Pros and Cons of Ceramic Cookware

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Previously people had to rely on Teflon coating for non-stick cookware. But now the time has changed. Currently, there are some advanced technologies come which make some improvements in non-stick cookware. This cookware is more secure for use. Now the ceramic cookware is the first choice for most of the users.

Ceramic cookware is made entirely of ceramic clay. The safest option for using cookware is this ceramic cookware. The main reason why it has great popularity is its quality, which is getting better with time. But there are some advantages and disadvantages to everything. Ceramic cookware is not an exception. Ceramic cookware has many such possibilities, and there are some consoles in it. We will discuss here those pros and cons of ceramic cookware.

 Pros of Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware has so many cons. We will show you some of the useful cons here.

Non-stick Coating

Usually, a ceramic pot or pan is not completely made by ceramic. Some parts of it are used to create a ceramic coating which is related to ceramic construction. There are many cookware’s you will find in the market that is toxic free but the food can be sticking after cooking on them. But in this case, ceramic cookware is different. It provides a non-stick coating, which does not require extra oil or butter to prevent food from sticking.

Toxic Free

Generally, users always ask a common question that whether the ceramic cookware is safe to use or not. The happy news for you is ceramic cookware is completely safe to use. The main reason for this is it is properly toxic free. Though some toxic substances are used in some other cookware ceramic cookware is quite different from them. Toxic substances are not used in ceramic cookware, which can cause it to be the safest substance to cook.

Easy To Clean

A special advantage of Ceramic cookware is that it is very easy to clean. Because of non-stick, it does not have to be more difficult to clean. After cooking, you can easily clean it with a wet cloth. There is no scrubbing requirement to clean it.

Store Foods on It

Sometimes we face problem to store foods for insufficient containers. But in this case, you can use your ceramic cookware as other replacement. Some of the ceramic products add a feature where you can use it as a food container. Those ceramic products come with container lids where you can store foods properly.

Variety of Colors

One great feature of ceramic cookware is it can be found on a variety of colors. You can choose plenty of colors such as yellow, sky blue, wine red, etc. This will be great for those users who want to have something colorful or fancy in their kitchen.


Another advantage of Ceramic cookware is that it is available at a cheap price. If you want to buy 10 pieces of cookware, your cost will be worth 50-60$. If you want to buy the best ceramic cookware in the market, you will get less than 100$. Ceramic cookware of 100-150$ can be ideal to use.

 Cons of Ceramic Cookware

Though ceramic cookware has lots of pros it doesn’t hide its cons. Here are some of the cons which you may not like this cookware.


Low durability is the most learned complaint of ceramic cookware. Although it is quite strong it has less stability. It is low durable cookware, especially for the non-stick coating. How long it will last depend on how you use it.

Chip Off Easily

One of the other issues of ceramic cookware is it chip off easily. Many users have complained about this problem. Usually, the surface with the bottom can easily chip off. But if you properly treat it, then this will not happen with you.

Safety Issue

Though ceramic cookware is free from PFOA and PTFE some of the users still concerned about the safety. Many users point out the problem on the porcelain glaze. Those users think this glaze contains a small amount of lead and this lead is very dangerous for our health. It can create some serious damages to our health. So you just need to check it whether it has been tested for lead or not so that you can prevent this issue.

Not Compatible with Metal Utensils

You cannot compare ceramic cookware with metal utensils. Metal utensils can scratch the ceramic coating that’s why use only nylon, plastic, silicone or wooden utensils. Try to avoid using knives on the surface because this can damage the cookware. So, be aware of it also.

High Heat Problem

Some users have also complained of the high heat problem of the ceramic cookware. High can damage the glaze. You can’t cook any recipe on this ceramic cookware because of this heat problem. If you want to make any recipe with it then make sure that the heat is in the low and medium range.

Final Thoughts

Here we discuss the pros and cons of ceramic cookware which you need to know. Though ceramic cookware has some flaws it is still safe to use and also very healthy for us. If you properly treat it then it can be lost for a long time.

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