Homemade Mayonnaise with Garlic and Parsley

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Mayonnaise-with-Garlic-and-parsleyMayonnaise is undoubtedly an essential sauce in everyone’s kitchen. Whether to accompany meats, vegetables or to put in your sandwiches; you always need mayonnaise in your life… always!

So, you might tell me that you do not know how to do it, that mayonnaise is complicated to make, or that you have to have 3 Michelin stars to succeed.

I’ll stop you right there because mayonnaise is probably one of the simplest things to make.

Follow me in this little step-by-step recipe and I guarantee that you will never look the same way again at the tasteless and lifeless mayonnaise jars sadly lined up on the shelves of your supermarket.

With my recipe, you will have delved into the ultimate secrets of mayonnaise making.

The most important thing will be that you have made it yourself and you know exactly what is in the delicious mayonnaise you bring to the table.

For this recipe you will need:


  • 5 minutes
  • Good music to Listen to While Cooking
  • 0.8 cup of neutral oil (sunflower)
  • An Egg Yolk
  • A teaspoon of mustard
  • A teaspoon of vinegar. In this recipe, I used rice vinegar because I like the little sweet note it brings.
  • 2 cloves of garlic ( optional)
  • 3 stems of parsley ( optional)
  • Salt/ Pepper

Are you ready? 3… 2… 1… Here we go!

1 Squeeze your garlic cloves


a. No need to look for the garlic press I used because it is my grandmother’s. She used it since the mid-60s, and I must tell you that it was used to press tons of garlic. But… rest assured; you can find the garlic press of your dreams here.

b. Don’t have a garlic press? Do not panic, dry your tears because a glimmer of hope is at your reach to illuminate your mayonnaise.

Watch the short video below where I chop the parsley. Well, guess what?

If you do exactly the same with your garlic, you should have a similar result to a garlic press.

The most important thing is that the garlic is cut very thin in order to blend into the mayonnaise and avoid large pieces that would not be pleasant to the palate.

2 Chop the parsley

This is a small hashing technique that was shown to me by a French cook (hi Alain!). You will need a sharp kitchen knife and a cutting board as seen in the video.

Simply and gently place your fingertips on the front of the knife by pressing lightly. This will allow you to safely rotate the blade while chopping.

Repeat this process until you reach the desired size. You can make it very thin or chop it more coarsely. There it will according to your preference.

There, I already hear people at the back of the room saying “yes, but with an electric chopper it’s simpler”(yes, yes I hear you, no need to hide).

Then… Yes! You can use an electric chopper, but I tend to prefer manual hashing because it allows you to better control the size of your cut.

The electric chopper tends to chop too thin and turns your ingredients into porridge

3 Quite joking. Let’s get down to business. Mayonnaise

Put your egg yolk and mustard into a medium-sized bowl.

Put your egg yolk and mustard in a bowl

4  Salt & pepper


Why add a pinch of salt with your fingertips? Well, to make stylish photos and to be able to go viral like Turkish Chef, Salt Bae… more seriously.

Have you ever wanted to salt a dish and in doing so, you grabbed the salt shaker above you and at that moment your feverish hand shook (probably because of the importance of the stakes or perhaps because of the public in the stadium holding their breath) and made you pour too much salt?


Or the great classic … the poorly screwed salt shaker cap and the inevitable mountain of salt that ends up in your stove.


Who has never wept tears of rage and prayed to all the saints in the Bible asking forgiveness for such a mistake?

So, in simple words, just put salt (or pepper) in the palm of your hand and add it by pinches.

5  Mix lightly


6 Whip

Add the oil gradually. Take your time, it’s not a race. Here, it is important to add the oil gradually for the mayonnaise to amalgamate well.

Don’t have a whip? I will not hide from you that the whisk remains the best tool to make mayonnaise but it is possible to compensate for this lack thanks to my Ninja technique.
Take two forks that you will intertwine in the following way.

Admittedly, it will not be as good as a classic whip but you will get a fairly close result.

Whisk until your mixture becomes thick.

Do not worry if the consistency is almost pasty because we will then add the vinegar that will come to give the good creamy consistency that we all love.

7 Add the parsley and garlic

Mix gently until the garlic and parsley are well incorporated


8 Add the vinegar and mix gently


9 Taste…. Taste and grind

We can never say it enough. Taste your preparations during and at the end of cooking and rectify if necessary.

10 There you go!!!! Bon Appétit with Flavio


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