Is Ceramic Cookware Safe To Cook With – Know The Secrets [Infograph]

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Ceramic cookware comes in many varieties. You can get ceramic glazed cookware, pure ceramic cookware, and even ceramic layered cookware. There have been many questions regarding how safe this type of cookware actually is. Ceramic is actually clay that has been hardened by fire and high temperatures. When we think about ceramic, we are thinking about metal based pots and pans that have been coated with a layer or two of non-stick ceramic.

Is Ceramic cookware environment-friendly?

Ceramic cookware is PTFE and PFOA free. Additionally, ceramic cookware is basically made from sand and stone which makes it friendly for the environment. The use of inorganic materials makes this product which is good all around. It is also easier to manufacture. PTFE (Teflon) based products require special treating and sometimes more than three layers to make them non-stick and safe to use. Ceramic coatings require only one or two layers. This saves energy and emits 50% less carbon dioxide during the heating and curing process.

Is Ceramic cookware safe to cook with?

When you heat a Teflon pan above 450 C, it actually emits dangerous toxins into your food. Ceramic doesn’t do this, and whatever heat you use, no toxins will be released into your food. If you buy a cheap product from China for example, then you may find that there will be traces of lead in your ceramic coated cookware.

If you opt for the USA or European designed ceramic cookware, then you can be assured no traces of harmful substances will be found due to the strict regulations which manufacturers have to abide.

Not only is ceramic cookware a friendlier choice for the environment but unlike other materials, it won’t break down and emit toxins.

Extend the Life of Ceramic Cookware

If you have made the investment and bought ceramic cookware, then you can make it last longer by following these simple rules.

  •  Wash by hand with hot water and a sponge, even if it is dishwasher safe to keep the coating intact longer.
  • Don’t use any scouring pads which could scratch the surface.
  • Don’t change the temperature rapidly from hot to cold.
  • Use plastic, wooden or silicone utensils as metal could chip and scratch the ceramic coating which will then make the non-stick surface not so nonstick anymore!
Is Ceramic Cookware Safe
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In conclusion, we believe that ceramic cookware is the safest option on the market when it comes to cookware for your kitchen. It is friendly to the environment, comes at a better price, is more durable and a lot safer to use when cooking. You don’t have to worry anymore about toxins being released into your food, and if you purchase a high-quality product, then you can be assured that ceramic is the safest material to cook with.

We hope we have answered the important question regarding ceramic cookware, “Is ceramic cookware safe to cook with”? Go ahead and purchase that shiny new set of pots and pans and enjoy cooking with ease.