Top 7 Starfrit The Rock Reviews – Is Really Safe?

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If you’re scouring online reviews for high-quality cookware that won’t break the bank, then you’re in the right place.

Starfrit is offering us their innovative design, The Rock cookware. As tough and durable as a …. well, rock!

Their unique take on non-stick cooking promises to be much better and last much longer than many of its higher price ranged competitors, at least 30% better.

Take a look at Starfrit The Rock reviews – is Really Safe?

Not only will you be making the most informed buying decision but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing if your cookware is safe for you and your family.

Starfrit the rock cookware review – Features

  • Unique technology uses minute steel pellets infused into a heavy, thick aluminum base. This makes their cookware at least 3 times more durable than traditional non-stick pans.
  • Up to 50% stronger than similar cookware
  • 40% more abrasion and scratch resistant than competitors
  • Rock. Tec surface gives a natural non-stick cooking surface without the need for seasoning
  • Superb heat conduction provides even cooking on low and medium temperature settings
  • PFOA-free construction
  • Food release up to 3 times better than similar styles
  • All Starfrit cookware has a lifetime guarantee against warping
  • Suitable for most cooking surfaces

Starfrit the rock cookware List

Starfrit The Rock 10-Piece Set w/ SS Handles 060319-001-0000
Starfrit The Rock 8 Piece Cookware Set
The Rock by Starfrit 10" Fry Pan, Black
THE ROCK 10-Pcs Cookware Set
THE ROCK 8-Pcs Cookware Set
THE ROCK by Starfrit 10" Fry Pan
Material Type
Total Pieces
Starfrit The Rock 10-Piece Set w/ SS Handles 060319-001-0000
THE ROCK 10-Pcs Cookware Set
Material Type
Total Pieces
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Starfrit The Rock 8 Piece Cookware Set
THE ROCK 8-Pcs Cookware Set
Material Type
Total Pieces
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The Rock by Starfrit 10" Fry Pan, Black
THE ROCK by Starfrit 10" Fry Pan
Material Type
Total Pieces
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  Starfrit The Rock Reviews

1 The ROCK by Starfrit 10-Piece Cookware Set

Starfrit The Rock 10-Pc. Copper Set w/SS Handles 030910-001-STAR

The Rock Starfrit is an iconic cookware brand offers an innovative range of cookware set. The quality is always better than its rivals. The brand never compromised with the quality and safety of its consumers.

The heavy gauge aluminum forged base enhances the durability and heat distribution. Also, the cookware set exterior is infused with copper, which makes it more appealing and reliable.

You can cook food at all temperatures without thinking much about metal wrapping issues. It also reduces fuel consumption. The best thing is that the nonstick coating is composed of 3 tough layers.

The toughness of the coating reduces the risk of scratching and abrasion. You can use the cookware set on every cooktop, including induction too.


  • Extra Thick forged aluminum base
  • Superior and uniform heat distribution by copper infusion
  • Fast cooking with minimal usage of fuel
  • 3 times Durable nonstick coating
  • The coating protects the pan from abrasion and scratches
  • Suitable to use with Induction cooktops


  • Lids don’t fit perfectly
  • The copper coating needs improvements

2 The ROCK by Starfrit 8-Piece Cookware Set

Starfrit The Rock 8 Piece Cookware Set

This is a slightly smaller set than the above, Starfrit The Rock cookware, but with one main difference.

If you are concerned about heat transfer on stainless steel handles, then consider this set.

The handles are still constructed of durable steel but have been encased in heat sustainable Bakelite.

This will allow you to pick up the pans without the need for an oven mitt even after it has been on the cooktop for some time.

What to expect

  • 5qt saucepan
  • 3qt saucepan with lid
  • 5qt saucepot with lid
  • 8-inch frypan
  • 10-inch frypan with lid

The same tough cooking surface is used as in the previous set. It will neither warp nor stain allowing your cookware to be reliable for many uses to come.

The minuscule metal pellets that are infused to make the surface give it a slightly uneven finish. This helps with the unique non-stick claims as tiny air cushions sit between ingredients and the base of the pan. This makes for simple food release.

What I love about this set

These pans are broiler safe. So cooking on the stovetop and finishing in the broiler make for less cleaning up, just 1 pot!

This set doesn’t skimp on high-quality, even though it remains at a truly affordably priced.

