The Best Bamboo Steamer – a Steamy Buyers Guide

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The Best Bamboo Steamer : Foreword

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A bamboo food steamer is a health fanatics’ best friend! You can cook and enjoy moist, flavourful food without the use of oil, fats, or grease. Guilt-free cooking is what you get with this magnificent kitchen tool.

The Best Bamboo Steamer is a must-have in all kitchens as it’s simple and easy to use. Aside from that, its wooden structure and attractive design are a compliment to any kitchen!

The number of delicious foods prepared in a Bamboo steamer is endless. You will never run out of ideas to use this steamer for cooking as it can cook just about anything.

Think delicious bao buns, dim sum, dumplings, a delicious sauce dish, and so much more. Making this bamboo steamer a part of your cookware collection is vital.

A kitchen bamboo steamer is also low maintenance, easy to clean, and affordable. If you look at all the benefits of having the best bamboo steamer, you’d see that the price tag attached to it is very reasonable for such efficient cookware.

When we looked at traditional bamboo steamers, their design and structure have stayed almost the same throughout. Dating back thousands of years, the Chinese bamboo steamer basket has stood the test of time.

I often wondered how the Chinese stay in shape and live way past their sell-by date and found that the secret is in healthy cooking.


I have become a strong advocate for the best bamboo steamer as my personal use of them has exposed me to a world of mouth-watering food through steaming. There are thousands of steamers available on the market.

After trying and testing some of them, I have chosen the best bamboo steamers for you. I chose them based on both consumer reviews and personal use.

The ancient cooking method is full of nutrients, making me wish I had tried it earlier. I am glad I’ve got the best bamboo steamer in my kitchen; now, here’s a chance to get yours!

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Steamer: Buyers Guide

When you set out to buy a bamboo steamer, listed below are a few helpful tips that you should see. Following this guide would ensure that you purchase a quality bamboo steamer for your kitchen.

Size Matters

best-size-for-bamboo-steamerWhen you hunt for a bamboo steamer, it is essential to consider which one is best to meet your cooking needs. The aim should be to get the most out of one steamer instead of having to buy several every time your catering needs expand.

It is important to remember that bamboo steamers are sized by their diameter in inches, with the 6-inch steamer being the smallest. The size is ideal for individual portions, and you would often see them used in restaurants.

However, although many people use them at home, it is not the best option for cooking family-sized meals.

If you are inclined to cook larger portions at home, the 12-inch steamer will be ideal. It can fit a big plate, allowing you to steam whole fish, chicken, and other dishes. A steamer this size will also require a big enough pot or wok that it can comfortably fit in.

Seeing that there are a variety of different sized bamboo steamers available on the market, the one that best suits you would depend on how much food you wish to cook in it.

I found the 10-inch bamboo steamer basket to be the best choice for home cooks. It is versatile and can easily take on additional tiers to increase portion sizes. You can use it to cook for small and large families with no hassle.

Prime Home Direct Bamboo Steamer Basket 12-inch | 2-Tier Steamer for Cooking | 50 Liners,...
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Made from 100% organic bamboo, the Prime Home Direct 12 Inch Steamer basket is amongst the most budget-friendly on the market.

It is a perfect size 2-tier steamer for cooking and is a good Amazon buy. Aside from that, it also comes with bonus items which include a 10” basket, two chopstick sets, 1 sauce dish & 50 Wax paper liners.

The Prime Home food steamer is an excellent piece of cookware to have in your kitchen. You can use this 2-tier steamer to cook a variety of dishes. It can be used as a dumpling maker, rice cooker, steam buns, chicken, fish & meat, and much more.

Its dynamic 2-tier firmware design allows for more cooking options than traditional steamers. The two stackable layers fit snuggly on top of each other with a 12’’ diameter and 3’’ depth on each.

This allows you to cook or reheat your meals simultaneously. The steamer for cooking also has dome-shaped lids and water-resistant walls. This is perfect to avoid soggy food as you won’t have to worry about water drowning your meals.

When using this fantastic kitchen bamboo steamer, you can be sure of evenly cooked food. The kitchenware is designed to distribute heat evenly, resulting in fast cooking.

It is also a healthier cooking method as there is no use of oil, butter, or grease. You get nutrient-rich flavourful food when cooking with this kitchenware. It is also easy to use, clean, and maintain as the additional liners prevent food from sticking to the steamer basket.

  • 2-tier 12-inch steamer with 3-inch depth
  • Comes with bonus items
  • Can be used to prepare a variety of meals
  • Best for healthy grease-free meals
  • The bamboo steamer is not dishwasher safe
  • Proper maintenance is required to avoid easy warping

How Many Tiers Should my Steamer Have?

