Saladmaster Cookware Reviews : why so Expensive? The Definitive Answer – 2023

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Our article is a Saladmaster Cookware Reviews, which discusses some of the products from Saladmaster, the advantages, and disadvantages. We also took our time to answer the frequently asked questions about Saladmaster and explaining why Saladmaster is so expensive. Finally, we have a simple contrast table between Saladmaster and Maxam cookware.

Saladmaster is among the company with an excellent reputation since 1946 due to its cookware products. Over the years, they have made different sets of cookware commonly used in our kitchens at home, restaurant, and commercial industries for food preparation purposes. Why Is Saladmaster so Expensive?

saladmaster cookware reviews

Saladmaster has given great emphasis on safeguarding your health by using quality cookware products. It is the main reason Saladmaster cookware products stand out from other cookware brands. Its products are made of 316Ti stainless steel material that is non-reactive to acids and enzymes present in your food.

Besides, their cookware products are engineered with simple designs and durable material. For the pans and pots, they efficiently conduct heat, thus reducing the amount of energy you use during cooking.

Why is Saladmaster So Expensive?

Most of Saladmaster’s cookware products are highly-priced compared to other waterless cookware sets from their competitors such as Maxam cookware. Why is Saladmaster so expensive? This question from waterless cookware lovers needs to be addressed.

There are cheaper cookware products in the markets, but people still choose to go for Saladmaster. There are several reasons why they want it despite the price. One, Saladmaster uses quality material to manufacture their products. Which is it? Saladmaster is made from 316 TI Surgical Steel.

Besides, they further combine it with Titanium to enhance durability and resistance to scratches, cracks or bends.

From the market, we find no other cookware using the 316 TI technology, which prevents anything you cook from reacting with the cookware. You never have to worry about your acidic tomato sauce while preparing it on Saladmaster pots and pans.

It will not react with it at all. It depicts that any food remains safe to eat; thus, Saladmaster promotes healthy cooking for your family. It brings us the reason why Saladmaster performs a test on their pots and skillets with baking soda and water, which tends to be highly reactive. It’s usually a way to prove to the customers that their cookware products are what they sell.

Thirdly, Saladmaster assures you of the true meaning of nonstick pots and skillets, whereby you can cook without oil and water. However, other competing parties such as Maxam cookware tend to give similar results but not Saladmaster cookware. Besides, Maxam cookware tends to be cheaper.

What makes Saladmaster outstanding, among others? Its 316TI surgical steel is enhanced with Molybdenum, which gives the pots and skillets a very smooth finish whereby food cannot stick. Also, nonstick cookware facilitates easier cleaning.

Another reason why Saladmaster is expensive is because of its long-lasting. Does your granny own some Saladmaster pans that she bought 30 years ago? Does your auntie still use the Saladmaster set she was gifted during her wedding about 12 years ago?

Saladmaster has an excellent reputation for manufacturing durable cookware products, which will take many years before it is entirely useless. Besides, you will not have to dump your pan just because the handle got loose and broke off.

Saladmaster has simply designed their pots and skillets; hence you can easily replace the knobs and the handles. Also, Saladmaster cookware performs better while cooking as it evenly conducts heat.

Lastly, Saladmaster pans and skillets have locking lids. It facilitates ease of transport from one point to another in the kitchen. Also, you are assured that the lid will hardly fall off and break.

The above reason makes Saladmaster stand out in the market despite being expensive. Because of quality products, they would not have been in the cookware industry for over seven decades. Besides, they have been on the front line to promote healthy cooking using the right products.

Saladmaster vs. Maxam

Saladmaster and Maxam are among the many types of waterless cookware sets in the markets. They are close competitors to each other due to the similarities they share. Both have proved to be durable, reliable, and effective in cooking. However, they have a difference from the material, features, prices, and functionality.

In case you are in a dilemma to select the best waterless cookware set, worry no more. We have a comparison between the two brands to two in the form of a table. It is presented in a simplified manner to help you better understand the key differences between the two.

