The Best Crepe Pan in 2022 – Review and Buyers Guide

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The Best Crepe Pan – Foreword

The Best Crepe Pan-Buyers guideI FONDLY REMEMBER MY CHILDHOOD when I think of crepes or pancakes. My mum would stand for hours over a hot stove scraping at her old faithful frying pan to make stacks of crepes.

Having a French mum was a bonus, although she didn’t have the best crepe pan at the time!

The crepes were not too bad and usually came out soft and tasty. I watched her after breakfast as she scrubbed her faithful kitchen vessel as there were always stuck food bit on the surface of the pan.

Although crepes are a traditional French pancake, it is made and enjoyed in kitchens worldwide. The aromas of delicious crepes cooking are always a pleasant encounter, especially when the kids wait patiently at the breakfast table for them to be laid out.

Having the best crepe pan to prepare them is a bonus to any home cook or chef.
Thank goodness for the creation of durable and versatile cookware.

Finding a suitable pan specific to a cooking method or type of food has relatively become easier.
I have tried out all the pans featured in this review to give you an insight into choosing the best crepe pan to complement your kitchenware.

Using these versatile pans to cook flawless meals will impress your family.

How to Choose the Best Crepe Pan – Buyers Guide

The Different Crepe Pan Materials

When considering which crepe pan would be best suited to you and your kitchen need, remember that every product comes with different materials, pros, and cons.

While one may lack one aspect, it could make up for another.

Weighing out the most suitable crepe pan will depend on your cooking demands and which pan will deliver the best results with a lifelong guarantee.

Cast Iron Materials

cast-iron-cookware-01Cast Iron pans are becoming more popular to use as they offer a non-stick and even heat distribution, especially when cooking crepes.

They are inexpensive and most durable when compared to their counterparts.
However, they require seasoning to be maintained but once treated the right way, they could last a lifetime.

Cookware made from cast iron gets better the more often it is used, improving just like a fine wine.

Our Pick
Cast Iron Round Griddle - 10.5”-Inch Crepe Maker Pan + Silicone Handle Cover - Pre-Seasoned...
1,973 Reviews
Cast Iron Round Griddle - 10.5”-Inch Crepe Maker Pan + Silicone Handle Cover - Pre-Seasoned...
  • COOKING VERSATILITY: The possibilities are endless with this...
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: Our griddle pan is a kitchen...
  • PRECISION HEAT DISTRIBUTION: This cast iron skillet has a...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN – After every use, cast iron...

The Cuisinel Cast Iron 10’5 Inch Crepe Pan is a multipurpose pan with endless possibilities. It is perfect to sear or grill and can be used for indoor or outdoor cooking ventures.

This fantastic Tawa roti grill is compatible with all stovetops and is induction ready.

You can use this pre-seasoned pan to cook delicious crepes and tortillas, render juicy steaks, or toast soft and fluffy roti or dosa. The unique silicone handle makes for an easy, safe, and comfortable grip.

Boasting superior craftsmanship, this cast-iron pan is made from superior quality materials and guarantees a lifetime of quality cooking.

The non-stick surface makes cooking delicate foods like eggs seem so effortless. This cast-iron skillet provides even heat distribution and retention, which improves cooking all around.

The pan is easy to clean and comes pre-seasoned, and can be maintained further with natural oils to be preserved for a lifetime.

The Cuisinel Cast Iron pan is one of simplicity and versatility. The long-lasting and durable cast iron provides years of quality cooking with superior cookware. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee and can be passed on to generations.

The best part about owning a cast iron pan is that the more you use it, the better it becomes! Having one of these fantastic pans as a part of your cookware collection is a plus!

  • The Cuisinel Cast Iron Pan is durable and versatile.
  • You can use the pan to cook a variety of dishes
  • It has a non-stick easy to clean surface
  • It is oven safe
  • The pan comes pre-seasoned.
  • The pan comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The pan is not dishwasher safe
  • It is bigger and heavier than other crepe pans

Cast-Iron-and-Carbon-Steel Materials

Carbon Steel is quite similar to cast iron materials. Although the Carbon Steel pans are usually uncoated and need to be seasoned and maintained, they are extremely durable.

These cookware pans are much thinner than cast iron pans and heat up very quickly. It doesn’t allow even heat distribution, and your crepes could end up with patchy uncooked spots.

A solid and heavier base like Cast iron pans will ensure evenly cooked crepes every time!

de Buyer - Force Blue - Blue Steel Crepe & Tortilla Pan - Nonstick Carbon Steel Frying Pan with...
2,137 Reviews
de Buyer - Force Blue - Blue Steel Crepe & Tortilla Pan - Nonstick Carbon Steel Frying Pan with...
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  • Made in France: Engineered and manufactured following the...

The de Buyer Blue Steel Crepe Pan made of a 100 % natural blend of iron and carbon and forged with blue steel is manufactured in France. The pan is engineered with precision and follows stringent quality requirements in its manufacturing process.

The traditional French handle ensures your hands steer clear of the heat while cooking. The crepe and tortilla pan’s non-stick surface guarantees even heat distribution and retention throughout the cooking process.

