6 Ways To Cool The Kitchen Without Air Conditioner

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There is nothing better than the feel of fresh and crisp air on your skin, especially during those hot summer days/ nights. But how can you keep your kitchen fresh if you do not have an air conditioner set up? We all have to eat; and to do so, you’ll have to be confined to your kitchen for a couple of minutes.

So, what can you do to keep your cooking area from overheating? Here, we have compiled six ways to cool a kitchen without an air conditioner. These methods are relatively obvious and straightforward and will keep your home, Crisp.

1. Forgo the oven

One of the most obvious ways to keep your kitchen crisp and fresh during those hot summer nights is to stop using your oven but instead cook your food using your cooker burners or a grill. Ovens run pretty hotly, and this heat ends up dispersing into all corners of your home.

Instead of preparing your meals with a stove, consider firing up your grill and setting it on your balcony. There are countless recipes for delicious foods that can be made on your stovetop.

Ideally, hunt for recipes that get cooked over medium heat as this will reduce heat emitting to your kitchen – a simple yet obvious way to keep your home sweet and fresh. Some great recipes that can be cooked over an oven include Gazpacho’s, Thai grilled steak salad, grilled pizza, or even some roasted chipotle steaks.

2. Buy a window fan

If you happen to live in an area with drastic weather changes, then you have particular of purchasing a window fan which a significant only vent but one that can also bring air into your home. A window fan provides a convenient solution to keep your home fresh and cool at all times.

These devices vents in cool air to keep you and your loved ones cool throughout. They provide fresh air ventilation throughout your home allowing you to bask in your home’s comfort without breaking a sweat.

Consider purchasing a window fan. Instead of placing your fan on a countertop, professional’s advice that you place your fan on the floor. This way, it’ll pull cool air from down and push it upwards towards the rising hot air.

NB: Place fans in areas where none can accidentally trip over.

3. The early bird catches the worm

Instead of waiting until nightfall to start preparing your meals, why not carve out a few minutes in the morning to cook your dinner. Store your food in the fridge and warm it up in a microwave when its supper time. A microwave will not heat up the room, so this is a great way to keep your kitchen from overheating. If the weather is unbearably hot in the afternoons and evenings, set your alarm an hour earlier and prepare your dishes then.

We understand that time can be restrictive but cooking in the morning will enable you to have extra time with your family in the evening and go to bed earlier to get a full night’s sleep. Cook your chicken in the morning and use it later on for a tasty yet simple family meal.

A few great meals that are ideal for microwaving, later on, include BBQ chicken salad, a classic chicken salad, or simple chicken with noodle salad.

4. Use a slow cooker

Many of us have a slow cooker stored away and rarely ever used. We mostly use slow cookers to simmer stews as we prepare the main courses. Well, it’s time to hunt down your slow cooker and put it into action. Since it cooks relatively slow (duh), you can begin preparing meals and leave your house for an evening stroll or a quick run to the store.

This way, you won’t have to endure a hot home, and the heat will remain contained in your cooking area. Imagine coming home to an already cooked meal and all you have to do is serve and warm up the food in your fridge.

Some incredible recipes that are perfect for slow summer cooking are slow cooker ratatouille, chicken tacos, barbacoa beef, or even some turkey sloppy Joes! If these methods are not up to your alley, just Google “slow cooker summer recipes” and the kitchen will become your playground!

5. Create head-space

Has your body ever been so hot that you resulted in sticking your head in the freezer for relief? Well, this nifty little trick works wonders during those scouring warm summer nights where your kitchen is an oven.

What you need to do is create some space in your fridge and freezer by cleaning it out. Get rid of those random open cans, the milk which has been sitting there for days, those bags of 3/ 4 used frozen veggies, etc.

Next time you are preparing a meal, and it gets unbearable, stick your head in your freezer and enjoys a little piece of heaven. This will cool your body down, and those short bursts of cold air emitting from the fridge will cool down your cooking area – even if it’s for short periods of time; it will undoubtedly help and keep your home from overheating.

6. Keep your shades down and stay put

Yes, yes, we all love that natural light streaming into our living areas but what you are unaware of is that those rays are actually heating up your home. Whenever possible, keep your shades down as this will, in turn, prevent your cooking area from overheating.

Another nifty trick is to try and keep the lights off as much as possible. We all know that bulbs emit heat so whenever possible, switch kitchen lights off.

Also, limit your movements as this also creates warmth which in turn warms up your surroundings. Instead of walking back and forth to your pantry, try grabbing everything you need once off.

Final Thoughts

We all have to cook but sometimes doing so in a hot kitchen can be very trying. Not all of us can afford air conditioners in our kitchens, so we have to get crafty. What neat tricks do you use to keep fresh while cooking? How do you maintain a sweat-free face and body while bending over a stovetop? We would love to hear from you so do leave us a comment below.

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