Top 6 Substitutes for a Grill Pan

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If a food lover loves anything more than eating, it is cooking. Discovering different styles of cuisines and experimenting with diverse methods of cooking, is a favorite hobby of a cook. If you are authentic food and meat lover, you would love to indulge in this journey of top 06 substitutes for a grill pan. Without further delay, let’s dive right into it.

Top 6 Substitutes for a Grill Pan

Everybody loves meat. Meat contains essential proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for the development of the body. You might have been bored with the meat stews, baked mince, and grilled stakes regularly. The good news for you is that there are many grill alternatives out there to try out. Some of them are listed here for your convenience:

1. Griddle Pan

Griddle pans are flat skillets with several small rows of ridges on them. Most griddle pans have a handle and a border around the pan to stop any liquids from dripping. Traditionally griddle pans are sticky, but in recent years, many non-stick varieties. You can use this pan on one stove burner, glass-top burner, and even in the oven.

Most chefs recommend using a griddle pan for adding extra crispy skin and char marks on your food. It is ideal for making stakes, french toasts, grilled cheese, sausages, and eggs. Be careful to brush the surface with butter or cooking oil beforehand, if you are using a non-stick griddle pan.

2. Cast Iron Skillet

When the world was not aware of Teflon, there were cast iron skillets. Cast irons are resilience pans that come with a pre-seasoned layer of oil. The secret lies in the production method, where it is repeatedly rubbed with oil and heated until there is a polymerized layer of seasoning on the surface. Cast iron is great for searing a steak due to the uneven heat spread. Be aware that cast iron skillets retain high-heat for a long time. While the cast iron skillets are not as good as a Teflon pan, with proper oiling, they can work wonders and lessen the fat intake significantly.

Ideally, acidic foods like tamarind or tomatos sauces should not be cooked frequently in this pan. However, if you layer and smoke it after every clean and dry, this skillet will do better.

3. An Electric Countertop Grill Pan

Electric countertop grill pans are more popular with Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines. These are small indoor grill pans that are easy to place upon a dining table. It gives the freedom of grilling food as you eat. Most electric grill pans are not used while cooking but rather while eating. Small pieces of seafood, shrimps, sashimi, mushrooms, vegetables, and even tofu can be placed on the grill pan to get a sizzle before eating. You can always cook sausages, eggs, pancakes, and other breakfast delicacies on the countertop grill for a new flavor profile.

This grill alternative is best for people who live in apartments and do not have a big backyard or front lawn space for traditional grilling. You can find a lot of low fat and innovative recipes on the internet for indoor grilling. Since these grills are for indoor uses, they produce little smoke and are easy to clean and store.

4. Broiler

Broiling is a cooking technique. Unlike traditional boiling in the piping hot water, the cooking material needs to be cook in its juices. The pan to use for broiling is designed to complement this style of cooking. A broiler pan is suitable for cooking meat or any other food on one side and extracting the fats or other excess liquids.

If you are broiling in the oven, make sure to leave the door a little open so that the heat can escape, and in the end, you have a nice, crispy, top of the food that you wanted to broil. Broiling is considered a quicker and healthier option for cooking meat, in comparison to grilling. You can always toast vegetables, sausages, bread, grilled cheese, and other meat cuts to take advantage of this grill pan replacement.

5. Outdoor Grill

Outdoor grills are festive and extravagant. For some families, they are part of traditional home cooking. Entire parties and BBQ events thrive around a big, shiny, outdoor grill. Not only can you have charcoal powered or outdoor electrical grill, but you can also create an outdoor grill oven if you are fond of it. From a simple tripod to a big hearty backyard oven, outdoor grills come in all shapes and sizes. These are not for the use within the family, and they are for handling big grill orders.

If you make preparations and can take the pressure, you are all set to throw a big hamburger party for your friends and family. The outdoor grill requires regular maintenance and is suitable for quick grill recipes with already prepped and tenderized meat. However, it might take some practice and experience for operating this giant grill, with all the heat and smoke that it produces.

6. Kick of Smoky Condiments

When it comes to grilling and BBQ, the sauces can make or break the recipe. There is a vast array of condiments that can give your regular stake a hint of grilled flavor. You can use these smoky condiments in salsa dips, meat glazing, salad dressing, and even to step-up your tofu game. If you are on a diet or cannot stand the smoke and heat of BBQ grills, try these smoky condiments that instantly increase your food’s flavor profile.


The grill pan, ovens, and stations come in all shapes and sizes. If you are fond of cooking or eating, you can select one or more of the above grill pan alternatives. No matter your living arrangements and what types of grilling you prefer, you can find a perfect grill fix for yourself from the above list. Grilling is often considered a healthier option than the customary butter and oil-rich stove cooking. Try out some grilling for yourself and share the love of cooking with your friends and family.

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