Pioneer Woman Cookware Reviews 2023 – (Ultimate) Buyer’s Guide

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If you have ever seen Ree Drummond on the Food Network or read any of her lifestyle blogs, you will know that she loves all things food-related.

She has put her name to a stunning range of cookware that is not only practical but also amazingly affordable.

Her country roots are evident in the vintage designs of each cookware set. Everything looks so inviting in her farmhouse kitchen down on the ranch.

We have found some of her desirable cookware sets for you to take a look at. The Pioneer Woman pots and pans sets should be gracing all or kitchens with its authentic look and style.

Hopefully, by reading our Pioneer Woman cookware reviews, we will help you to make an informed and valuable investment decision. Compliment your kitchen with this selection of the Ree Drummond pots and pans set. Cooking with class is what it’s all about!

Pioneer Woman Vs Rachael Ray Cookware

These ladies have a similar range of cookware sets that possess an almost identical construction. It may come down to personal preference when choosing between the Pioneer Woman and Rachael Ray Cookware sets. Whatever the case, the choice is always yours.

Here is a comparison of Two similar 10-piece sets

  • Both have aluminum construction with a porcelain enamel finish
  • Both had good-quality non-stick cooking surfaces but are not metal utensil compatible.
  • The Pioneer Woman set had a cast-iron frypan, while the Rachael Ray set didn’t
  • The Rachael Ray set was around $10 less expensive
  • Pioneer Woman set is a lesser-known brand, while the Rachael Ray cookware has been around for a longer time with more positive reviews
  • All of the Pioneer Cookware reviews contain stunning vintage designs with a contemporary twist

Read our Pioneer Woman pots and pans reviews and see what you think.

Top 3 Pioneer Woman Cookware Set

Pioneer Woman Cookware Reviews

1. Pioneer Woman Vintage Speckle 10-Piece – Our Pick

No products found.

The Pioneer Woman 10-piece set includes everything a busy home cook would need. This Pioneer woman set comes with pots and pans for boiling, heating, and baking. The set also includes skillets for frying and searing. This is an essential all-in-one cookware set by the famous Ree Drummond.

Each piece has an aluminum core, coated in enameled porcelain with the smallest fry pan made of solid cast iron.

The speckled turquoise finish would make a lovely addition to any kitchen. If that’s not for you, then you can also choose from the red, black, and linen colors in this Pioneer Woman set.

What to expect

Type Size Material Lid
Fry Pan 8” Cast Iron No
Fry Pan 9.5” Aluminum No
Saucepan 1.1qt Aluminum Yes
Saucepan 2.5qt Aluminum Yes
Dutch Oven 5.5qt Aluminum Yes
Jumbo Cooker 4.2qt Aluminum Yes

My favorite thing to do when I’m cooking is 1-pot dishes. Sometimes that could mean a casserole or soup. At other times I may opt for searing a cut of meat on the stove and then leaving it to finish off in the oven.

This Pioneer Woman 10 piece set is ovenproof, and allows for convenience in when cooking.

This set comes with tempered glass lids and silicone-coated stainless steel handles. It is designed to suit oven temperatures of up to 350-degrees F, making it safe for grilling and baking.

Additionally, the pre-seasoned cast iron fry pan in this set can withstand temperatures of 900-degrees F.

I love that the Pioneer Woman cast iron fry pan can withstand huge temperatures of 900-degrees F. It arrives pre-seasoned which means there’s no messing about, you can use it immediately.

The rest of the set is relatively lightweight which makes it easy to transport around the kitchen.

The speckled design gives the set a vintage feel with a modern look.

Cooking with this product is a cinch as 3 reinforced layers add great strength and durability along with a superior non-stick cooking surface.

The jumbo cooker would look fabulous as a dining table centerpiece at dinner parties.