Durable, attractive, and versatile, an ideal starter set for any home.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Unique rock-like construction for durability
  • Gas, electric, ceramic, halogen compatible
  • Broiler safe
  • Warp, abrasion, stain resistant
  • Superb non-stick qualities
  • Great price point for top-quality product


  • Not induction safe
  • Don’t use sharp utensils
  • Dishwashing may ruin appearance

3 Starfrit Set of 2 Fry Pans, with Bakelite Handles

Starfrit Set of 2 Fry Pans, 9.5' and 8' with Bakelite Handles, Black

If you only need a pan or 2 or want to try the Starfrit brand, The Rock frying pan reviews should help you to decide.

This set comprises of 2 pans

  • 8-inch frying pan
  • 5-inch frying pan

They are both deep so that stir-frying is a breeze. You could prepare an evenly cooked steak in 1 and use the smaller one to fry an egg or 2 in. The brilliant non-stick capabilities will let the egg slide straight onto the meat, a quick wipe over and the pan will look like new.

Both pans have Bakelite handles which will stay cool for a long time, grilling and broiling become easier.

What I love about these pans

Their terrific performance for such a good price. The non-stick, strong durability and good-looks aren’t sacrificed even at such a low price point.

The Rock’s technology allows even heat transfer at low and medium temperatures.

Cooking healthy family meals is a simple task as minimal oil or butter is required to maintain food releasing.

With a lifetime guarantee against warping, non-stick that is 3 times better than its competitors and thick and durable good looks, these pans should be worthy of serious consideration.


  • Lifetime warranty against warping
  • Rock-tec construction for toughness and durability
  • Very easy clean
  • Attractive black finish with white flecks
  • Bakelite handles for safety under higher temperatures
  • Deep pans for maximum capacity
  • Superb even heat distribution


  • Not induction compatible
  • No lids supplied

4 Starfrit Rock by Starfit Diamond 10-Piece Set

Starfrit The Rock Diamond 10 Piece Set 034724-001-0000

Starfrit rock diamond black cookware set comes with a beautiful finish and texture. The diamond coating improves the performance of the cookware set. It eliminates the risk of scratches and abrasion.

The patented Rock Tec Technology helps in increasing the durability of the cookware set. The feature makes the cookware set versatile to be used at extreme temperatures too. There is no risk of metal wrapping as the metal is of a heavy gauge.

The ceramic coating keeps the food safe from harmful elements like PFOA and PTFE. The stainless-steel plated base enhances the intensity of heat distribution. The stainless steel allows the cookware to operates effectively on an induction cooktop.


  • Black diamond coating delivers ultimate scratch resistance
  • It comes with Patented Rock Tec technology
  • Anti-wrapping cookware enhances durability
  • Ceramic nonstick coating free from PTFE and PFOA
  • Double rock stainless steel plated base
  • Works ion induction cooktop flawlessly


  • Hard scrubbing spoils the nonstick coating
  • Handle quality is not the best

5 Starfrit 9.5″ Saute Pan with Bakelite Handle and Lid

Starfrit Saute Pan, 9.5' w/lid

If you want to have a pan best for frying and sauté, then a Starfrit pan with a Bakelite handle is for you. The rock coating offers the pan an advanced coating with superior nonstick features. It helps food to release 3 times faster than traditional nonstick pans.

The nonstick coating is too tough to scratch with metal utensils. The rock black diamond coating enhances its durability. Now you can easily use metal utensils without degrading the quality of the pan.

Cleaning stiff stains marks with handwashing is very difficult and tiring. So, the brand offers you dishwasher safe pans. Now cooking is possible with almost all cooktop which increases its productivity.

No wrapping issues due to heavy metal construction. The sauté pan is a versatile product because it is best for both cooking and cleaning.


  • Rock advance nonstick coating technology
  • Offers ultimate scratch resistance durability
  • Safe to wash in a dishwasher
  • Safe to use with metal utensils
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • No wrapping issues dues to its durable metal


  • The exterior finish is not the best
  • Handle insulation is average

6 Starfrit The Rock 11″ Deep Fry Pan with Lid

Starfrit The Rock 11' Deep Fry Pan

For deep frying food, we always need to look at the quality of your cookware’s material. It must be high in quality to withstand high heat. The Starfrit deep fray pan comes with a Bakelite handle, which adds stability.

The ceramic coating enhances the cooking experience and available to the user with long operational life. The manufacturing process is also free from toxic compounds like PTFE and PFOA. The black diamond coating reduces the chances of scratches.

The pan does come with a helper handle for better holding stability and additional grip. The stainless steel provides a robust form factor. It can be used on all cooktops, including induction. The pure steel enhances the heat distribution process for fast cooking.


