Top 10 Best Cast Iron Cookware Reviews 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

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If you love to cook, are a homemaker, or a kitchen-type of a person, you may have heard or is interested in cast iron cookware.

While saying this, you may have set your eyes in getting this gorgeous kitchenware piece but uncertain which to get as there’s a dozen or more of them online. With this, we list down the six best cast iron cookware reviews to help you narrow down your choices.

best cast iron cookware reviews

This kitchen staple skillet offers a variety of benefits aside from being a gorgeous piece. It’s popular because of its non-stick, chemical-free, easy to clean, and inexpensive cookware features, and due to its popularity, you can find a lot of cast iron cookware sets available online, which may be a bit difficult for you to choose.

We like to help you with your best cast iron cookware hunting as we understand how precious your time is, and how daunting it may come to look and choose for the best cast iron cookware reviews. For this reason, we carefully searched and examined the best cast iron pots for you and list down the pros and cons, so you’ll have a better idea and make the right decision.

 Our Pick Top 3 Cast Iron Cookware in 2022

 10 Best Cast Iron Cookware Reviews

1 Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet – Great For Frying, Saute, Pizza

Simple Chef Cast Iron Skillet 3-Piece Set - Best Heavy-Duty Professional Restaurant Chef...

This classy 3-piece set heavy-duty cast iron skillet speaks of top-grade quality, which is perfect to use by stylish and meticulous cooking enthusiasts as well as professional restaurant chefs, and thus, making it the best cast iron cookware in town.

We greatly value a good piece of kitchenware, which should come with our money’s worth, and this 3-piece cast iron skillet set is by far one of the best cast iron cooking set collections we’ve tested. Aside from the fact that this pre-seasoned pan is durable, it comes with a variety of benefits, which we list down below.

It comes with 10, 8, and 6 inches pans, which is ideal for all sorts of cooking like frying, grilling,slow-cooking, and stir-frying, or sautéing et al.

  • Durable/Heavy-duty.
  • Top-grade quality.
  • Multi-functional or multi-purpose.
  • Small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Conducts heat evenly, so your food will always look perfect.
  • Ideal for almost all types of cooking.
  • A bit shallow pot
  • Doesn’t come with lids

2 Oven Safe Durable Skillet (Imported) – Oven Safe Skillet Set

Oven Safe Durable Cast Iron Large 3 Piece Heavyweight Skillet Set (Imported)

This 3-piece heavyweight pitch-black cookware set joins our list for the best cast iron skillets. They are3-size premium large cast iron skillets from Bayou Classic, which are all oven-friendly pieces, and thus, it is perfect for almost all your cooking needs.

This pre-seasoned kitchenware set comes in handy as you can use each piece for various cooking preparations. It’s ideal for baking hot, sizzling, or all types of searing needs. It’s also suitable for stewing or braising, among many others.

It has a bit deeper sprout that will prevent any spill while you’re cooking, especially that it’s ideal for sizzling hot cooking. It would be a perfect setting for your next dinner preparations as it comes in three sizes that you can use in either way you want it.

  • Heavyweight durable skillet.
  • Oven Safe.
  • Excellent browned food evenly.
  • Perfect for sizzling recipes.
  • Pre-seasoned.
  • Doesn’t cool down when you add food.
  • Doesn’t come with lids
  • A bit shallow pots and pans
  • A bit shallow pots and pans

3 Royal Dutch Cast Iron Skillet – Premium Cast Iron Cookware

Royal Dutch Cast Iron 1815 - 11 Piece Cook Box Set with Large Skillet, Sauce Pot and Vintage...

This best cast iron cooking set is quite a compact package as it comes with eleven pieces of charming cookware set, which includes premium cast iron pots and pans with griddle, and other extra pieces or accessories to use along with the other items.

With this high-quality kitchenware set, you can do all kinds of cooking that you would like. You can boil, braise, fry, slow-cook, stew, stir-fry, and grill, among other else. It is suitable for camping or a barbecue party in your own backyard.

The well-designed pour sprout comes in handy for your favorite stew or soup recipe. It’s perfectly built to hold a huge amount of liquid, and the fascinating griddle can let you grill meat, sausages, vegetables, and spices evenly without getting stick to the plate.

