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Xtrema cookware is becoming more and more popular. Xtrema is a notable company that designs and makes durable cookware sets. From plain black pots and pans to green and red, there is something to suit every kitchen.

Xtrema has you in mind and aims to make every cooking task an easy task.

If you are considering investing in an Xtrema cookware set, then read below for our xtrema ceramic cookware review to make your choice easier than ever before.

  Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Reviews

This classic black xtreme cookware set comes in 10 unique pieces that offer pots and pans for versatile cooking. Not only is this ceramic cookware stylish but it is also durable and super easy to use.

The pots and pans are designed with long handles that stay cool during cooking and offer an easy-grip design on them. This set is made with a non-scratch coating so you can use any utensils on it without scratching the surface.

When it comes to safety, these are made 100% from ceramic which means they are safe to use, unlike other ceramic cookware which has toxic layers hidden beneath the surface.

If you have a dishwasher, then all these items are dishwasher safe but if not then they are easy to rinse and wipe clean. Not only do these pots making cooking safe but they make it easier and food will taste a lot better from these ceramic pots.

In this ten-piece set, you get a 16 oz saucepot with handle and cover, a 1-quart saucepot with handle and cover, a 1.5-quart sauce pot with handle and cover, a 2.5-quart sauce pot with handle and cover and 2 high-quality silicone potholders.

These pots are great value for money, and xtrema ceramic cookware is becoming the most popular choice for professional kitchens and personal kitchen use. These don’t need to be seasoned but are ready to use straight away. Great value for money is what we say.

  Features and Benefits of Xtrema Cookware

Xtrema cookware is popular for many reasons. Here is why this ceramic cookware set is a popular choice to choose from.

Even-Heat Distribution

Ceramic is a natural distributor of heat, and because this ceramic cookware is 100%, ceramic food will cook and heat evenly throughout.

Sturdy and Durable

Ceramic is a sturdy and durable option to choose for your kitchen if you are careful and make sure you don’t drop them.

Flexible and Versatile

These ceramic pots and pans can be used in the oven, in the oven and even heat food in the microwave. Additionally, you can store food in the fridge in them without worrying about unsafe toxins.


Ceramic is eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Easy Cleaning

Whether it is for use in the dishwasher or washing by hand, this ceramic cookware is easy to clean. Due to the non-scratch surface, these will withstand scrubbing, hot water, and a good rinse.

  Pros/Cons Xtrema Ceramic Cookware

  • Safe when cooking
  • Stylish in black
  • Handles which stay cool during cooking
  • Tastier food
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher safe.
  • Oven proof as well.
  • Break easily because they are 100% ceramic.
  • Slide on flat stovetops.

  Xtrema Ceramic Cookware Video Review

 Final Verdict

Not only do we think this set is great when it comes to value for money but is perfect for all cooking tasks. Whether you want to steam, boil, fry, cook in the oven or crisp off this set offers a flexible and versatile option. This set is stylish and will fit in with any modern, traditional or contemporary decor. The glazed black design is something that everyone will love, and this set has everything you need for it to get started. Each pot comes with a lid, long handles for extra safety when cooking and additional silicon covers.

Grab this xtrema cookware set and trust out xtrema ceramic cookware review to get the best for your home.

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