Deciding on how many tiers a steamer should have will again boil down to how much food you prepare in it. The more decks, the better, as although you don’t have to use all at once, if the need arises and you need to feed a crowd, you can add on.

The more tiers you have, the more food you can cook in one go.

Having several tiers at your disposal is convenient as you can cook different things simultaneously.

If you need to prepare a large batch of dumplings, it will also be advantageous to add more tiers. Instead of having to prepare separate lots to accommodate a crowd, you can cook everything simultaneously.

It is convenient and time-saving. When you want to cater for a few people, you can always use one or two tiers.

My top pick listed above is a 3-tier bamboo steamer for having flexible options.

Steamers usually have two tiers and are great for cooking, but why not take it up a notch without the best pick. It will accommodate all your steaming needs!

Hcooker 3-Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamer Basket 8-Inch for Asian Cooking | Sauce Dish &...
  • Presented 1 Sauce Dish and 2 pairs of chopsticks! Bamboo...
  • Healthy Cooking: made from natural bamboo, steaming allows...
  • Tight-fitting lid traps steam for quick and efficient...
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Although bamboo steamers are more or less the same, the Hcooker 3-Tier Bamboo Steamer Basket offers more notable features than others. We know that several options are available on the market, and choosing the best one can be mind-boggling.

Therefore, we have taken that problematic task off your hands and selected the best overall bamboo steamer for you.

When we looked at the different bamboo steamers available on the market, we found that most of them come in a 2-tier structure.

The Hcooker steamer stood out because of its sturdy 3-tier build. It gives you an extra tier level to steam your food.

Although it is unnecessary to use all three layers at once, it is good to have a 3-tier steamer, especially when cooking for the whole family. You can load the three levels at once, and the food will be piping hot and ready all at the same time.

That is convenient as it saves a lot of time. If you decide to cook a smaller quantity, you can easily use one or two tiers depending on your needs.

This bamboo steamer also has a tightly woven bamboo lid that traps in the steam. It allows for moist cooking that is packed with flavor. You can use it to prepare your favorite noodle dish and dig in with your chopsticks!

With the 3-tier design, you would not have to worry about buying additional steamers sets when the need to cater to a crowd arises. You can comfortably steam food in larger quantities with no hassles.

This steamer also comes with durable stainless-steel bands. The band helps in snuggly fitting each tier together seamlessly. On a closer look, we found that the stainless-steel bands in this bamboo basket are securely held.

It caught our attention as we noticed other similar steamers with metal rims. However, what we found on the others was that the edges were not securely fit with large nails, which could be unsafe.

Since these baskets use moisture for cooking food, having fragile nails that can easily rust will deteriorate the bamboo steamer much quicker. Therefore, choosing the best bamboo steamer is vital. The Hcooker steamer also comes in various sizes for you to choose from.

Among them are 13 different sizes, including the 6,8-,10-, and 12-inch bamboo steamers. Each size also offers standard and deep options to suit your needs.

With this brand, it’s easy for you to find the perfect size to fit the pot or pan that you currently use. You don’t necessarily need a wok when using the steamer. Any large enough heating vessel will do.

The handmade steamer basket also comes with three reusable cotton liners. Aside from these cotton liners, you can also opt for cabbage leaves or parchment paper that serve well as liners.

  • The basket has durable stainless-steel rims
  • Has 13 different sizes to choose from
  • It’s a 3-tier food steamer
  • Best for healthy family meals
  • The steamer basket is a bit pricier than others

Why is it Important to Have a Good Lid?

Having a suitable lid for your bamboo steamer is essential. The covers are tightly woven, which allows for efficient cooking.

The bamboo fibers absorb moisture and expand when heated. By doing so, your meals will be moist but not soggy.

Having a secure lid also prevents steam from escaping, which gives you beautifully cooked meals every time.

The steamer retains the heat and promotes even cooking. It also saves time as the food cooks much quicker.

Our Pick
Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Food Steamer with Lid, 10-Inch
  • Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer for gently cooking...
  • Made from 100-percent natural bamboo, a fast-growing...
  • Foods hover above the hot water to cook or reheat gently...
  • Steaming food helps retain fresh textures and flavors, and...

If you’re a first-timer with a bamboo steamer, the Helen’s Asian 10-Inch Bamboo Steamer is an ideal option. It is a simple steamer basket that is easy and convenient to use. It’s reasonably priced and perfect for anyone who is on a budget. This basket will efficiently cook your meals to perfection.

