Cast Iron vs Enamel Dutch Oven – Know Similarities and Differences

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If you ask people to know about the similarities and differences between cast iron vs enamel dutch oven, very few people will be able to give you a complete idea about it. As they don’t have any idea about these two dutch ovens, they would think these two are fully different from each other. Many people think that cast iron and enameled are made with completely different materials.

But is that true?

Since people have little knowledge about these two items which why there is no reason to surprised at their idea.  You may probably have a question in your mind what are these cast iron and enamel dutch oven? This is a really good question because with this question you will get answers to many things at once.

Cast Iron vs Enamel Dutch Oven

Although these two materials are used for cooking, there are some similarities and differences that we will try to convey through this article. Also, you can get a full idea of ​​which one is the best between cast iron vs enamel dutch oven is best and what their price is. So let’s get started and clean everything up.

What is Cast Iron and Enamel Dutch Oven?

Cast iron is a type of iron that contains a small amount of carbon and the amount can reach a maximum of 2-4 percent. It is hard and is difficult to bend which why it is made by casting. There are two types of cast iron, one is regular and the other is enameled.  Regular cast iron can absorb heat and hold for a long time.

On the other hand, enamel dutch oven is made of cast iron and uses a tight-fitting lid to prevent steam from blowing. It is mainly used for humid cooking methods such as braising and stewing.

Similarities Between Cast Iron vs Enamel Dutch Oven

The Dutch oven is a large pot that is tight-fitting and enclosed by thick walls and has a heavy lid that helps prevent steam from escaping and maintain your cooking moisture. They are made of cast iron so that it can absorb heat and hold it. On the other hand, the enamel Dutch oven is also made with cast iron and a layer of enamel is added to it by applying very high heat. It is also capable of absorbing heat and holding it because its core is also made of cast iron.

Which One is the Best (Enameled Cast Iron vs Iron Dutch Ovens)?

Each person has his own needs, so one may not meet the needs of others. When you compare which one is the best between Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Enameled Cast Iron, many people will give their opinion as to their need. But we try to highlight here which of these two coking accessories would be the best to use.

Appearance Beauty

Do you want to change cookware color and make it look better? If your answer is yes, you can select enameled cast iron without any hesitation. There are lots of colors are available of cast iron with enamel which will allow you to select your favorite one. Enameled cast iron can serve as the best option to give your kitchen more sophistication.

But cast-iron Dutch ovens will not be very helpful in enhancing the beauty of the kitchen as it does not have any color options which allow you to choose your favorite color. It is given priority only for excellent cooking performance.


One of the benefits of using enameled cast iron Dutch ovens is that it does not require too much protection because its enamel layer protects it from rust. On the other hand, you have to take proper maintenance to use cast iron Dutch oven. It is necessary to season once before using it so that it can be prevented from sticking. If you are not careful about maintaining it, it can easily be rusted. For this reason, the enameled cast-iron Dutch oven is considered superior to use than cast iron Dutch oven.


Although the enameled cast iron Dutch ovens have no problem with maintenance, the one downside is that they do not last long. It is not too tight-lipped and there is probability to crack the level of the enamel.

On the other hand, the cast iron Dutch oven is prolonged and has no chance of being cracked because there is no enamel layer with it. It doesn’t require too much caution to use, and you can convert the rust-looking pot to its previous shape if you like.

So if you are looking for a lasting solution then the best option for you would be to use cast iron Dutch oven.


The use of uncoated cast iron cookware shows that the cooking surface of it is adhesive. If you want to create a layer of natural nonstick coating it needs to be seasoned and used regularly. It is very easy to cook and can serve as the best option for searing and browning.

The cooking surface of the enamel cast-iron Dutch ovens is smooth. Although it is a bit sticky but with seasoning like cast iron, you cannot make the same layer on it. You can improve it a little by the use of agility, but it is also a good ingredient for cooking.

Cooking Acidic Foods

No human wants to get a metallic taste in their food, though not harmful to the body in small quantities, yet the metallic taste in food is not very enjoyable. One of the biggest disadvantages of cooking on Bare cast iron is that it combines iron with acidic foods, thereby affecting seasoning and disrupting the metallic taste in the food. So you have to be careful when cooking acidic foods in a Dutch oven.

On the other hand, cooking in enamel cookware does not create any such problem because the cast iron is covered by the enamel layer which is non-responsive to acidity. So, if you want to cook acidic foods then enamel cookware can be the best alternative.


Usually, the price of enamel cast iron Dutch ovens is a little bit than uncoated. Medium-sized Dutch ovens cost around $ 300 and they are good quality. The two brands that people usually give the most priority are Staub and Le Creuset. You will get the best quality Dutch ovens in these brands but they will be very expensive. On the other hand, if you like to get some inexpensive items then Lodge and Tramontina are some of the best brands.

If you want to judge the price between cast iron vs enamel Dutch oven then it would be best for you to cast iron because you can buy it at affordable prices. Although you may not enjoy the benefits of enamel cookware on it since you want to get good stuff at a lower cost, cast iron will be a good decision and it will give you long service.

Final Thoughts

Cast Iron and Enamel Dutch Oven are both cookware and there are we have also tried to provide which is the best to use by detailed analysis of the needs of the people. We hope that this small attempt at highlighting everything in between Cast Iron vs Enamel Dutch Oven will help you the most.

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