Feature Saladmaster Maxim
Made in Made in the U.S.A Made in the Asia
Material It is made from 316Ti surgical stainless steel. It does not react with acids or chemicals present in your food. It is made from 304 surgical steel. It does not guarantee non-reactive activities with food.
Price More expensive at more than $300 Lower than $300
Performance Outstanding cooking performance. Saladmaster pots and pans heat evenly while cooking. They are also 100% hot and cold resistant. Also, the presence of vapor-valve technology enables an easier and quicker method to steam food. Fair cooking. It comes with the nine element technology that heats and cooks your food evenly.
Lids Type Locking lids on each pot and pan Plain lids on the pots and pans with no locking feature
Temperature Steams at 185 F degrees. It is high enough to kill any bacteria in the food and low enough to preserve the nutrients. It will maintain healthy cooking. Steams at 230 F degrees. High heat destroys the nutrients in your food. It does not embrace healthy cooking.

However, both share similarities. They include the following:

  • Nice and attractive finish
  • Their handles are completely heat and cold resistant.
  • They last for years.

They are waterless cookware that can cook without oils or water, and food will not stick on the pots or pan.

In conclusion, both of the two are the right products, but Saladmaster is the best. It is the reason why you can hardly miss to spot Saladmaster Professional set cookware in most American hotels or even homes despite the high price.

Saladmaster Electric Skillet Recipe

saladmaster lasagna recipe

Let’s enjoy a recipe for Veggie Lasagna using the Saladmaster 12” Electric Oil Core Skillet.

  • Preparation Time: 40-50 Minutes for the whole process
  • Serves: 5 Persons

Vegetables are known to be of significance to the body due to high nutritional value. Vegetable Lasagna is a meal with low amounts of unhealthy fats and calories. It will boost your health with its nutrients, including folic acid, Vitamin A & C, Potassium, and dietary fiber. These nutrients are essential to enhance your health against some diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Ingredients You Need :
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 cup of cottage cheese
  • ½ Zucchini sliced into pieces
  • 200 g of pasta sauce
  • 2 Shredded carrots
  • 1 cup of cottage cheese
  • 3-ounce fresh spinach
  • 5-ounce sliced mushroom
  • 5-ounce cheddar cheese
  • 5-ounce lasagna noodles
  • ½ sliced squash.
  • 5-ounce mozzarella
  • Italian seasoning to taste

Preparation Method :

  • Connect your electric skillet to power
  • Place the chopped onion and ¼ of pasta sauce in the skillet.
  • Layer your dry noodles over the onions and sauce you already placed in the skillet. Evenly cover your noodles with ½ cup of cottage cheese.
  • Add the spinach, squash, mushroom, carrot, and zucchini across the cottage cheese. Also, do not forget to add some seasoning to taste
  • Add cheddar cheese, another ¼ of pasta sauce, and add another layer of dry noodles. Then add the remaining ½ cup of cottage cheese by spreading it evenly.
  • Add the remaining pasta sauce by evenly spreading it over the cottage cheese.
  • Spread the mozzarella cheese over the pasta sauce.
  • Cover with the lid.
  • From the Electric skillet heat touchpad, set 325F degrees to cook. When the Vapo-Valve makes the sound, it time to reduce the temperatures to 200F degrees. Set the timer for 35 minutes.
  • After it is ready, leave it for about 15 minutes.
  • Finally, serve for 5.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Saladmaster Cookware made of?

Saladmaster cookware is made of 316Ti Stainless steel. It is a combination of 316 surgical stainless steel and titanium metal. Due to this reason, the finish of Saladmaster cookware products is smooth, shiny, and there are no foods stuck on it. That’s is another reason to elaborate on why this particular waterless cookware set does not have a nonstick coating. Also, the 316Ti ensures the food quality is preserved while cooking and that no reaction takes place between the food and the Saladmaster pots and pans.

