Scanpan vs Tefal – Which Brand Is The Best?

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Are you looking for the best nonstick pan?

Nonstick pans are the new and most crucial essential to the kitchen utensils. Whether you’re a pro chef or a novice cook who hardly fries an egg, a nonstick pan is always needed.

Hence, it’s certainly a must-have utensil for every kitchen. But how do you buy the best non-stick pan for your cooking needs?

Scanpan vs Tefal

Is there a specific criterion or a specific brand you can trust? Not one, but such highly trustable brands are available in the market. This can include Scanpan and Tefal too.

Do you want a comparison between them? Well, then, let’s go have a detailed one below!

Scanpan Vs Tefal

Before we move towards a detailed discussion on both these brands, let’s have a closer look at the essential details of these brands. From the type of nonstick coating to the manufacturing product, everything relevant matters when you buy a nonstick pan for your cooking needs.

Since every brand has a different process of manufacturing their nonstick pans to make them different, you can’t expect the same product and quality from all of them.

So it’s highly crucial to learn about Scanpan and Tefal’s pan criteria to have the best idea of what you should buy. Besides, the manufacturing of a pan affects its performance in cooking. So no matter how classy the looks are, quality manufacturing is also necessary.

Now let’s highlight some such necessary pan manufacturing details of these brands.

Scanpan Tefal
Manufactured at Denmark France
Manufactured with Titanium and Ceramic Aluminum
Non-Stick Coating Type Stratanium+ PTFE
Price Check at Amazon Store Check at Amazon Store

Scanpan Cookware

Moving on to the next top brand, can you determine why Scanpan Cookware is also known as the best brand?

But is that all? Certainly not! Just like Tefal, Scanpan also focuses on various strategies, background, and qualities in their cookware. These unique concepts make Scanpan a nonetheless brand that has equal demand in the market.

Scanpan has been a famous and trusted cookware brand since 1956. Similar to Tefal, Scanpan has also made its place in the industry with a constant innovation mindset.

Over the years, with each new variety of cookware, Scanpan has managed to ensure the safety, sustainability, and professional usage of its products.

This company started in Denmark, with its roots still there. However, over the decades, it has grown into a globally recognized brand in the cookware market. It is one of the top brands recognized everywhere for quality cookware products.

Due to the quality or additional features, Scanpan has become everyone’s favorite.

What’s more, that makes Scanpan pans and cookware one of the best in the market. Well, if you’re wondering that, let us add the human-made criterion too.

So every cookware at Scanpan is passed through the hands of skilled workers and artisans.

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Scanpan Cookware Qualities

Scanpan also has various manufacturing qualities that make this brand unique. Some such unique qualities of Scanpan cookware include:

  • Scanpan uses 100% recycled aluminum. The manufactured company maintains strict enjoinment standards and high-technology production.
  • Scanpan cookware is completely nonstick.
  • Scanpan cookware is highly versatile. You can use it in a dishwasher, oven, or induction stoves.

Is Tefal a Good Brand ?

tefal pan with steak

Firstly, let’s talk about Tefal Cookware, one of the top cookware brands. Even though it’s from France, this brand has made a strong place in the worldwide cookware market. You can easily consider it a reliable and trustworthy brand for yourself.

Why? Let’s explore some of the major reasons that make Tefal a top brand.

This cookware brand has been serving the nonstick pans and cookware manufacturing needs of the market for 60 years. All these years of innovative cookware introduction and manufacturing have helped Tefal secure millions of customer’s trust worldwide.

Since PFOA is a toxic part of nonstick coating, Tefal served as the first brand that eliminated this toxic particle. As a result, Tefal nonstick cookware was introduced as completely non-toxic cookware items.

Tefal Cookware is also known for the regular analysis of its products and manufacturing locations. Tefal uses reliable laboratories to examine the performance and efficiency of each of the nonstick cookware products.

With the help of this regular checkup, all Tefal cookware is guaranteed to be PFOA-free. Hence, Tefal offers safe and healthy cookware for every household.

Tefal started its journey in 1954, and its innovations in the cookware industry aren’t outdated. The advanced nonstick manufacturing of Tefal pans utilizes PTFE n the pans aluminum disk. This innovative manufacturing makes Tefal pans of nonstick high-quality.