  • It comes with a Bakelite handle
  • The ceramic coating enhances the durability
  • Zero toxicity and free from PFOA and PTFE
  • The diamond coating reduces the risk of scratches
  • Stainless steel construction with a compatible induction base
  • Uniform heating for fast cooking


  • Not suitable for high heat cooking
  • Construction sturdiness is average

7 THE ROCK by Starfrit 10″ Fry Pan

The Rock by Starfrit 10' Fry Pan, Black

The 10-inch rock by Starfrit fry pan comes with small metal impact technology. It enhances the robust features of the metal. The durability of the product enhances because of its rock diamond patented nonstick coating.

The fry pan is best for both sautéing and deep-frying food. The coating is very well optimized to realize food in almost 3 times convenient than traditional nonstick pans. The metal is of heavy gauge, and the base is made up of aluminum.

The coating is tough and good and doesn’t show any reaction with critical food. The metal comfortability distributes the heat and balances the cooking technique. As we know, deep frying takes time to cook food thoroughly from the inside. In that case, the pan and its construction deliver the best frying results.


  • Offers small metal impact technology
  • Ultra-durable rock-like finish
  • The nonstick coating offers 3 times better food release.
  • The heavy gauge and forged aluminum base
  • Balanced heat distribution for better cooking
  • Best for deep frying and sautéing


  • No helper handles available
  • No information of toxicity

Is the Starfrit The Rock Worth A Buy?

There may be more familiar brands available at higher price points, but for me, these sets hold their head high amongst the best of them.

They look and feel like high-quality products and produce great cooking results.

Longer lasting, strength and durability, plus superb non-stick results without the fear of PFOA chemicals makes this a winner.

Compared with cast-iron cookware that has similar results, it is less time consuming to maintain and weighs less, if that is a factor for you.

When you compare the stats with similar cookware ranges and then compare the cost, I genuinely believe that the Starfrit, The Rock cookware is most definitely worth buying.

The biggest negative I have found is that The Rock range is not compatible with an induction cooktop.

Starfrit The Rock Video Review

How To Care For Starfrit Frying Pan

It is useful to know that to take proper care of your new cookware there are a few simple points to follow:

  • Never heat an empty pan, always put oil or butter in first.
  • Never add salt to your pan until after the water is boiling.
  • Never use sharp-edged utensils in the cookware.
  • Do not use metal scourers when washing, warm water, a cloth, and mild detergent are all that will be needed.
  • Never, ever cook on high heat. You won’t need to. A low to medium heat setting is always sufficient.

All of these simple tips will help to increase the service life of your pan and keep the non-stick surface intact.

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you use high heat for Starfrit, The Rock cookware?

No.But then, you never need to. Heat is conducted so well across the entire cooking surface that low and medium temperatures are more than sufficient to achieve perfect results.

Is Starfrit The Rock dishwasher safe?

Although technically it is safe to use your Starfrit cookware in the dishwasher it isn’t recommended. The shine finish may get damaged and leave your pan with stains.

The good news is, you should never need to take up unnecessary space in the dishwasher. The non-stick coating is so good on a The Rock cookware that a few seconds wipe over in warm water is plenty.

Is Starfrit the Rock oven safe?

Yes, it is. The only thing you need to be wary of is handles will get hot; you will need oven gloves, obviously!

There is a misconception that some of the handles are plastic and, therefore can’t go in the oven. This is wrong. The handles are actually Bakelite and will be safe in temperatures of up to 450°f. With excessive use, Bakelite may go brittle and break off.

Can Starfrit The Rock cookware be used on an induction cooktop?

While it is safe for all other cooking surfaces, gas, electric, halogen, and ceramic, The Rock cookware isn’t induction cooktop compatible. This is because the bases are fabricated from ultra-thick aluminum, which isn’t magnetic.Stainless steel bottomed pans are best for induction hobs.

Is Starfrit The Rock cookware PFOA free?

Yes, it is, and therefore safe and ideal to use in everyday cooking practices.

  And Finally..

We trust that our Starfrit The Rock Reviews have put your mind at ease.

Knowing that there are no harmful chemicals that can be transferred into your food or via odors is a good thing to know.

The added bonus with Starfrit Cookware is that not only does it look good, but it will also serve your family for many years ahead.

No more sticking vegetables or meat that catches on the cooking surface. Instead, healthy ingredients that slide from the pan every time, all at a great price.