2. Is Saladmaster really better?

YES! A Saladmaster professional set will do you no harm but enhance your healthy cooking. As they say, “health is wealth.” Also, Albert Schweitzer said that happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. The ultimate goal of Saladmaster has been promoting healthy cooking for those who use their cookware products. Unlike other waterless cookware sets, Saladmaster will surely better your lifestyle and your family and customers if you operate a restaurant. Besides, they have an excellent in this game for such decades.

3. Is Saladmaster worth the money?

As for our opinion, it should be yes. Saladmaster Cookware products come with health-oriented features. Also, it has a premium cooking system that is very proficient, making it worth the extra dollars compared to other similar products. It is made from high-quality material, the 316Ti and which is durable. Finally, Saladmaster cookware products come with a lifetime warranty.

Saladmaster Cookware Reviews

1 Replacement Long 7″ Handle for Saladmaster Skillets & Pans

Saladmaster (1 Replacement 7' Long Handle with Metal Band for Skillets & Pans (1965-1994)

Saladmaster is known to manufacture durable Skillets and Pans, which last for decades. At times the handles may be weak and wear out, but the other parts are still in shape. The Replacement Long 7” Handle (1965-1994) is the perfect solution to broken handles of your Saladmaster skillets and Pans.

It also comes with a screw. This particular Saladmaster is perfect for the 5-star, 18-8 Tri-clad, Colonial and T304-S 1965-1994 Skillets and pans. However, it will not fit in the 18-8 Tri-clad pans made before 1980. Such products will require a shorter handle.

The handle makes it easy to handle during cooking due to its simple designed grip. When the handle is tightly screwed to the pan or skillet, you are sure of safety your food while you carry it around your kitchen or while pouring to the dish. This handle is made to last for years before you think of replacing it again. Besides, it gives your 30 years old pan or pot a new and beautiful look.

  • Comfortable grip
  • Well designed
  • Extra fitting screw
  • Very durable

2 Replacement Knob Kit for Saladmaster Skillet & Pan Lids

Replacement Knob Kit for Saladmaster Skillet & Pan Lids (Pre 1994)

As usual, Saladmaster will never disappoint you with their long-lasting cookware parts. The Replacement Knob Kit for Saladmaster Skillet & Pan Lid (Pre 1994) is the solution to your broken knob of the pans and skillet lids. The kit comes with a single replacement knob.

This knob will perfectly fit in the lids of the T304-S/5-Star, the 18-8 Tri-Clad, and Colonial Cookware pre-1994 models. It gives a new look to your old pans and skillet lids.

The knob fits very tightly to enhance our cooking. It does not conduct heat; hence you can comfortably hold it. Also, it will last for years, just like many other Saladmaster cookware products.

  • Durable
  • Fits very well to the specified models of pans and skillet lids.
  • Give old lids a new look
  • Highly-priced
  • Only for specific cookware lids of Pre 1994

3 Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet

Saladmaster Oil Core Electric Skillet Model 7252

The Saladmaster Oil Core Electric skillet 7252 is a fascinating item from the Saladmaster. It is a stainless steel skillet with a 12-inch width. This skillet is electric powered and at a voltage of 120V.

It works so well as when it is connected to power, and heat distributes evenly from the bottom side to the top parts of the skillet for better cooking. The unique heat-conducting oils between the metals enhance this process. Just like other Saladmaster cookware, it is made of the 360Ti material; hence food will not stick. Besides, it can hardly rust, and it’s easy to clean even in a dishwasher.

You can also cook your recipes in this electric skillet without oils or butter and still get a sweet taste of your healthy food. It is so amazing how you can control the temperature as you cook. I tend to believe that it’s the reason why this skillet is so versatile. It can fry, boil, or even bake. Finally, the knob at the lid does not heat up during cooking; hence you can comfortably handle it.

  • Electric powered
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Large capacity
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Cooks very fast
  • Highly-priced


Saladmaster is among the leading brands with quality cookware products. They have put a lot of focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle by ensuring the cookware they use does not negatively affect the consumers. Having been in the industry for so long, they have progressed to make cookware with very efficient technology to enhance quality cooking.

From the above Saladmaster Cookware reviews, we find this brand as very authentic and offering quality cookware products.

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