How to Clean the Top of a Gas Stove – 10 Easy Ways

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Everyday cooking on your gas stove can lead to accumulation of oil, Grease, and leftover of meals from the surface of your commercial induction cooker or stovetop. Continuously piling up of food burns, grease, and meals on the surface can become a stressful chore to clean.

There are many conventional and modern ways to clean a gas stove, cooktops, and surfaces of the stoves. It can cost you a lot of money, time to get rid of all the waste from the surface. There is no need to use chemicals and stain removers that can damage the surface of your stovetop.

How to Clean the Top of a Gas Stove

Let us share some of the effective and useful methods that can make your cooking surfaces like a new one. Check out these as below:-

1. Use of Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

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Applying baking soda to the surface and brushing off the debris and burnt meals from the surface of the stove can remove all types of impurities. Once you get rid of accumulates then apply hydrogen peroxide to the surface to make it shinning like before.

Hydrogen peroxide works quite amazingly on dirt and debris, it can remove all types of stains within no time.

2. Cleaning Stove Top with Boiling Water

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Boiling water makes the easiest way to clean your cooktop when you don’t have detergents and chemicals at home. Just pour the hot boiling water on the surface of your stove and leave it for a while, your hard stuff will start wiping off.

If there are some stubborn areas then you can use a sponge with a bit of kitchen soap to get a neat and chemical-free surface.

3. Cleaning Stove Top with Baking Soda with Salt

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Baking soda and salt make a deadly chemical and you can mix both the ingredients in equal quantity and apply it to any surface where it is necessary. You can pour the mixture on the stove surface and it will absorb liquid while cleaning up the surface. Baking soda can be applied to several elements like steel, aluminum, and wood tops.

4. Using Olive or Vegetable Oil

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This method requires you to pour olive or vegetable oil whichever is available on your top, scrub the oil and debris accumulation, then spray a general cleaner over the surface, and you will get rid of all dirt instantly as it works great on the cooktops and surface of your stove.

Just need to run the surface with olive or vegetable oil on it and it can take away caked-on messes from the top.

5. Ammonia Is Quite Effective

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We generally not recommend ammonia for cleaning every mess but it is naturally capable of tackling baking grimes and oil accumulation on the surface. It doesn’t take you to put extra effort and minimizes your hassles for cleaning the surface.

Just apply ammonia on the surface top and cover with some bag to leave the burners for time being. Rinse off the material and see how it shines.

6. Cleaning Stove Top with Vinegar and Water

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Naturally, vinegar has characteristics of cleaning; it can work on different types of materials like glass, aluminum, steel, and chrome in cutting stains from the surface.

Just mix a spoon of vinegar in a glass of water or two, spray the solution on the cooktop and it helps to remove the acidity and grime present on the surface. It proves to be a great disinfectant and ideal for everyday use.

7. Cleaning Stove Top with Baking Soda and Lemon

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Lemons are naturally powered with grease-cutting characteristics and antibacterial properties, it can easily remove baked-on stains and gently scratch off the stains, grimes, and other sorts of accumulations from the top of the surface.

It is quite easy to apply the baking soda with on the stovetop and rub the surface with the lemon slice, leave both the elements over the surface for a few hours and then wipe off the area with a damp cloth to remove all types of stains and impurities gathered on the surface over time.

The method doesn’t even cost you a single penny as both of the ingredients are widely available at home.

8. Cleaning Stove Top with Dish Soap Cleaner

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Dish soap cleaners are widely available on the market and it works best on the cooktop and stovetops to clean them deeply. You can put the dish soap on the surface of the stovetop, scrub the surface and you will be able to get rid of grime instantly.

You need to rub the pan using hands for some time, and then take off all the dish soap with the help of water and you can clean all types of tops irrespective of material they are made up with the commercial dish soap cleaners.

9. Using Commercial Oven Cleaner

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Commercial oven cleaners are for those burners and stovetops that are carrying stains and grime for months and they were not timely removed and ultimately became rigid to get off easily with dish soap cleaners or standard chemical agents. A commercial oven cleaner is designed to clean the tough and hardest stains and grime that accumulates on the surface of tops during cooking.

Its use is very simple, you can pour liquid on the surface, leave it there for overnight, use hot or soap water to scrub, or take the sponge to take off all grimes. Finally, use the cloth to get away all stains and debris from the top of the surface.

10. Cleaning With Razor Scraper

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If there are tough burned stains that are hard to remove from the surface, then we recommend using the scraper for that. Razor scrap works like a blade that removes residue off the surface if you apply it to the surface by placing it an angle on the surface and move in the opposite direction.

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods to get rid of stains and unable to remove it completely, then it is the last method you can try to remove the grime and stains from the top of the stove.


All the above-listed ways are quite effective to clean the top of a stove effortlessly and without taking professional cleaning services that might cost you hundreds of dollars to clean the gas stove. All these methods are quite simple and anyone can do it own their own.

You just need to have regular dishwasher cleaners or basic ingredients like lemon, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil to make use of them for cleaning the stovetop. You can add lemon and salt to make natural cleaners to get rid of unwanted grime and debris out of stoves and clean them like a new one.

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