The Best Kitchen Trash Cans : A Collective Review and Guide

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The Best Kitchen Trash cans are manufactured to fulfill a particular purpose in our homes. Although it is not fondly spoken about compared to other kitchen gadgets, it is an essential and much-needed item. According to Amazon reviewers, trending trash cans have solved most of their dirty problems.

Well, that most of the dirt found in the kitchen.

I’m sure that you’re aware of the variety of kitchen trash cans to choose from.

However, do all of them offer the same benefits? You have choices of attractive designs, features, and the old-fashioned kitchen trash can.

What is the difference between them, and which one would serve its purpose best?

Getting rid of trash and unwanted odors in the kitchen is essential. I mean, who wants a stinky garbage bin in the kitchen! Our sense of smell would be offended, not?
It’s easy to go out and pick a trash can from the nearest store.

garbage can-getting rid of odors

From personal experience, I can tell you that without knowledge of what to look for will leave you with kitchen trash that would leave you disappointed. Believe me; there are options out there designed to meet your every need, so don’t lose hope just yet.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big kitchen as we have found some of the best kitchen trash cans just for you. Our review and guide boast a collection of the best kitchen trash cans of 2023. Listed below is a comprehensive guide to enlighten you on what to look for when buying your kitchen trash can.

The style, capacity, designs, features, and materials are essential aspects to consider. Have a look at what we have found below, especially for you. These trash cans are designed to hold all the unwanted waste and complement your kitchen with its designs.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Kitchen Trash Can

When choosing the best kitchen trash can, there are a few things to consider in getting the one that best suits your needs. The layout and size of your kitchen is an important aspect when making your choice. Aside from that, consider the size of your family and whether or not you have pets.

We all know how nosey our fur babies can be at times and how their potent sense of smell can track down anything.

Capacity, shape, size, freestanding or mounted materials, and lid design are things that you should look out for when making your choice.

Choosing the best kitchen trash can is simplified for you in this review.
Ask yourself what type of trash can is right for your kitchen. The styles and designs available give you several choices of getting the trash into the can.

Amongst them is the motion-activated trash cans, the swing-top garbage can, the foot pedal trash can, and the pull-out trash can that usually sits in the cabinet.

Let’s look at what to consider in getting the best kitchen trash can of 2023.

Best Kitchen Trash Can – Capacity

Best Kitchen Trash Can – Capacity

When purchasing a trash can, considering the capacity of the one you choose is vital.

There are several different size options to choose from that will ideally fit your kitchen.

You have the choice of between 10 and 16-gallon trash bins, with the 13 gallons being the most popular amongst consumers.

Their popularity amongst consumers is because they accommodate most standard-sized garbage bags.

Garbage bins differ in dimensions and shape, with a choice of tall, round, wide, and rectangular shapes available.

It is advisable to make sure that you have the space to fit the trash can you choose. So, make sure to take proper measurements of the available space when buying a kitchen trash can.

Size and Shape

We often mistake thinking that trash cans are not meant to stand out but rather stay hidden. Standing out with the smell of garbage is not what I mean. Instead, it is the features that caught my eye when searching the market for the best kitchen trash cans of 2023.

Believe me; trash cans no longer come in the basic design that we all have engraved in our minds. There’s a design out there to suit your individual need.
If you don’t compost, then a larger trash bin would be a better choice for you.

A 10-gallon trash can usually works perfectly for a family of four. If you consider the tips below, you will be sure to pick out the best trash bin for your kitchen. Keep in mind that rectangular garbage cans are favored choices for household use.

Choosing between a small, regular, or large trash can would depend on the number of people you live with and how regularly the garbage builds up. There are advantages and disadvantages with all these size bins. Smaller trash cans may not be very suitable for most homes but keep in mind that they fill up faster.

This means that you would have to dispose of the garbage more often, eliminating smelly trash in the can. Larger trash bins are ideal if you prefer fewer trips to your outdoor trash bin.

kitchen trash bin odor

Odor… Hodor…hodor !:

The garbage can is the hardest hit kitchen aid when housing the trash. Depending on what you put into the can and how often you dispose of the garbage, odors are sometimes unavoidable. However, did you know that some trash cans have built-in odor control?

This is very useful in keeping those unwanted odors away. Opting for a garbage can with an odor control feature is a much-needed benefit to all kitchens.

Recycle bins:
Some modern-day trash cans have a recycling feature that is popular amongst consumers. The dual garbage and recycling bin is a win in my book. The recycle bin makes disposal of metal, glass, plastic, and other unwanted materials easier.

Freestanding vs Mounted

kitchen waste bin-Freestanding vs Mounted

You will be pleased to know that both freestanding and mounted trash cans are available in several sizes, shapes, and elegant styles.

Amongst them, you have a choice of motion sensor trash bins, butterfly lid garbage bins, step trash cans, swing top bins, and several others.

These are available and trending on the market, with consumers raving over their features, shapes, and sizes.