  • Solid, all-around cast iron cookware set.
  • Pre-seasoned/Non-stick.
  • Silicon handle comes in handy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Works on induction tops, electric, or gas.
  • Beautiful vintage crate for camping.
  • Well-designed pour sprout pots and pans
  • Best for preparing parties or dinner
  • May require a lot of maintenance to keep it clean and rust-free
  • May still need oil to fry

4 Outdoor Gourmet Cast Iron Cookware – Editor Choice

Outdoor Gourmet 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set

This solid classic black cast iron is another awesome addition to our best cast iron cookware list as it comes with a flawless chic black texture and all-purpose kitchenware pieces that you can use in any way that you would like to.

It’s also another beautiful set of cookware for your next backyard barbecue parties or camping trips. The useful griddle is reversible. So, you can cook one type of meat on one side and another item on the other side without the need to wash.

You can make a stew or boil soup in the cast iron pot, which comes with a well-built pour sprout and a tidy lid. You can fry two recipes at the same time with its two-size types’ cast iron pans. You can also use the griddle with pancakes.

  • Perfect outdoor cooking set
  • Ideal for camping.
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional.
  • Lighter weight compared to other skillets.
  • Sturdy & reversible .
  • Rougher finish
  • Food may still stick to the griddle
  • Handles on the frying pans are a bit short

5 Ultimate Pre-Seasoned Multi-Cooker – Dutch Oven Frying Pan

Pre-Seasoned 2-In-1 Cast Iron Multi-Cooker – Heavy Duty Skillet and Lid Set, Versatile...

Adding to the list of the best cast iron cookware is this versatile two in one multi-cooker. This best duo of cast iron pot and pan/lid serves best in preparing a healthier meal for you and your family as they are non-toxic, which is the same with other quality-made cast iron products.

This non-stick pair can cook in various ways and types, according to your preferred recipe. You can use it separately or as one. The pan can work as a durable lid and also as a skillet for frying food

With this 2-in 1 pre-seasoned set, you can easily cook your favorite dish, saving you a lot of time. Most of all, you don’t need to spend more time and effort in scrubbing when you clean them because of its pre-seasoned feature, it comes with an easy cleaning process.

  • No sticking
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to clean up
  • Superb for comfort food while on camping.
  • Multi-purpose combo cast iron skillets.
  • Affordable in price .
  • May still need much work to season properly
  • Maybe a little rough inside

6 Oven Safe Durable Skillet (Imported) – Oven Safe Skillet Set

No products found.

With this colorful 20-piece set of best cast iron pots cookware, you will never go wrong with your creativeness as a cooking enthusiast or sous chef, as it offers variegated ways to prepare and cook your favorite recipes.

Designed with distinct stoneware finish and enameled cast iron production makes this set more beautiful and outstanding. You can bake, fry, stew, and grill, all at once with these pieces of kitchenware. There’s no time to waste with its top-grade quality.

It comes with sure-grip side handles, which make it easier and safer for you to cook and transition from one recipe to another because of these solid features. You can place it in the oven for baking with up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat.

  • Varieties of cooking ware to choose
  • Attractive color and appearance
  • Can resist chipping, odor, and staining
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Excellent heat distribution
  • The lids may teeter-totter
  • May show fine cracks if wash while it’s hot
  • A bit pricey
  • Enamel may discolor

7 Le Creuset Cherry Red – Our Pick

No products found.

Le Creuset is a durable, stylish cookware set. Its red color is rich and beautiful so you will love the color choices. The cookware is suitable for all heat sources including induction. It’s enhanced 45% larger handles give you a good feel. You’ll love the cookware cause it provides even heat distribution and superior heat retention. The cookware is easy to maintain and come with a Lifetime warranty.

The set includes:
  • Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid
  • Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven with Lid
  • Stoneware Rectangular Dish with Lid
  • Stoneware Rectangular Baker
  • Enameled Steel Stock Pot with Lid
  • 5-Piece Silicone Utensil Set with Stoneware Crock
  • Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookbook

If you have a good budget and looking for stylish and durable cookware for your kitchen or want to gift some, Le Creuset Cerise can be a perfect choice.

