Red Copper Pan vs Gotham Steel – True Comparison in 2022

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Red Copper Pan vs Gotham Steel – have you heard these non-stick cooking pans?
Obviously, you’ve heard.


Both the cookware have some common features like

  • Both are non-stick cookware
  • Almost similar in appearance
  • Both have copper color surface
  • Same ability to slide all types of food right out from the pan after cooking
Then you must be confused,
Are they exactly the same?
What are their unique features?
Which one should you buy?

Let’s find out the answers from our informative article “Red Copper Pan vs Gotham Steel”.

Red Copper Pan vs Gotham Steel

About The Pan

Red Copper Pan– Revolutionary non-stick ceramic cookware made of ceramic and ultra-tough Copper.
Gotham Steel Pan– Non-stick cookware that makes cooking easy by combining a non-stick ceramic surface with high-quality titanium.

About The Material Made Of

Red Copper Pan– Ceramic and copper infusion
Gotham Steel Pan– Titanium, Ceramic and stainless steel

About The Coating

Red Copper Pan– Nonstick ceramic with copper.
Gotham Steel Pan– Nonstick ceramic infused with titanium

About The Bottom Layer

Red Copper Pan– Copper
Gotham Steel Pan– Metal scratch guard ring

About The Working Mechanism

Red Copper Pan- The surface of this pan is a superb heat absorber and distributes the heat evenly. It heats up quickly and let you have great cooking results. Moreover, the ceramic of the red copper pan ensures that no food will stick to this pan and slides right off the surface.

Gotham Steel Pan- The titanium infused ceramic coating of Gotham steel pan makes the cookware non-stick and non-scratch. The aluminum core ensures the fast and even heat distribution of the pan.

About The Cooking Capability

Red Copper Pan– Bacon or any kind of high splatter food- whatever you like, cook with Red Copper Pan without using fat or oil.

Gotham Steel Pan– The stickiest dish like condensed milk and chocolate or any kind of recipe- grill steak or flaky salmon- Gotham steel pan slide right off the surface.

About the Features

Red Copper Pan
  • Effective and durable
  • Non- scratchable coating
  • Lightweight, but strong
  • Free of toxic and harmful chemicals
  • Oven safe
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Doesn’t need too much grease or oil to cook food
Gotham Steel Pan
  • Non-stick enough
  • Non- scratchable surface
  • Doesn’t damage by fire
  • Strong enough to withstand spatula
  • Heats up quickly and evenly
  • Lightweight but strong
  • PTFE, PFOA and PFOS Free
  • Dishwasher safe

About The Cleaning

Red Copper Pan– Its non-stick ceramic surface makes it easy to clean. Cleaning the pan is a breeze.
Gotham Steel Pan– It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

About The Negatives Of Both The Cookwares

Red Copper Pan
  • Its stainless steel handles get hot
  • The handles (for the lid and big pot) are much closer to the heat source
Gotham Steel Pan
  • Not suitable for induction cooktop

Concluding Decision

Which one should you buy?

Considering the non-stick convenience, non-scratch feature, heat distribution, cooking abilities and overall, the durability, Red Copper Pan or Gotham steel pan may be an excellent choice for you, no doubt.

These cookware are no different than other cookware in terms of durability. If you want a non-stick option, any of these brands may be indeed a newer line with the market.


Whichever brand you decide to buy, non-stick pans are replaceable items in your kitchen. Depending on use, it may last 6 months or even 2 to 3 years.

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