings, bao buns, and other steamed dishes. It allows for even and moist cooking.


how to clean wokThe Wok

The Wok has many uses, including steaming, deep-frying, and stir-frying, among others.

To get authentic Asian cuisine, it is essential to use a wok to bring the flavors of the east to your kitchen.


grill-panThe Grill Pan

Grill pans are perfect for restaurant styles classic panini sandwiches, searing meat, and sauteeing vegetables.

The pans have raised ridges to give the food the signature markings of a gourmet meal. It is the ideal pan for indoor grilling.


dutch-ovenThe Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are known for their stance and large size. They come with sturdy handles and tight-fit lids and are perfect for preparing various dishes.

You can use them to braise, cook soups, deep fry, steam, and bake. They are ovenproof dishes that are ideal for large batches.


crepe-panThe Crepe Pan

Who doesn’t love a mothering crepe? Crepe pans are flat bottomed round pans with shallow sides.

They make perfect pancakes that you can serve with savory or sweet ingredients. These pans are built to handle thin or thick batters and are extremely useful for the whole family.


saucier-panThe Saucier

A saucier is an ideal pan to prepare sauces, porridges, risotto, and much more. Although it is similar to a saucepan, you can differentiate between the two as the saucier has rounded sides.

The saucepan, on the other hand, is straight-sided.


best turkey roaster oven reviewsThe Roasting Pan

The roasting pan is a must-have in every home. This high-sided metal rectangular pan is best for roasting a variety of meats. You can comfortably roast whole birds, beef roast, lamb leg, or vegetables as you please.

I use it often to roast prime rib, which is a family favorite, and this pan performs well in high temperatures.


pressure-cookerThe Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers save you a lot of time, money, and energy. It speeds up the cooking process as it is built with seals and lid locks to conceal moisture and air during cooking.

It lessens the cooking time, and the high-pressure steam cooks dried beans, meats, and other foods to perfection.


paella-panThe Paella Pan

Saute, reduce liquids, and caramelize ingredients quickly and easily in the Paella Pan. This wide pan, although shallow, cooks food evenly and distributes flavor.

It is the perfect pan to prepare meals on the run.

What are the Best Cookware Materials?

There are a variety of cookware materials available to suit cooking demands. Getting the suitable cookware material that works for you will depend on the dishes you prepare in your kitchen.

Each cookware has different materials that come with pros and cons.

Although materials like cast iron usually produce the best skillet, rest assured that it does not necessarily have the stance that other pans possess. Therefore knowing your materials is vital when choosing the best cookware for you.


Best Nonstick CookwareNonstick Materials

Nonstick materials are convenient because they allow easy food release and offer hassle-free cleaning. You don’t need excessive amounts of fat, grease, or oil when using nonstick pans, promoting healthy cooking.

However, it is essential to note that non-stick pans can easily damage if not properly maintained. They are prone to scratching and become toxic when heated beyond the required temperatures. It can prove harmful to health, so careful care is needed when using nonstick pots and pans.


stainless steel pan

Stainless Steel Materials

Stainless Steel pots and pans are amongst the most used kitchen cookware. It is versatile and requires little maintenance to stay in good shape.

It is also important to note that it is not always user-friendly compared to nonstick materials. However, getting the hang of using stainless steel pans will be rewarding in the long run.


ceramic pots and pansCeramic Materials

Ceramic materials are used widely in cookware ranges. It is considered user-friendly cookware and is a healthy alternative to traditional nonstick pots and pans. They are affordable, budget-friendly cookware that is great to have.

However, Ceramic materials are not as durable as other materials. Compared to PTFE-based nonstick cookware, their food release feature is less effective.

cast iron panCast Iron Materials

If it is excellent heat distribution and retention that you desire while cooking, then cast iron cookware is your best bet! They develop a natural nonstick layer after several uses, so you have no worries about toxins.

They are also affordable, budget-friendly pans that would be an asset to any kitchen. Cast Iron Cookwares are sturdy, versatile pans that are long-lasting when adequately maintained. It is vital to season them with oil to avoid rusting.


enamel cookwareEnameled Cast Iron Materials

Enameled cast iron materials offer cooking and maintenance convenience. Although it embodies the same build and properties as Cast Iron pots and pans, the additional enamel coating does not require seasoning and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

The only downside is that it is a bit pricier than cast iron. Although it is expensive, its durability is questionable as it can peel or chip over time.


Carbon Steel CookwareCarbon Steel Materials

Carbon steel materials have a much lighter weight, lower profile design, durability, and nonstick ability than cast iron.

It is also higher priced, although it does not present the same heat retentions and distribution as cast iron materials. It is due to its thinner construction.



Copper cookwareCopper Materials

Copper is at least 25 times more thermally efficient than stainless steel. It allows for cooking food at lower temperature levels, allowing you to cook meals to perfection evenly.