This fabulous cookware makes your crepes turn out perfectly and evenly cooked every time. The 7” nifty pan makes a perfect-sized crepe without sticking or burning hassles. It is also versatile and can be used to make omelets, quesadillas, or reheat tortillas.

This high-quality premium kitchen accessory is a necessity and worth adding to your kitchen collection. If you want to make mouth-watering pancakes, opting for this pan would be an advantage.

  • The de Buyer Blue Steel Crepe Pan is versatile and can be used for several cooking methods, including cooking on a BBQ or open fire.
  • The long French handle stays cool.
  • The pan is slightly convex to ensure it does not spin on a flat surface
  • This slick pan is light and easy to handle
  • The Blue Steel pan does not come seasoned
  • To avoid the crepe pan from rusting, it is advisable to follow the instruction guide for maintenance carefully.

Nonstick Coatings

Nonstick Coatings- GifInitially, all non-stick pans are brilliant when you first use them. They are super non-stick and easy to clean, making your cooking venture enjoyable.

However, since some things don’t last forever, non-stick coatings eventually fade.

The porous scrubbing and washing eventually break down the durability of the pan’s surface, and before long, your food starts to stick to the base. However, it can be prevented if proper silicone or wooden utensils are used.

The de Buyer Blue Steel Crepe Pan and the Cuisinart 10” inch crepe pan are fantastic non-stick pans, easy to handle, simple, and versatile. Although these pans are durable, they will not outlast a pan made from cast iron materials.

What are the Best Choices when it comes to Size and Weight?

Crepe pans are similar in diameter as it makes for easy cooking on stovetop plates. It is built to keep your crepes and omelets looking uniform and in a standard shape.

Choosing the right size pan to cover your stove plate will ensure you get even heat distributed to your crepes as too big of a pan will not cook your crepes properly.

I recommend the Cuisinart 10.5” inch crepe pan as it is not too small or too big for this purpose.

The durability of a good solid pan shows in its weight. If a pan is heavy like in cast iron pans, it will take longer to heat up but will cook evenly, stay hotter for longer, and essentially cook faster.

It will save you time and money on electricity and give you excellent results when cooking!

Our Pick
Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan,Black
4,896 Reviews
Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan,Black
  • The hard anodized exterior is dense, nonporous, and highly...
  • Quantanium interior, a patented nonstick cooking surface...
  • Solid stainless steel riveted handles stay cool on the...
  • Tapered rim eliminates drips while pouring

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Non-stick Crepe Pan boasts a hard-anodized exterior for extreme durability. Its exterior is wear-resistant, non-porous, and dense, offering exceptional durability and performance.

The crepe pans Quantanium non-stick Interior has a titanium-reinforced surface providing healthy cooking options and easy cleaning. Its solid stainless-steel riveted handles stay cool while on the stove, providing a safe and solid grip.

The construction of the pan offers superior heat distribution and retention. It heats up quickly, spreading heat evenly and eliminating any hot spots. Its tapered rim eliminates any drips or spills while pouring.

The crepe pan is also oven safe up to 500 F. It comes with a clear, break-resistant tight, fit glass lid that seals in moisture and nutrients, making your dishes taste more flavorsome.

The Cuisinart Crepe Pan comes with an impressive lifetime guarantee. Aside from that, this pan is perfect for healthy, fat-free cooking.

However, it is important to note that the pan is incompatible with induction cooktops.

  • The non-stick surface offers professional cooking performance
  • The Titanium reinforced surface ensures even heat distribution
  • The solid stainless steel riveted handle remains cool to the touch allowing a safe and solid grip while cooking
  • The Cuisinart crepe pan is unfortunately not induction ready
  • The pan comes at a higher price point when compared to other pans

Are Crepe Pans Versatile?

Having an Electric Crepe maker is exciting and unique. You can use it to make several foods including delicious English breakfasts and much more.

I personally use it to cook up eggs, bacon, crepes, or to reheat or toast bread rolls and buns.

It also turns out a mean toasted cheese sandwich when I need a quick lunch meal. However, if the electricity goes out, you are doomed!

If you have carbon steel or cast-iron crepe pans, you have a wider selection of food that you could prepare in your pan.

Crepe pans are more versatile, easy to maintain and store, with minimal hassle.

What Price Range is Best? Do I have to Spend More to get the Best Pan?

Do I have to Spend More to get the Best PanThe amount you would want to spend on a Crepe pan would depend on what you want out of your pan.

There is a vast array of different style Crepe pans that come with different price tags.

High-quality pans usually cost more, and the fancier they are, the more you could spend.

However, the pans in our list came in at quite a competitive pricing compared to other leading pans on the market.

You could spend anything between $30 to $90 for a good crepe pan.

Is an Electric Crepe Maker or a Crepe Pan Better?

Having an Electric Crepe maker is exciting and unique. However, you will be limited to just making crepes, and if the electricity goes out, you are doomed!

But if you have carbon steel or cast-iron crepe pans, you have a wider selection of food that you could prepare in your pan.

Crepe pans are more versatile, easy to store, with minimal hassle.