  • The PFOA-free, non-toxic cooking surface
  • Color won’t fade or alter over time
  • Superior, tough cooking surface
  • Compatible with most cooking surfaces including glass and ceramic
  • Very easy to clean
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Comfy grip, stay-cool handles
  • The large lid fits snuggly on fry pan
  • Not induction compatible
  •  Not recommended for dishwasher

2. Pioneer Woman Classic Belly Gradient Mint – Recommended

Qudasar YuanKanJu The Pioneer Woman Classic Belly Gradient Mint 10-Piece Cookware Set

What a beautiful looking set this is, although it has a very modern style, it wouldn’t look at all out of place in a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

This Pioneer Woman pan set contains a wide variety of cookware, enough to make pretty much every meal you can think of.

The non-stick interior really is reliable, the aluminum ensures heat distributes and retains evenly.  Food releases easily, and because of the chemical-free ceramic coating, minimal oil is needed, if any at all.

What to expect

Type Size Material Lid
Skillet 8” Cast iron No
Fry Pan 9.5” Aluminum, ceramic No
Saucepan 1.5qt Yes
Saucepan 3.1qt Yes
Dutch Oven 5.5qt Yes
Jumbo Cooker 4.6qt Yes

Tempered glass lids allow the user to keep an eye on the cooking progress without having to lift them and lose valuable heat and moisture. The set is also ovenproof can withstand temperature of up to 350-degrees F. Remove the lids and this Pioneer Woman pots and pans set can withstand an additional 50-degrees.

This may sound strange but I love that the cooking ware is recommended for hand wash only. There is something quite therapeutic about dipping each pan into the warm, soapy water and with only a wipe-over using a soft cloth, watching it return to new condition.

This is truly one of the easiest cookware sets I’ve ever known to maintain.

The smaller cast-iron skillet can withstand higher temperatures and is dishwasher safe. Don’t forget that you will need to re-season it after each wash.

This substantial Pioneer Woman cookware will not only look impressive on display in your kitchen, but it will also make cooking a joyous event.

  • PFOA and PTFE-free non-stick coating
  • Exceptionally easy cleanup
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Oven safe
  • Attractive belly-shape, vintage design
  • Tempered with glass, interchangeable lids
  • Double riveted handles for added security
  • Ideal gift
  • Not recommended for dishwasher use
  • Cast iron skillet will need seasoning after washing
  • Not induction compatible
  • May chip when nesting, layer with paper towel between to prevent

3. Pioneer Woman Vintage Speckle 24-Pcs – Recommended Pioneer Women Set

No products found.

This Pioneer Woman pots and pans is a huge set that could virtually replace all existing shabby cookware in your kitchen. It is a compliment to both modern and traditional kitchen and is a great collection to own.

I think it would be a perfect wedding present or ideal for someone starting out for the first time. It includes a variety of Ree Drummond pots and pans that she herself utilises in her ranch kitchen.

You wouldn’t just be gifting them attractive, vintage-style cookware; you would be preparing them for all stages of cooking. From preparation through to serving this set can do it all. This collection is the boss of kitchen cookware!

What to expect

Type Size Material Lid
Saucepan 1qt Aluminum Yes
Saucepan 2.5qt Aluminum Yes
Dutch Oven 5.5qt Aluminum Yes
Fry Pan 9.5.2 Aluminum No
Skillet 12” Aluminum No
Skillet 8 inch Cast Iron No
Mini Au Gratins X2 Cast Iron No

Also included

  • 4 ceramic measuring bowls
  • 4 ceramic measuring spoons
  • 2 silicone sleeves
  • 2 wooden and 1 nylon utensils

The set is available in a pretty turquoise or vibrant red colour. The ceramic ware has highlights of both colors that compliment the set beautifully. It is a hands-on set that looks attractive when displayed on the kitchen counter.

The steam vents on the glass lids are useful and distributes air evenly. Additionally, the handles stay cool when cooking on the stovetop, making it easy to move the pans around.

I love cooking on cast iron and there are 3-pieces in this set. All of which have amazing heat retention and durability; the cast is virtually indestructible!

The 2-silicone sleeves are ideal for preventing burns when lifting the skillet in and out of the oven. They slide on and off and can, therefore, be used with any other of the Pioneer Woman pans.