Aside from its overly attractive look, it’s a valuable kitchen utensil that everyone should have.

However, keep in mind that copper cookware materials are the most expensive. The pots and pans also require proper maintenance to ensure the metal lining doesn’t react with food.


 Aluminum PansAnodized Aluminum Materials

If you’re looking for an affordable cookware metal, then Anodized Aluminum is good.

It is an effective heat conductor and embodies similar properties as copper in that respect.

Since most Anodized cookware has a non-stick coating, durability can be decreased without proper maintenance. Thin gauge aluminum pans and pots are also prone to warping.


Granite Rock PansDiamond, Stone, Granite, and Rock Materials

The stone, granite, rock, and diamond pots and pans are traditional nonstick.

They have a PTFE coating that includes a mineral additive which allows for consistent heat transfer and durability.

You will find these materials listed in a range of cookware products available today. Make sure to read the label to know what you’re getting.


Best Cookware Brands Available Today

Which ones are the best from the thousands of cookware brands available today?

We often come across several pots and pans sets that catch our eye. Some of the brands are known to us as they have made the global names list while others are not.

There are many brands for home cooks and professional cooks to choose. There’s a pan for each recipe they attempt.

Our choices listed below are leading world brands but don’t take our word until you see for yourself. They have made it on our list of best cookware brands because of their positive reviews, durability, versatility, consumer satisfaction, and high demand.

Let’s have a look at what we’ve got:

Calphalon Cookware

Calphalon cookware has been a well-known brand producing cookware since 1960. It is an American company that manufactures anodized aluminum cookware, with its classic line being amongst the most popular. Its three and five-layer pots and pans are affordable and a great addition to any kitchen. Their products are pretty similar to the All-clad cookware range.

All-Clad Cookware

All-Clad Cookware has been around for a long time and manufactures original clad stainless steel pots and pans. The cookware is made in the United States and produces high-quality kitchen utensils. The most used pots and pans from All-Clad are their Luxury Copper Core Collection and the D3 AND D5 lines. The aesthetics of this cookware is suitable for kitchen around the world.

Le Creuset Cookware

If you’re looking for durable enameled cast iron, then Le Creuset manufactures some of the best ones in the world. It is a French brand that sports a signature range of cookware. The Signature Cast iron skillet is inexpensive and suited to all kitchens. Although there are similar replicas of Le Creuset’s pots and pan, matching their durability is very difficult.

Lodge Cookware

It seems American brands are trendy on the cookware market, and Lodge Cookware is another one! The company has been in business since 1896 and produces cast iron cookware in S Pittsburgh, Tennessee. They are amongst the first cookware companies that offer factory seasoning.

Amongst their kitchenware products, the core line cast iron skillets, the enameled dutch ovens, and the lightweight chef collection are in most demand. This cookware brand offers high quality at low prices.

Green Pan Cookware

Green Pan cookware is recognized for its contribution to non-toxic traditional nonstick cookware and was the first to offer PTFE-free coatings. They are a Belgian cookware company that offers healthy cookware with their sister brand Greenlife.

It is beneficial to cooks and other people who prefer a healthy lifestyle. Their range of pots and pans is also affordable, with the ceramic frying pan being amongst the most favored by users.

T-Fal Cookware

T-Fal is the first company to introduce nonstick Teflon cookware. It came about when a fisherman applied the substance to his wife’s pots and pans which proved helpful. The rest, as we know it, is history. This thriving brand offers an ultimate series of reinforced titanium cookware, T-Fal’s nonstick pans, and T-Fal’s ceramic cookware range. They also have a sister brand, WearEver, and are affiliated with the French Groupe SEB’S cookware empire.

Scanpan Cookware

Scanpan is a Danish brand that produces environmentally friendly cookware suitable for daily use.

The company pays careful attention to the manufacturing process, offering some of the best cookware on the market. Aside from that, their CTX Line is notable for its Danish design, while the Swiss Diamond pans enable convenient nonstick cooking.

What about other Cookware Brands?

We can’t mention every cookware brand here as there are too many floating around. But we did find notable brands that are worth mentioning. Some brands are affiliated with well-known chefs who find them quite useful.

For instance, we looked at the Cuisinart and Tramontina brands and found that the chefs and house makers that rave about them are definitely on to something.

These brands offer affordable and durable pots and pans, ideal for home cooks and pro chefs alike. Several celebrity homemakers also use them from far and wide.

However, many questions follow brands like Copper Chef, Gotham Steel, and Red Copper as their promotional initiatives seem exaggerated.

To get the best cookware without being disappointed, it is advisable to stay away from adverts that look too good to be true. Be careful and wise with your purchase, and take heed to our best cookware review to find suitable materials and the best brand for your kitchen.


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