Whether you’re catering for yourself or a few family and friends, the 10-Inch 2 tier basket design is perfect. The petite size is meant for smaller quantities, so you will have to add to the set to cater to a crowd.

Having additional cooking levels on hand is always a good thing, especially when entertaining. You can impress your family and friends by cooking delicious restaurant-style Asian cuisine in this steamer.

The steamer is also BPA-free as it embodies a 100% bamboo build. The eco-friendly cooking tool has a tightly woven bamboo lid that gives it its traditional look. The lid locks in steam while cooking, which provides you with delicious moist meals every time.

Although a natural bamboo construction is toxin-free, the downside is that it is also fragile. Over time, the heating and cooling process changes the basket’s shape, which eventually leads to warping.

Therefore, extra care and maintenance are needed to ensure that you don’t end up with a broken steamer sooner than expected.

Although this budget-friendly bamboo steamer is not as durable as the expensive options, it is still a bargain to have. It does the job of steaming your foods as good as any other basket, is non-toxic, and is easy to use.

The 100% bamboo steamer baskets date back to the traditions of the Chinese grandmothers.

  • It’s lightweight and easy to use
  • The steamer is 100% bamboo which is eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • The steamer efficiently cooks food as well as expensive brands
  • It is affordable
  • The steamer can warp and lose shape after constant use.

Durability, Materials, Build, and Price

Durability-bamboo-steamerHaving a durable bamboo steamer made from tightly woven materials does not have to cost an arm and a leg. The steamers built can be sturdy to last longer and be affordable.

High quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive just as expensive doesn’t mean that you’re getting the best. Being wise in your choice is vital. Therefore we have put this guide together to aid you in choosing the best steamer.

If you look at our budget-friendly pick above, at $20, it will serve the same purpose as an expensive steamer. According to reviews, it is used by many home cooks around the world who are satisfied with its performance.

The steamer has a good construction and is efficient at retaining steam while cooking. However, careful maintenance is required to prevent it from quickly warping.

Opting for bamboo steamers with metal or plastic rims is advisable when looking at durability, materials, build, and price.

It is beneficial, especially if you plan on using your steamer basket often. Although they are a bit pricy, they are sturdier than the traditional bamboo options.

It is always a plus to add attractive cookware to your kitchen collection. The Natural Bamboo Steamer with stainless steel rims is a great Amazon buy as it is made from excellent materials. It possesses a sturdy structure that ensures longevity, so you won’t have to worry about it easily warping.

The Premium kit also comes with 2 sauce dishes, 4 pairs of chopsticks, and 50 steamer liners.

Additionally, this kitchenware is perfect for daily use. You can use it to cook healthy grease-free meals for the whole family. Steamed food is always full of nutrients and flavor which is a plus for healthy living.

The 2-tier stackable baskets allow you to cook two dishes at once which saves time. You can prepare all your meals in this multipurpose kitchenware without the need for extra cookware.

Traditional Asian cuisine is sought after throughout the world. Having this durable steamer will allow you the taste of Asia in your very own kitchen.

You can use it to prepare dishes like Dim Sum, rice, buns, dumplings, fish, meat, vegetables, and much more. The choice of recipes is endless.

Aside from having this cooker as part of your kitchenware, it’s also great as a gift. Its eye-catching design and build are a compliment to any kitchen setting.

I can assure you that the cooks amongst your family and friends will appreciate this versatile treasure.

  • Makes an elegant gift
  • Possesses a sturdy structure and design
  • Great size to prepare two servings
  • Premium set with additional bonus items
  • Ideal for daily cooking
  • The steamer currently holds a 100% consumer satisfaction rate according to Amazon reviews so there are no downsides to report.

Should I use a Pot or Wok with my Bamboo Steamer?

Steamers need a wok or pot to cook in, so having the correct size to accommodate your basket. Traditionally, woks are used as they are large enough to accommodate different sizes of steamers.

With that said, you would be glad to know that a pot works just as well. The only downside of opting for a pot is to get the right size to fit your steamer.

However, you do have the option of using a steamer ring in the pot.

It fits perfectly inside a regular pan and is efficient enough to hold several different-sized steamer baskets. Using a pot will also allow you to cook multiple items at once.

Safety First

We have all experienced the sting of a steam burn at least once in our lives. It’s not a welcomed ache, and it is avoidable if you’re cautious. When using a bamboo steamer basket, it is vital to put safety first to avoid mishaps.

These unfortunate incidences usually occur when removing the steamer lid. Remember that the tight fit lid has trapped deadly hot steam inside, so avoid direct contact with your hands and face.


I know that we’re always eager to look at how a meal turned out but a bit of patience while allowing the steam to make way will be to your advantage.