Our Pick
Crepe Maker Machine (Lifetime Warranty), Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle...
3,839 Reviews
Crepe Maker Machine (Lifetime Warranty), Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle...
  • 12“ Non-stick Crepe Maker - This electric crepe maker has...
  • 1000W / 120V with Precise Temperature Control - Your crepe...
  • Free Recipe Book, Wooden Spatula & Crepe Spreader - Never...
  • 100 Recipe Cookbook Batter Spreader And Wooden Spatula - The...

Making breakfast just got easier with this 12” Inch Non-stick Electric Griddle Crepe / Pancake pan. The options are unlimited, from grilling crispy bacon to tossing fluffy pancakes and crepes to serving up delicious blintzes, omelets, and eggs.

This pan will feed the whole family in one go, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a versatile pan that is multi-functional and perfect for daily use.

The 12-inch diameter and non-stick aluminum surface are easy to clean. It has a precise temperature control knob and boasts 1000W /120V of cooking power.

The clever built-in indicator light alerts you when your pan has reached the perfect temperature, ensuring perfect crepes, pancakes, and dosa with an even texture.

Additionally, the crepe pan comes with a free recipe book, wooden spatula, and Crepe spreader.

You have a choice of 100 crepe recipes to choose from, and you can start using your electric crepe maker right away! The Batter /crepe spreader helps even out your crepe batter ensuring wafer-thin crepes every time.

These bonus tools make lifting and flipping your crepes so effortless.

The absolute cherry on the top is the 24/7 USA Customer Support Service that comes with the purchase. The company offers a Lifetime Replacement should your electric crepe maker not meet your expectations.

The friendly customer service department and their members will gladly send you a replacement pan or a full refund should you have any problem with the pan.

They stand by the superior quality of their product.

  • The impressive 12” inch diameter allows you to cook up a big meal all at once
  • The electric griddle is non-stick and so easy to clean.
  • The smart built-in indicator light alerts you to the readiness of your crepe.
  • The pan comes with added crepe tools for convenience
  • Comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • The 24/7 Customer Service gives you added peace of mind.
  • You cannot use the Electric Crepe Pan on an open grill or oven
  • It must be hand-washed and cannot be put into the dishwasher

The Best Crepe Pan – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a crepe pan used to make?

What is the best way to use a crepe pan?

Heat your Crepe pan and add a little knob of butter or oil to the hot pan. You can then add a shallow ladle or spoon full of your crepe batter and evenly spread it around the pan.

Once you start to see little bubbles forming on your crepe, it is ready to flip over and let the other side get nice and toasty. You can turn it over a few times until you get the desired golden glaze.

Add your preferred syrup or topping and enjoy. It takes around 2 to 3 minutes to cook a crepe.

What are the steps to season a crepe pan?

Some pans like Cast Iron come pre-seasoned and are ready to be used. However, raw Cast Iron and Carbon Steel pans require a little more attention and need to be seasoned. There are many ways to season a pan.

Seasoning a cast iron or carbon steel pan entails wiping a thin layer of oil on the cooking surface and heating it until the oil begins to smoke. It seals the pan and creates a barrier that will not come off easily.

This step should be done quite a few times and will ensure that a durable layer is created on the pan's surface. It will coat the base and make a long-lasting surface that will provide remarkable and flavorsome food for a long time.

What is the best way to clean a crepe pan?

Seasoned pans like Cast Iron and Carbon Steel should be cleaned with hot water but without any soap. Soap will destroy the protective barrier of a seasoned pan. To keep that durable layer, rather wash your seasoned pan in plain water instead.

However, once your pan has developed a protective layer, you can easily wipe it clean without harsh scrubbing. If, on occasion, you have stuck in food particles, then rather use a bristled brush or silicone or plastic utensils to get it off.

What is a crepe spreader's purpose?

A crepe Spreader is a cooking utensil or tool that helps spread the batter around the pan. It is “T” shaped and should help spread the batter smoothly but takes time getting used to. I prefer using the back of my spatula to spread out the batter.

Which pans are the most essential to have in your kitchen?

Each kitchen and household is unique in the different kitchenware accumulated over the years. You can't go wrong by ensuring you always have at least one good quality non-stick crepe pan.

It will allow you quick, easy treats or breakfasts. Also, a strong Cast Iron Skillet to grill and fry your lunch or dinner is always a plus to add to your cookware collection.

Our Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The never-ending story of having the best pots and pans to prepare their meals is a priority for every home cook and chef. However, hunting for the best pans on the market can be a task seeing that there are thousands available on the Amazon market.

Therefore, I have taken the task of trying and testing some of the pans and chose the best ones just for you.

My decisions on which pans stood out from the lot were not only self-opinionated. I also looked at consumer reviews, durability, versatility, materials, and build and the pans listed above stood out.

Owning any of the featured crepe pans will make your daily kitchen tasks a piece of cake.

You will have a versatile pan that you could use for many other different food applications as these pans have multiple uses. Aside from that, they are also durable and long-lasting.

For me, the winning pan is The Cuisinel 10.5” inch Cast Iron pan as it is both versatile and durable. Once it is seasoned, you will have a long-lasting crepe pan that will become a family heirloom.

The value for money far outweighs the cost and would complement your kitchen essentials!

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