What is a Broiling Pan? How to Use it ?

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If you are a cook or love cooking, you would know that every item present in a kitchen has its value, and you cannot use kitchen equipment for any other purpose, except for what it is designed.

Cooking equipment present in the kitchen has its use, and you cannot use kitchen equipment for any other person. Most people know only a handful of kitchen equipment such as frying pan, skillets, Sautee pans, etc. However, very few people are aware of other necessary cooking equipment such as a Broiler Pan.

Most people assume that a broiler pan is the same as that of a roasting pan. However, that is completely false. A broiler pan is an essential kitchen tool that has its uses. The cooking done by broiling pan cannot be achieved by roasting pan and vice versa.

Today we are going to tell you exactly what a broiling pan is? How to use a broiler pan and what exactly the broiling pan is used for. Apart from this, we will also cover everything on the broiling pan vs. the roasting pan.

What is a Broiling Pan?

A broiling pan, as the name suggests, is used for broiling the food. Broiling the food is when you cook the food by exposing it to the heat directly. Broiling is not the same as roasting, and there is a vast difference between them. A broiling pan can be used to cook chicken, meat, and various other foods.

A broiling pan is widely-used when there is a need to cook chicken or meat. It can help to drain off the excess fat from the chicken and can cook it pretty well. People use broiling pan to roast food. However, the meat roasted like that is not enough juicy or tender. For roasting the food, the best kitchen equipment is the roasting pan.

A broiling pan is easy to use, and even an amateur person can use it to its full extent. Let us see how you can properly use a broiling pan.

How to Use a Broiler Pan

People avoid using a broiling pan because it seems too complicated to use. However, the truth is that it is relatively easy to use. If you have a little knowledge about broiling pan, you can easily use it for cooking food.

Let us see what’s how to use a broiler pan correctly.

The first step is to get your broiler tray. The broiler tray is usually kept inside the oven, and you can find it easily. The next step is to position your broiler rack correctly.

The broiler is traditionally used with an oven, and for its correct functioning, you need to place the broiler correctly.

Before placing this, you need to check the broiler heating element in your oven. Different ovens have a broiler heating element placed in different places. Some ovens place it above, while other ovens place it below.

It would be best to put your oven rack on the broiler heating element for the best result. This will help you get maximum heat and will allow your food to get cooked easily.

The next step is to heat the broiler. As we have told you above, the broiler works by heating the food directly. The food is cooked with heat directly; thus, the broiler needs to be hot. Usually, a good broiler takes about 5 minutes to get hot. Check your oven for any broiler setting. Many ovens have these settings, and it makes the broiler hot easily.

The last step is to broil the food. Once your broiler is hot, all you need to do is cook your food. Please take out the broiler once it is hot. Remember to do it carefully and with caution since the broiler would be hot. Next, place the food on the broiler and slid it into the oven.

That’s it. You have cooked food in a broiler within 20 minutes. It is an easy process;

However, one needs to be careful with it. Your food can get burned if you do not pay careful attention while the food is cooked in the broiler. So be cautious if you want to enjoy your food.

What Does a Broiler Pan Do?

Broiler Pan is mostly used for broiling the food. It is useful to cook food that required high heat. The broiler is typically used for cooking vegetables, steak, poultry, or chicken. It is a stainless-steel kitchen equipment that is used for broiling purposes.

A Broiler pan has two parts. The upper part is called the Broiler plate lid, and it is used to keep the food still while it is getting broiled. The lower part is a low walled pan section, and its primary role is to catch the drippings. Broilers are typically made of Stainless steel along with black porcelain enamel.

Broiling Pan vs. Roasting Pan

People confuse Broiling with a Roasting pan. However, in reality, they are widely apart. The only similarity they have is that they use heat for cooking the food. Apart from that, there is nothing similar between a broiler pan and a roasting pan. Until now, we have learned everything about broiler pan, including their correct use.

Now let us learn more about broiling pan vs. roasting pan. The main difference is the heat distribution in the broiling pan and roasting pan. In the broiling pan, the main heat is concentrated over the oven, and from the top, it is distributed to the food cooked. The heat comes from the bottom of the roasting pan and is distributed to the food being cooked.

Due to this, food cooks faster in the broiler than in a roasting pan, since in the broiler, the food is getting more heat at a fast rate.

Another point of difference is the method of cooking. While using a broiler, there is a need to flip the food when a side is cooked. This is done so that all of the food gets even heat and can be cooked uniformly.

However, in the roasting pan, there is no such need. The food is cooked evenly in the roasting pan, and there is no need to flip it.

Thus, the broiler pan requires more attention from the user since the food needs to be monitored continuously to prevent overcooking. Apart from that, you also need to be careful with the broiler and remove the food as soon as it is cooked. Otherwise, the food may get burnt quickly in a broiler pan.

Top 5 Broiler Pan Substitute

Sometimes, it may be required to broil the food, but you may not have a broiler tray in your house. Fear not, for we present you 5 their alternatives that you can use apart from the broiler tray that can broil the food for you.

One thing to remember is that the food cooked in these alternatives may taste slightly different from what’s cooked in a broiler. Let us see what alternatives you can use if you don’t have a broiler pan in your house.

1. Roasting Pan

The first alternative is a roasting pan. Like a broiler pan, a roasting pan also uses heat to cook the food. However, the roasting pan does not have a lower plate-like in the broiler to catch the dripping. While using a roasting pan, you should opt for a lid as it will make your broiling a lot easier.

2. Cast Iron Pan/Skillet

The main feature of the broiler pan is that it uses heat to cook the food. The same can be achieved by iron as well. Iron, as we all know, is an excellent conductor of heat, and it can easily provide you the heat you require to broil the food.

3. Baking Tray

The baking tray is not just good only for baking. A baking tray can solve the issue of a broiler pan easily. Though they are not an adequate substitute for a broiler pan, however, you can still get your work done with the help of a baking tray.

4. Aluminum Foil Tray

Aluminum is another good conductor of heat, and it can serve the purpose of a broiler pan. Aluminum can provide the required heat to broil the food and can help you with the cooking easily. You must carefully choose your Aluminum foil tray before you decide to use it as a broiler pan.

5. Paella Pan

A paella pan is another suitable alternative for a broiler pan. It has a shallow base that conducts heat quickly. This can help you to provide the required heat for broiling easily. In many cases, a paella pan can also be an excellent substitute for a roasting pan.


Broiling is an excellent method that anyone can use to cook food. It is an underrated cooking method, and many people do not follow it only because it looks tough.

However, now that you have read this article, you know what is a broiling pan, and how you can use it correctly. All you need to do is get your hands-on broiling, and in no time, you could make tasty dishes for yourself easily.

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