When choosing which ones best suit your needs, consider what each one has to offer; considering the number of people in your home, the space you have set aside for the trash can, and the benefits of having either are essential.

When it comes to dual bins, consider that they make it easy to dispose of garbage and recyclables.

Additionally, the voice-activated trash cans fit a busy lifestyle perfectly. Also, whether you want a trash can next to your kitchen sink other home areas, the step-pedal bin is made for convenience. Whatever the case, knowing that there are countless options to choose from is satisfying.

kitchen trash can materialMaterial

When it comes to trash cans, there are various materials used to make them. Plastic and stainless-steel materials are the most common amongst them.

Trash cans made from plastic are cheaper than stainless steel. They are also easier to maintain and clean compared to stainless steel. Additionally, aluminum trash bins are sturdy and very lightweight, favored in many households.

With that being said, it is also good to consider that even stainless steel has its advantages.

Although it is heavier and pricier, its designs are extraordinary. They have elegant finishes, and some come with motion sensors for convenient use.

Lid Design

Trash cans have several lid designs meant to hold trash bags in place. Some lids have motion sensors that automatically aid in opening the can when you need to dispose of garbage.

Amongst the many led designs available, the touch lid trash can is amongst the favorites. This feature is constructed for convenience as the lid pops open at the touch of a button.

It also has a secure lid that clicks shut so you won’t have to worry about nasty odors. These bins are also simple and easy to clean as they are made from durable materials. It is the perfect choice for a busy kitchen.

Additional Features

Aside from the features mentioned above, there are also additional features that we thought would benefit. There are battery-powered trash bins that are easy and convenient to use even if your hands are occupied.

You can also opt for trash bag holders that you can reach into whenever you need one. However, motion sensor trash cans and trash cans with foot pedals are commonly favored amongst consumers.

Our Verdict of the Best Kitchen Trash Cans

If you have had a look at our top picks, you will see that Rubbermaid’s, iTouchless, and Simplehuman‘s trash cans are amongst the favorites.

Rubbermaid’s trash cans offer a variety of sizes with sturdy builds, while iTouchless trash cans are favored for their easy-to-use feature and compactness. Simplehuman’s, on the other hand, offers dual bins that are eco-friendly and stylish.

Choosing the one that best suits your needs is entirely up to you. Our detailed review has given you insight into the main specs of these kitchen trash cans. This effort was to help you in choosing the kitchen garbage bin that best suits your daily needs.

However, seeing that we all have favorites, we have our eyes on the Simplehuman 46 Liter Rectangular Dual Compartment Recycling Kitchen Step Can. Its durable and versatile design is a good catch considering all the specs!

How We Chose the Best Kitchen Trash Cans

Choosing the best kitchen trash can for our review was a task on its own. We looked at the different types of trash cans available and genuine customer reviews to weigh the pros and cons of each item.

We also thoroughly examined the specs and features of the garbage bins to conclude which ones were most suited to fulfill consumers’ needs. We considered the affordability factor and chose a balanced lot of bins to suit those on a budget and those who are not.

Aside from that, we also tried out a few trash cans that we thought were worth the trouble, and although not all of them met our expectations, the ones listed in our top picks went beyond it.

Ultimately, you have all the information listed above to guide you in choosing the best kitchen trash can of 2023. Considering your needs regarding specs and the space you have to accommodate a trash can, choosing the best trash can will be easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often should I clean my trash can?

Depending on the size of your trash can, how often you should clean it will vary. Small garbage cans fill up faster and need to be emptied more often than larger ones. However, making sure that your trash can is cleaned at least once a week would avoid odors.

How big should a kitchen trash can be?

The size of a kitchen trash can would depend on your needs, the space you have available for it, and the number of people in your home. Depending on their size, trash cans can hold between 5 and 23 gallons of trash. Choose a kitchen trash can that will be ideal to meet your daily needs.

Where does the trash can go in the kitchen?

Trash cans are usually kept hidden or out of sight. Although some are kept in the open, others fit perfectly into a pull-out kitchen cupboard. Remember that it will also depend on the space you have and the provisions you've made for a trash can to fit into your kitchen.

How do you keep a kitchen trash can from sliding on the floor?

Not only would you want to keep a kitchen trashcan from sliding on the floor but also from tipping over. Imagine the grizzly mess you'd be faced with! That is why it is best to secure your kitchen bin with rubber grips. This will avoid slipping, sliding, or toppling over.

How do you hide trash cans in the kitchen?

Most people prefer to hide their kitchen trash cans and either keep them under cabinets or opt for built-in or pull-out models. These are the options available, with the undercabinet models being the most common. If you have a large space for a trash can, you can opt for the built-in models.

What do you clean a kitchen trash can with?

Kitchen trash cans have to be correctly washed to get rid of any remnants that can cause unwanted odors. Soap, water, and a soft sponge are ideal for cleaning them. Make sure that you follow the cleaning guideline for the model you have.

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