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Tefal Cookware Qualities

So we’ve discussed the basic details of Tefal cookware manufacturing, and we’ve also talked about the important brand details.

  • Here, if we talk about Tefal, this also has some outstanding qualities.
  • The inert coating of Tefal nonstick pans has a safe and PTFE coat. Such coating guarantees safer and more reliable cooking for everyone.
  • Tefal pans also offer a low-fat coating on their pans. So you can cook oil-free and fat-free food without any worries.
  • The eco-friendly manufacturing of Tefal cookware includes both: an eco-friendly concept and a safe manufacturing environment.
  • This brand also focuses on reducing pollution by 90% during its manufacturing process.

Scanpan Vs. Tefal – What’s the Difference?

Now that you know more than just some basics about both Tefal and Scanpan cookware, it’s time to go ahead. Sure, the basic details about both brand’s history and manufacturing criteria are crucial, but how do you know which one is the best?

It’s simple! By going through a short comparison of both Tefal and Scanpan cookware items, we can better determine which brand is better in what features.

Design Details

Let’s first start with the design: the most crucial part of cookware that affects its performance. If a nonstick pan doesn’t have a convenient or smooth design, it might not work well. The design of a pan doesn’t only decide how it looks but also how easy it is to use. Whether it’s the handle or the pan shade, everything matters.

On the other hand, Scanpan cookware and pans are also known for their stainless-steel handles. Though, the difference here is the riveted design of these handles – offered by Scanpan. So it’s a unique and creative experience with Scanpan products.


Starting with Tefal, these pans and cookware items are undoubtedly the most durable. Since they use a 3x longer lasting coating, you can consider them to be around for years. What makes this 3x longer lasting coat unique is its durability and unmatched quality. So you can buy one Tefal product and use it for years.

Isn’t that a productive investment?

Next up is Scanpan nonstick coating. This cookware nonstick coating usually lasts a year. But if you take special care of Scanpan utensils, they may also serve you for as long as three years. This special care can avoid dish wash them daily.

Cleaning Ease

Tefal pans use a straight handle design. So no handle cleaning issue here. Moreover, the presence of hydrophobic properties on this pan also makes it super-easy and smooth to clean. So you can tell that these pans offer an effortless cleaning-without a doubt!

Scratch Resistance

Another huge feature that a non-stick pan can’t lack is the scratch-resistant properties. We all know how easy it is to have scratches on usual kitchen utensils.

Whether you are cooking something or cleaning a dish, scratches are a constant and easy to appear on cookware items. But when it comes to non-stick pans and cookware items, one thing they do persist is the scratch.

This scratch-resistant feature isn’t available in all non-stick pans. Mostly either lack this quality, while others do have it but it doesn’t last long (or even after 2-3 washes).

If we talk about Tefal and Scanpan, none has either one of these criteria on their cookware. Since both these brands are highly reliable and popular in the cookware industry, their top-notch features are also unbeatable. What this means is that both Scanpan and Tefal have durable scratch resistance quality in their cookware items.

So you can cook, mix, wash, and repeat on their cookware/pans without worrying about scratches. Hence, you can make multiple uses of these cookware items for as long as you want, and they’ll stay the same for long.

Is Scanpan a great cookware, or an environmental disaster?

Summary: Scanpan Vs. Tefal

Now both Scanpan and Tefal sound like an interesting cookware brand, right? But you can’t possibly buy both of them and waste so much money! Therefore, this comparison is surely going to help you find the brand that fulfills your demands.

But before we conclude and evaluate which brand is the best, why not highlight some details discussed earlier? So if you haven’t been able to keep up with the prior information, these important insights will help you perfectly.

Scanpan Tefal
Efficient heat distribution Reliable inert PTFE coating
High versatility Scratch resistant aluminum pans
100% recycled and eco-friendly Lasts longer

Although this was a completely close race between both brands, we still have to choose the best option.

If we consider different criteria, both Tefal and Scanpan are the best ones but in different features. While Tefal is undoubtedly a long-lasting cookware brand that offers safe and reliable cooking, Scanpan offers safe and healthy cooking with versatility!

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