Rondeau Pan With Lid [2023] – An Essential Cooking Equipment

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Do you want to cook like a chef and like to experience the luxury of using professional cooking utensils in your kitchen? If yes, then this is the right article for you to keep reading.

Rondeau pans have been the choice of chefs for ages, but most people have very little knowledge about them.

So, here we will tell you all about the best rondeau pan and guide you about certain factors that you should consider before buying them.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is A Rondeau Pan?

Rondeau pans are deep shallow pans, just like a Dutch oven and stock pan. Comparatively, they are less comprehensive than a Dutch oven.

best rondeau pan with lid

The rondeau pan has flat sides and comes with a round loop-like handle on both sides. It is made up of stainless steel, copper, or a combination of clad metals.

What Is a Rondeau Pan Used For?

Rondeau pans are versatile; you can use them for cooking almost everything. From vegetable broth, soups to luxury meat cuisines, you can make it all in rondeau pan—particularly chefs like these pans to poaching, roasting, and frying.

Furthermore, they can easily be used to cook food in the oven. Fill the pan with your favorite veggies and meat, cover it with a lid, throw it in the oven, and set the timer. These pans are designed in a way that they can hold juices very well and keep the food moist and juicy.

Best Rondeau Pan – Buying Guides

1. Material

The material of the pan matters because it contributes to the durability, strength, and functionality of the pan. Rondeau pans are made up of copper, aluminum, and cast iron. These materials play a fair role in cooking time, balancing the heat, and overall maintenance of the pan.

For instance, copper and stainless-steel heat up fast, and the overall distribution of heat is quite impressive. On the other hand, aluminum and cast iron protect the pan from rusting, corrosion and scratching.

Moreover, the cast iron is quite challenging and durable material. The cooking time may take longer, but the food tastes delicious and tender due to its exceptional heat retention. However, cast iron may get rusted quickly. So, before choosing the pan, evaluate the material precisely.

2. Handle Type

While choosing the pan, the first thing to consider is that either you are a newbie or a pro in cooking. If you are a newbie, you should go for a pan whose handles are comprehensive and easy to grip. Also, it would be best to go for the pan, whose handles remain cool throughout cooking.

Additionally, there are many pans whose handles are not very comfortable to hold. So, you must check the strength of the grip whether the handle is welded or attached with the bolt because welded handles of rondeau pans give reasonable balance to the pan while holding.

Only settle for the pans that have hollow handles and remain cool all the time. Plus, you can also go for the handles covered with heat-proof material. Furthermore, you must look at the size of the handle according to your cooking style.

3. Weight And Size

Size and weight matter while investing in rondeau pan. There are several pans available in different sizes and weights. Firstly, look at your need for cooking. Secondly, consider the size of the family you want to buy for.

If your family is based on 2-3 people, there is no need to buy a big heavy weighing pan. However, if you want to buy the pan for commercial cooking, then choose the bigger one. Still, it would be best to get a lightweight pan.

A lighter weighing pan is easy to handle, and you can move them quickly. In comparison, heavy-weighing pans are not easy to handle. They acquire extra space in your kitchen. Also, cooking and washing heavy pans is a bit tough.

4. Style Of Cooking

You should take into consideration the style of cooking that you prefer. For example, if you are fond of cooking meat and steaks most, you can choose a cast iron rondeau pan. However, if you prefer cooking sauces and strews, then stainless steel would be better.

Further, it would help if you considered the thickness of the pan according to your cooking style. For example, if you want to cook vegetables, you may not need a very thick pan, but the wider pan will be good if you are up for meaty meals.

No matter which pan you choose, you should take good care of it. The cleaning should be done as per the manufacturer’s claim because improper cleaning and aggressive washing tools can ruin the pan’s effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why Do Chefs Prefer Copper Rondeau Pans?

Copper conducts heat fast, and the heat transfers equally throughout the pan. As a result, the food in the copper pan cooks quickly and evenly. It is also perfect for brewing the meat gently and slowly. Not only this, the copper cools down fast, so it is effortless to clean as well.

2. Are Copper Rondeau Pans Toxic?

No, copper rondeau pans are not toxic. Usually, copper pans come with an external coating of stainless steel which prevents direct contact of copper metal with the food. Therefore, the food cooks quickly in copper pans without any copper toxicity.

3. Can You Cook Steak In A Rondeau Pan?

Yes, you can quickly cook the steak in a rondeau pan. Also, you can cook anything you want in a rondeau pan. From cereals, vegetables to meaty dishes, you can cook everything with convenience in a rondeau pan.

Final Verdict

Summing it up, Rondeau pans are versatile in their functionalities. However, if you want to cook something super-fast and instant, you should go for Mauviel 5 Ply Stainless Steel Rondeau pan because it is super-efficient and oven friendly.

However, if you want to cook delicious meat and steak slowly and gently, then Le Creuset Dutch oven is the best rondeau pan for you. It is made of cast iron and cooks super delicious foods while restoring the aroma of food intact. We hope that now you exactly know which pan to buy.