Therefore, you should never have your face directly overly the steamer while removing the lid.

Additionally, make sure that you add enough water to the wok or pot that you’re using. The water should be monitored so that you don’t end up with a dry burnt pan.

MacaRio Bamboo Steamer Basket Set 10 inch Steamer for Cooking, with Side Handles Chopsticks...
  • 【Handmade】Made of natural bamboo. It is nature friendly...
  • 【All-In-One】2 tier baskets with a domed lid, 4 sets...
  • 【Upgraded Version】Side handles for convenience and...
  • 【Versatile Usage】A good choice for cooking, warming and...

The MacaRio 10 Inch Bamboo Steamer Basket Set is made from all-natural bamboo materials. It is eco-friendly kitchenware that is safe and easy to use. The steamer for cooking is upgraded to ensure safety and has side handles for convenience.

As a part of the package, the all-in-one cookware comes with 2 tier baskets with domed lids, 2 sauce dishes, 50 paper liners, and 4 sets of chopsticks.

The handmade bamboo steamer also has reinforced aluminum banding edges that secure its durability and sturdiness. Its materials, structure, and build ensure longevity so with proper maintenance and care, this basket will be around for several uses. It is a good choice for daily cooking and serving.

Cook healthy meals in minutes with this versatile steamer for cooking. Preparing rice, dim sum, buns, dumplings, vegetables, meat, seafood, and much more has never been more convenient! Instead of simmering, poaching, frying, and boiling food, why not opt for a more traditional way of cooking.

Not only will you have food that is packed with flavor and nutrients, but you will avoid eating soggy tasteless meals.

Additionally, the cooks amongst your family and friends will appreciate this versatile kitchenware as a gift. It is a great addition to any kitchen, not only for its attractive look but for its durability and versatility.

  • Handmade natural bamboo build
  • Reinforced aluminum banding edges
  • Durable and versatile kitchenware
  • Offers guilt-free healthy meals in minutes
  • Cookware can deteriorate and crack if not properly maintained

FAQ – (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it good to use a bamboo steamer?

Yes, a bamboo steamer is an excellent way to cook healthier meals. It is affordable cookware that aids in cooking moist meals and is perfect for dumplings and other steamed food. By opting for a bamboo steamer, you eliminate oil, fats, and grease.

What are the drawbacks of using a bamboo steamer?

Depending on the type of bamboo steamer you invest in, one of their major drawbacks is their durability. Although they are the best option for cooking delicious steamed food, it is advisable to invest in one that has reinforced metal or plastic rims. It will ensure longevity and durability. However, these cookware are not built to last a lifetime.

Bamboo steamer Vs. Metal steamer. Which is better?

If you're looking at cooking performance, bamboo takes the prize as it is much more efficient. Bamboo steamers can abord moisture, so you never have to worry about your food being soggy or drenched in water. The liquid absorption with bamboo steamers also swells while cooking, helping it to retain moisture and evenly distribute heat. However, metal steamers are much easier to maintain and clean and have a higher durability endurance.

Is it necessary to have a wok?

Although a wok is a great heat source when using a steamer, it is not a must-have. You can always opt for a pot that would work equally fine. Ensure that the pot you use is the correct size for your steamer. You also choose to use a steamer ring that should work with the pot size that you have.

What is the best way to use a bamboo steamer?

To get the best out of your steamer basket and avoid food from sticking to the bamboo, make sure to line it. You can use parchment paper, silicone liners, cotton liners, or cabbage leaves. All these liners work perfectly while cooking in your bamboo steamer. Most of the steamers come with liners, so that's a benefit. It is also necessary to leave spaces between each item and the edges. This gesture will prevent the food clumping together. It would be best if you placed the bamboo basket in a large enough wok or pot with water during cooking. This way of cooking adds nutritional value to your daily diet.

The Best Bamboo Steamer : Our Recommendations

Everyone should invest in a bamboo steamer! Aside from the healthy cooking that it offers, it is a valuable cookware piece to have in any kitchen. It is affordable, easy to maintain and use, and has a tone of benefits.

We have chosen three of the best bamboo steamers according to consumer reviews. It will narrow down your choices and save you time.

There’s one for the larger families, one for those on a budget, and one for the splurges. You can upgrade your cookware to the trendiest.

Our best pick, however, is the best of all. It is well priced and offers a variety of features and uses. It is durable, versatile, and comes in a variety of sizes. It also has three tiers that can handle bigger meal preparations.

If you prefer to use a wok rather than a pot when cooking with your steamer, then have a look at our selection of the best woks here!

Select the best basket for you and get steaming!

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