How To Clean And Maintain A Wet Grinder

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Nowadays, wet grinders have become an essential part of every kitchen. While a wet grinder is popular with Indian dishes, most people are slowly discovering its value, and including it in their modern kitchen.

We’ve got several brands of wet grinders in the market, and so, you can always get something that suits your kitchen needs. Even then, it’s not enough to get the best wet grinder from your favorite online store. For best cooking results, you have to clean and maintain this cookware regularly.

How To Clean Wet Grinder

Cleaning a wet grinder isn’t all that complicated. But even then, you have to follow some cleaning procedures to go about it successfully. Only a little effort is needed.

Follow these steps to clean your wet grinder effectively.

Step 1: Before you switch off your grinder and unplug it from the socket, run water through it and leave it on for some time. You can cover the top of the grinder to prevent water from splashing everywhere in the kitchen.

Step 2: From here, you can unplug the appliance from the socket and then remove the holder stick.

Step 3: Disembark the drum and the roller stone’s assembly from the device to clean them thoroughly. However, you should note with tilting wet grinders it’s not possible to remove the drum. Therefore, you’ll have to clean it using a damp cloth.

Step 4: Use a brush or piece of cloth to scrub off the dirt from all areas. Avoid using a damp cloth to clean inside the grinder. Only use it on the drum, roller stones, and external pasts.

Step 5: Take time to wash the stones properly and then use a dry cloth to wipe off the water.

Step 6: Make sure no water sips into the motor. Water can impair the functionality of the motor. So, clean the motor using a dry piece of cloth, ensuring that there are no water droplets on it.

Step 7: Take time to lubricate the belt. You’ll not do this daily, but at least try and do it regularly. A one-week interval isn’t bad.

Step 8: Put back the parts together and then switch the device on to see whether it’s working.

Essentially those are the steps you need to follow to clean your wet grinder properly. While you may want to take the shortest time possible to clean the appliance, it’s important to stick to this procedure. A wet grinder is very delicate, and if not cleaned properly, it can stop working after some time.

How To Clean Wet Grinder Using Household Materials

While water forms the basis of every cleaning, you can use other household materials to achieve a perfect clean. Even so, that doesn’t mean you do away with soap and water. These household materials are only meant to remove stubborn marks, eliminate the pungent smell, and make your grinder shiny. At the end of it all, you may have to run water over the device after cleaning with these substances.

Here are some household materials that can help with the cleaning.

Lemon Peels

Use lemon peels on your grinder to clear off the pungent smell. You’ll be combining different types of ingredients in the grinder and that can lead to pungent smell. To get rid of the odor, take lemon peels and rub them on the inner parts, the drum, and the lid of the device. Scrub off any stain, and leave the appliance to settle for a few minutes before running water through it.

Baking Powder

Baking powder is the perfect cleaning agent to get rid of the solid gunk that sticks on the rollers. Use water to make a paste of baking and then apply this paste to the mixer and the rolling stones. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes and then clean with water. This removes all the gunk together with the odor that comes with it.


There are some stubborn stains that plain water can’t remove. Baking soda may also not be of help at this point. For such stains, it would be better to use vinegar for cleaning. Just take two tablespoons of vinegar and pour it on over the stones along with the grinder. Turn the device on for some time to spread the solution throughout the appliance. Dislodge the stones and the drum from the device and clean them with water. You can also use a damp piece of cloth to clean the inside.

Tips To Maintain Your Wet Grinder

Now that you know how to clean your wet grinder, it’s important you also know how to maintain it. Maintenance is the secret to a durable wet grinder.

Observe these tips to maintain your wet grinder.

  • Always keep the wet grinder dry when not in use. If possible, pull out the drum and place it upside down when it’s not in use.
  • Remove and clean the stones after every use to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating in them. In that way, you’ll keep off the bad odor.
  • Before you switch on the appliance, try to rotate the stones on the roller manually to make sure no interruption or friction might affect the function of the device.
  • Properly fit the rollers after every cleanup.
  • Do not run the appliance when there’s nothing in it. That will only damage the stones and consequently damage the motor.
  • Add your ingredients one by one instead of putting them at once. This ensures you get a perfect ground, while at the same time increasing the life span of your wet grinder.
  • Always place the wet grinder on an even while at use. Wet grinders tend to vibrate a lot, and operating it on an uneven surface overwhelms the motor, reducing its life span.
  • Generally, that’s all you can do to maintain your wet grinder and consequently increase its life span.

Final Words

While you may be having the best wet grinder, you can’t get much from it if you’re not cleaning it and maintaining it properly. Therefore, you need to take time to remove dirt from your appliance and clean it regularly.

Additionally, check the user manual to see how you can take care of your wet grinder to prevent it from getting damaged and read our wet grinder reviews.

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