What Gauge Stainless Steel Sink is Best ?- 16 Gauge or 18 Gauge ?

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What Gauge Stainless Steel Sink is BestWhen thinking of stainless steel, the first thing that comes to mind is the attractive mirror-like finish that it embodies. Whether it is stainless steel pots, pans, or sinks, the neat glossy finish enhances the look of any kitchen.

When looking at sinks, what gauge stainless steel sink is best – 16 gauge or 18 gauge?

When looking to upgrade your kitchen with a stainless steel sink, there are a few things that you would need to take into consideration.

The size of your family, the amount of dishes that accumulate daily, and the amount of space you have to fit a sink. Aside from that, there are several designs to choose from so your options are plentiful.

Also, the type of faucet that you chose is an essential detail that should be considered when buying a kitchen or bathroom sink.

Here are a few factors to give attention to before buying a stainless sink. It is also good to know that stainless steel is one of the most used materials for producing kitchen appliances and sinks.

They are easy to clean and have an attractive finish designed to match your kitchen concept.

One of the common questions most people ponder is which of the Gauge stainless steel sink is most suitable and durable. This article provides you with the right answer! We’ve taken a deep dive to review some of the recommended gauge stainless steel sinks you can find. But first things first, let’s get to know this product better…

What is the Gauge?

What is the Gauge - stainless steel sinkStainless steel comes in different gauges which ultimately speaks of its quality and durability. When shopping around for a new kitchen sink, it is vital to know the gauge of the product that you choose.

This knowledge will allow you to choose the sink that is suitable for your needs.

So, what gauge stainless steel sink is best?

I’m sure that you may have come across this term before. The term gauge is used to explain the thickness of the stainless steel material used in manufacturing a sink.

Gauge is rated differently than other standards of measurements, this time, the lower the number, the thicker the Gauge of the cookware.

Gauge is rated differently than other standards of measurements, this time, the lower the number, the thicker the Gauge of the cookware.

Most kitchen sinks are built to be 16 or 18 gauge, which makes them resistant to damages resulting from both pressure and rust. Conversely, the higher the Gauge number, the lower the quality of the sink. Sinks that are made of 22 gauge are of much lower quality than that of a 16 or 18 gauge.

It is important to look out for this when purchasing your sink, especially if you are one that is high on quality. Keeping this information in mind will surely make your choice easier when buying the best stainless steel sink to enhance the look of your kitchen.

How Long do Stainless Steel Sinks Last

What is The Best Gauge For Stainless Steel Sink

At this point, the possible question is, what gauge is suitable for stainless steel? Gauges that are between 16 and 18 are recommended as best and ideal for most kitchen sinks.

This Gauge is considered due to their durability as they are less prone to bowing and denting. 16 and 18 gauge can be used daily in the kitchen as they are suitable for commercial and household purposes.

You should consider how often you use your kitchen sink and whether or not it needs to handle a daily load of dirty dishes.

If so, then the 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel sink would be ideal. You can be assured of long-lasting quality that will not easily flaw as it is built to endure the load.

16 Gauge vs. 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink

On the labels of stainless steel, you find quotes like 304, which are most times represented with 18/10. These quotes explain the percentage of chromium and nickel in the steel.

Don’t forget, 16 gauge is more durable than 18 gauge when compared. Stainless steel with a lower Gauge is thicker and durable enough to withstand daily activities in the kitchen.

If you have a houseful, especially with kids, then you would have a good idea of how the sink conveniently piles up.

When the question of who, why, when, and how the dirty dishes have filled the sink comes up everyone is tight-lipped!

That’s when we find out that we live with somebody and nobody! I mean somebody did it, but nobody knows who, right? Having a strong and sturdy stainless steel sink is vital in a household as such. Seems like the 16 gauge will fit this busy kitchen perfectly.

16 gauge produces less noise compared to 18 gauge since they come with more thickness. The 16 gauge sink is built to handle a larger amount of weight and pressure because of its sturdiness and build.

Both the 16 and 18 gauge are recommended by most reputable sink brands like Kraus, Kohler, and Blanco.

This stainless steel comes in a standard size and with reasonable pricing. They are an essential kitchen item not only for their daily uses but also for the elegance it brings to the overall look of the kitchen.

With that said, it is important to remember that the thicker they are, the more expensive they would be.

Should I Get a 16 Or 18 Gauge Sink?

Should I Get a 16 Or 18 Gauge Sink-

So, what gauge stainless steel sink is best for your kitchen?

That would entirely depend on your need and budget. We have made you aware of the quality regarding how the gauges work, but with that knowledge, there are a few other factors to also consider when making your purchase.

When making a purchase, 16 gauge is of better quality than 18 gauge, but that doesn’t mean 18 gauge has poor quality.

You can use them flawlessly in your kitchen too but take into consideration that there are some factors to bear in mind before buying an 18 gauge sink.

It is possible to have cheap brands with 16 gauge, but they come with craftsmanship and style that may appear below standard. You can consider such brands, but do ensure they are of good reputations like Blanco.

This will save you wasted time and money as it will ensure that you’re getting the best kitchen sink on the market.

Lastly, to get the best out of stainless steel, give more attention to the chromium percentage and thickness. We recommend the 16 and 18 gauge as the best stainless steel sinks. Both the 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel sinks have a little difference in price and thickness level.

16 gauge has a thickness of 0.0625, while 18 gauge has a diameter of 0.05. The choice of which one you should get between the two qualities is ultimately up to you. Keep in mind that they embody similar qualities aside from the differences in thickness.

Top Ranked 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink

16 gauge stainless steel sinks, compared to 18 gauge, are 25% thicker; therefore, they come in better qualities than those of a thinner sink.