Is this cookware induction friendly? Sadly, it is made from aluminum which isn’t magnetic and so, no; it won’t work on an induction stove.

However, it will perform well on every other cooking surface, which includes gas, electric, halogen, or ceramic.

This is a stunning set with a lovely speckled finish that is fit to adorn every kitchen. It is a fully-functional cookware set that can last for many happy years.

  • Huge set, ideal starter kit
  • Great value for money
  • Stunning vintage/modern design
  • A useful mix of cast iron and non-stick aluminum cookware
  • Substantial, without being too heavy
  • Available in red and turquoise
  • Oven safe
  • No lid fits the 12” skillet
  • Not compatible with metal utensils
  • Hand washing recommended

4. The Pioneer Woman 20 Piece Kitchen Gadget Utensil Set 

The Pioneer Woman 20 Piece Kitchen Gadget Utensil Set (Vintage Floral)

Every cook needs a Kitchen Gadget Utensil Set like this.  With a combination of solid wood and melamine This Pioneer Woman set is affordable and stylish with its vintage floral finish. It’s light and easy on the hands and comes with matching accessories.

It is also easy to wash and maintain and is a compliment to both traditional and modern kitchens.

The Pioneer Woman 20 Piece Kitchen Gadget Utensil Set is a must-have. It has an ideal-sized, thick wooden cutting board to use as a surface to cut, chop, or slice. Partnered with that, there are the two Japanese-style handy knives that come in different sizes.  This set also has custom-designed sheaths.

These covers serve as a protection of its ultra-sharp zirconia blades.  The 6” knife is commonly used to cut vegetables and boneless meat. The 3.5” paring knife is ideal for peeling and slicing fruit and vegetables.

The wooden spoon and handles are firm and don’t scratch easily. The melamine used in the cups and spatulas has a porcelain look which is fancy with its elegant vintage designs. It is safe to use and has germ-killing properties.

A kitchen that produces quality food must have quality durable gadgets for a great experience and outcome. This set is worthy of both modern and traditional kitchens with a touch of sass!

  • Melamine finish is durable, long lasting, BPA-free, and food-safe
  • Wooden utensils are better for the environment
  • Has light Stainless steel blades
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  •  Melamine gets extremely hot so caution is required when heating

5. The Pioneer Woman Cowgirl Lace 12-Piece Dinnerware Set 

The Pioneer Woman Cowgirl Lace 12-Piece Dinnerware Set (Linen)

A sophisticated dinner party for four with an exclusive full course meal set-up will definitely be much to be spoken of. Every meal plated with this set becomes a celebration.

The Pioneer Woman Cowgirl Lace12-Piece Dinnerware Set is a recommended bestseller. This Pioneer Woman Set offers a smart design and comes in different colors.  It has a smooth gloss finish, making it an elegant set for any occasion.  

A good meal served in sophisticated cookware is certainly heart-warming. Despite the season or the delay in the kitchen, this durable dinnerware set keeps food warm for longer.

Stoneware materials are known to retain heat making this set an absolute win for everyday use. This set also makes the perfect gift and is ideal for a family or someone who is just starting out.

You can also prep your food in this cookware beforehand. Straight from the fridge into a preheated oven makes it convenient for quick dinners.

This exclusive set would be a compliment to any kitchen and dining table as it offers a classic vintage design with a modern polished look. Who wouldn’t want one of these in their kitchen?

This set can stand the test of time as it is built from strong and durable materials. Wanna pass this set along to your kids someday? Here’s a set that can be passed onto generations to come, holding sentimental value and unforgettable memories.

Apart from it being easy to clean, affordable and elegant, this set is a healthy brand to use at home or in a professional kitchen.

  •  Chip resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Heat resistant to 450-degree Fahrenheit
  • Completely safe and non-toxic
  • Does not scratch easily
  • A bit more expensive

  • Exceeding the maximum required temperature can cause stoneware to crack

6. 14-Piece Turquoise Cowboy Rustic Durable Stainless Steel 

No products found.

Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, this 14-piece all-inclusive knife set is a must-have in any kitchen. It is evident with this Pioneer Woman set that it is essential to have the right combination of cutlery. 

If you’re looking for the best selection in design, style, color, class, quality, longevity, and affordability, then this set is for you! The Cowboy Rustic set contributes to the classic operation of a functional kitchen.

The Pioneer Woman Cowboy Rustic Forged 14-piece knife block set has it all. The comfort design on the handles makes it easy to grip and use.

It is light yet solid and not heavy on the hold. The stainless-steel blades are tough and resistant to rust and stains resulting in their everlasting mirror clean shine.

The sharp, straight, and broad edges of the knives are suitable for their many uses. It offers an effortless experience to cut, chop, or slice through.

This utensil set comes with a compact wooden box with an exquisite storage design. The design has multiple-sized slots for each knife to slot in. It can also be placed in a fixed position for quick reach and accessibility.

This set shows off its impeccable elegance with its Japanese Nakiri variety. The variety in this set includes chef, bread, utility, paring, and steak knives. After use, it can be easily washed, wiped dry, and slotted back in for safety purposes.

  • Made from quality materials
  • Long lasting wooden storage box
  • Stainless steel
  • Chef Ree’s favourite
  • Not family friendly as it has extra sharp blades

  • Safe for hand wash

Paula Deen Vs Rachael Ray Cookware

If you’re struggling to decide between the 3 sets, here’s a look at the 10-piece set in each range.

Pioneer Woman Cookware

  • Aluminum with porcelain ceramic exterior
  • Ovenproof
  • PFOA and PTFE-free
  • Hand washing only
  • Vintage style
  • Not induction compatible

Paula Deen Cookware

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ovenproof
  • Hard plastic handles
  • non-stick coating

Rachael Ray Cookware

  • Hard-anodized metal, 2x stronger than stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe
  • ovenproof
  • induction compatible
  • PFOA and lead-free,

While all 3 sets have similar durability and non-stick claims, the Rachael Ray set has the highest customer rating.

Her cookware set is also the most expensive, at almost a third more than the other 2.

The Pioneer Woman cookware set is the only one that has an additional cast-iron fry pan.

The choice of the cookware that most appeals to you is very personal. Weigh up the factors, styles, and colors to find the most suitable set for you.

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who is Ree Drummond?

Born and raised in America, Ree Drummond is an accidental country girl who has gained fame through photography, blogging, and writing. She is a well-known TV personality and author who lives in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Her Ranch is displayed to the world in her Pioneer Woman program featured on the Food Network channel.

Is the Pioneer Woman married?

Yes, the Pioneer woman is married for more than 20 years to Ladd Drummond. Together they have four children, two girls and two boys.

Is Pioneer Woman porcelain enamel cookware dishwasher safe?

It is always recommended to wash your ceramic pots and pans by hand. You will honestly be amazed at just how simple the process is and just how little time it takes to get food remnants off the cookware. All Pioneer Woman cookware is designed with a non-stick cooking surface that makes for easy food release. Dishwashing ceramic cookware can not only fade and stain the color but can also prove harmful to any non-stick coating.

Where is the Pioneer Woman ceramic cookware reviewed, made?

Most of the cookware is made expertly in China, though many of the non-stick baking tins are made in the USA.

Are the Pioneer Woman pans reviewed safe for oven use?

All of the cookware that we have featured is safe to use in the oven. Read each review to find out exactly what is the maximum temperature that they can withstand. Where the pots and pans have tempered glass lids, the glass will only be safe up to 350-degrees F. If you need a higher heat, we suggest you remove the lid first.

And Finally

You choose to buy the Pioneer Woman Cookware because you are a fan of Ree’s or because you are impressed with the product, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Each set would complement any kitchen while costing a fraction of the price of other brands.

I can’t imagine a better wedding gift than the Pioneer Woman 10-piece set featured in our reviews.

Each piece is a perfect combination of low-price, high-quality, and vintage designs.

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