Why You’ll love it

Depending on the size of your household, you may want to add a larger size skillet/frying pan, dutch oven, etc.

  • Durable, stylish & easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for an induction cooktop.
  • Superior heat retention.
  • Beautiful red color.
  • Larger handles.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Expensive but worth every penny
  • Only Red Colored


8 Le Creuset 16-piece Cookware Set (Flame)

Le Creuset 16-piece Cookware Set (Marseille)

Le Creuset Marseille is a great collection from Le Creuset family. The cookware is durable steel construction with a colorful porcelain enamel finish. You can use it any heat source including induction. Yes, Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all pieces.

The set includes:
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Cast Iron Saucepan with Lid
  • Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven with Lid
  • Stoneware Rectangular Dish with Lid
  • Stoneware Rectangular Baker
  • Enameled Steel Stock Pot with Lid
  • 5-Piece Silicone Utensil Set with Stoneware Crock
  • Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookbook
  • Durable, stylish, and easy to maintain.
  • Superior heat retention.
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction
  • No seasoning required.
  • Enhanced 45% larger handles.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Expensive but worth every penny
  • Marseille Colored


It’s the right cookware for you if

If you looking for heavy-duty, stylish cookware, consider this set as one of your first choices. It’s durable and versatile, suitable on any heat source including induction.

9 Lodge Seasoned Nickel Skillet – Editor’s Choice

Lodge Cast Iron Buffalo Nickel Skillet, 10.25 Inch

Lodge Seasoned Nickel is Great, heavy quality cast iron skillet can be used on all cooking surfaces, grills, and campfires. You can easily Saute, sear, fry, bake, and stir fry. The skillet is Pre-seasoned so you need to worry about seasoning. Reasonable price and thousands of positive reviews.

Useful Tips

Before use with glass top stove gently rub fine steel wool over the entire bottom. Then wash with soap and water, dry, and smear a thin layer of cooking oil on a paper towel, wiping off any excess. Hope this helps!

  • No synthetic chemicals.
  • Quality design.
  • lifetime durability.
  • Cooking versatility.
  • Suitable for electric cooktops
  • Made in The USA.
  • No Lid Available


Attention !!

The lid is available but has to be purchased separately. So, If you don’t have the same size lid better purchase one.

10 Lodge Camp Dutch Oven – Best For Camping

Lodge Boy Scouts of America Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven, Pre-Seasoned, 6-Quart

This portable “camp stove” is Pre-seasoned and ready to use. If you are looking for a skillet for campfire and fireplace cooking then this skillet can be your best choice.

This 6-quart capacity skillet can use home in the backyard, the backwoods, or the ballgame.

  • Easy-release finish
  • 56-page illustrated guide.
  • Easy care hand wash, dry, rub
  • Made in USA.
  • Expensive but worth every penny


You’ll love it if

If you are looking for a skillet for campfire and fireplace cooking then this skillet can be your best choice.


 Cast Iron Cookware Video Reviews

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Final Verdict

These are the Ten (10) best cast iron cookware reviews that we’ve carefully checked and tested and are of good quality for any kind of cooking needs. We came out with the results after testing all other cast iron cookware sets in the market along with these six best cast iron pots.

We just want to help you out in your search for the best cast iron skillets, and we hope that we were able to do it, and thus, giving you the right tips in making the right decision to get the best and latest cast iron cookware, which is worth your money.

It’s a bit hard for us to point one specific personal favorite because, in some way, they offer worthy-features. However, if we were to choose and recommend to you the best cast iron cooking set, it would be the ‘Royal Dutch Cast Iron 1815 – 11 Piece Cook Box Set,’ which we list down at number 3.

We love everything about this cookware set from the design to the extra cute vintage box that comes with it.

Our pick comes with a stylish, flawless, and classy pitch-black touch, making it presentable for any gathering and presentation, especially when you will host a party or dinner with your family and friends. The cookware set comes with top-notch quality pots, pans, griddle, and valuable accessories.

We also love the idea that the cookware has solid and nice lids as well as deeper pour sprouts design. It’s durable, and the best part of it all is that we can use it indoor or on our camping trips. We couldn’t help but feel excited using this set because you can cook all your favorite recipes in all types of cooking you want all at the same time.