The stain, heat, dent, and scratch resistance are of higher quality than other types of kitchen sinks. Its attractive shine and protective spray coating would enhance the look of any kitchen.

Additionally, the noise dampening level is ideal for a less noisy kitchen environment, especially when used on a garbage disposal machine. I mean a full sink is one thing but adding unwanted noise when washing up the dishes is a bummer.

Therefore, to avoid this cranking of thin stainless steel, the 16 gauge would be your best bet.
Are you interested in buying a new 16 gauge stainless steel sink?

Why not check out the recommended kitchen sinks list:

  • It comes with an enhance noise damping
  • Less prone to bowing and denting
  • Durable
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Protective spray coating
  • More expensive than the thin gauge sinks

18 Gauge Vs. 20 Gauge Stainless Steel Sinks

The 18 gauge sink compared to the 20 gauge sink appears thicker and comes with durable quality. If you prefer durability over other features, then considering the 18 gauge can be a viable option.

This Gauge offers enough strength and comes with reduced noise, and above all, it provides the right value for your investment.
Although both the 18 and 20 gauge sinks are made from stainless steel materials, their quality differs.

There is a vast difference in build, materials, thickness, and quality when we compare the two. The 18 gauge stainless steel sink is built to endure larger loads of dishes. When making your purchase take into consideration the load that you usually have on a daily basis.

It is vital as then you would be sure to buy the best kitchen sink to suit your daily needs.

The 20 gauge, when compared to the 18 gauge is seen as thin stainless steel which is expensive and lacks the needed flexibility. The 20 gauge is recommended for kitchens with a lesser load. This is best for smaller families and those who live on their own as it will not endure a large load that will allow it to easily flaw.

Commercial Gauges (14 gauge stainless steel sink)

Commercial sinks come with a thicker and heavy Gauge, made for durability and efficiency in commercial kitchens. They are built from heavy-duty steel to withstand a heavier load than the usual domestic sinks.

Most sinks that are used commercially have 14 gauge stainless steel. 16 gauge, can likewise be used for commercial kitchens and restaurants as it also has a higher durability endurance.

It is also possible to get stainless sinks made of 12 gauge thickness. The 12 gauge sink is much thicker and heavier than the 14 gauge. This is not commonly made as they are too expensive and bulky.

Although they are available and sometimes custom-made, it is not in high demand like that of residential kitchen sinks.
Their sturdiness, heavyset look, and build are suited to the likes of busy kitchens that continuously reload the sink.

The 12 gauge sink stands out like the bulky bodybuilder at the gym. It’s eye-catching all right, but at the same time, its fullness is a lot to take in!

20, 22, 24 Gauge Stainless Steel Sink

All of the gauges mentioned above are thin gauges. They come with high gauge numbers which is an indication of a lower thickness.

This makes them a perfect choice for homes, cabins, and bars. Compared to the usual 14, 16, and 18 gauge, these stainless steel sinks are usually inexpensive.

If you have cookware made from cast iron, then the 20, 22, 24 gauge are not viable opinions to consider.

This is because they are not built to handle the heaviness. They are prone to denting if not properly maintained and can flaw if the load is more than they can handle. They are also not suitable when used on the garbage disposal, prone to bowing, and offer minimal resistance to discoloration and corrosion.

Although these stainless steel kitchen sinks are cheaper which is attractive when it comes to a budget, they would be ideal for a smaller family. However, if you do make use of bulky cookware then it’s advisable to opt for a 16 or 18 gauge thickness.

  • Prone to denting
  • Not suitable when used on a garbage disposal
  • They offer less resistance to corrosion and discoloration.
  • prone to bowing

How Long do Stainless Steel Sinks Last?

How-Long-do-Stainless-Steel-sinks-last-Sinks made from stainless steel have the durability to last for 16 -30 years if used under suitable conditions. They are durable and can resist the pressure that results from both bowing and denting.

If you go for sinks with higher quality like the 16 and 18 gauge, these sinks can last for more than 25 – 30 years if used properly.

This is the reason why you should weigh all your pros and cons when purchasing a sink. Even if you’re a single person, opting for a good quality sink for your kitchen will ensure that you don’t have to replace it in the near future, I mean, who knows what can happen in the next 20 years whereby you can move from a one-man band to an orchestra!

Whatever the case, nothing beats durable quality when it comes to stainless steel sinks for your kitchen. The elegant look and durability of the 16- and 18-gauge sinks will also give you peace of mind of having the best on the market.

You would have no worries of a scratched and dented sink for the next 30 years if it’s maintained properly.


With lots of stainless steel kitchen sinks, it is pretty easy to get knocked out on the right choice of sinks to suit your daily kitchen demands. One of the significant differences between the two Gauges is their price tag.

We now know that the 16 gauge stainless steel sink embodies a thick and sturdy build as does the 18 gauge. However, although both sinks are perfect for everyday use, the 16 gauge does have a 25% thicker build than that of the 18 gauge.

But keep in mind that they’re both suitable for your kitchen and will not easily scratch, dent, or flaw.
Their elegance, durability, and longevity are also notable features that would ensure that you’re getting value for money.

With a 25 to 30 year lifespan on both the 16 and 18 gauge stainless steel sinks, you are in for a win! It’s an all-around value for money that is well worth the investment.

At this point, we believe you know the basics of what to look out for before making a purchase; however, it is best to invest once and for all on sinks that are worthwhile like the 16 or 18 gauge.

Don’t forget; the sink is the centerpiece while your kitchen remains the heart of your home. Make sure that it is not a sore sight to see as durability is the key!

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