Top 25 Foods That Start With X

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Food industry is enjoying a multi trillion dollar revenue size in the world economy. The entrepreneurs are modifying the presentation methods as well as trying to avail everything everywhere. On the other side the consumers look eager to find new and newer. While looking through an alphabetical order in the food market the most difficult to find is the foods that start with X. If you are searching for the same you are at the right place. Let’s dig it out.

Top 25 Foods That Start With X

Top 25 Foods That Start With X

1. Xoconostle

First pick, out of the foods that begin with x is the mexican native pear shaped fruit Xoconostle. It can be found from summer end through fall. Xoconostle is a sour prickly pear type cactus fruit. Having a muddled hue it obtains pale pink blush when ripe. Xoconostle is rich with vitamin C & E, calcium, fiber and carotenoids.

2. Xavier Steak

Another hearty food that start with X, preparing which is as simple as a breeze. What you only need is the swiss cheeze, the steak and asparagus cooked to your liking. You simply need to do is to top up the steak prepared of your taste and further pouring the melted cheez on it, and you are done. Enjoy the quick food and get ready for work again.

3. Xiao Long Bao

You are at china and looking for a delicious steamed bun, Xiaolong Bao will provide you the best ever taste of jiangsu. That is a native traditional food prepared in a steaming basket called xiaolong. Buns used for the purpose may be made of unleavened or leavened dough. Traditionally it is prepared with pork filled in but innovative variations allow it to be prepared with other meats as well.

4. Xidoufen

While talking about the drinks that start with x the Xidoufen soup can not be oversighted. Xidoufen is said to be the most popular soup of Yunnan province. It is boiled using quality pepper oil. Ginger, crushed garlic, chilli flakes and spring onions are the basic ingredients which not only make it delicious but enrich it with healthy enzymes as well.


You can use this Yucatan Salsa as an appetizer or also as a garnish for tostados. Presence of habanero pepper makes it hot enough that you may need some cream to avoid burning. It can be either served right away to enjoy it fresh or you can let it play with taste variation while staying in the refrigerator for a few hours.

6. Xanthia

Another delicious and healthy variant to the list of drinks that start with x is Xanthia cocktail. You can make this cherry falvored cocktail using cherry brandy, yellow chartreuse and gin as much as 3/4 ounces each. Adding some ice cubes to the mixture will offer you a wonderful after dinner drink.

7. Xacuti

Let’s talk about a little spicy food. An indian curry which can be best found at Goa. Coconut paste and chicken pieces which are skinned are the main ingredients of this delicious dish. A number of spices such as cinnamon, bay leaves, black pepper, salt, onions and clover blended together are added along with the oil to prepare Xacuti. A variant to this food may be the goat meat also. The coconut used therein is always unsweetened while cashew nuts and green chillies are also used to develop its particular taste.


Here comes a spanish food that starts with x. Xouba can be cooked with a number of different recipes. It is actually a sardine like fish which is native of spain. The best it will be when fried, but also stewed is not ignorable. Xouba can be best served with toasts or salads. If you like sauces, your favourite one will enhance the delight attached to this delicious food.


Wandering around the word in search of foods and drinks that start with x we arrive at Latin America. If you haven’t tasted Xalapa punch your visit to Latin America is incomplete. It is a seasonal drink comprised on a blend of rum, brandy and red wine. The black tea and heated orange rinds are further added to the drink to develop its unique taste.


If you are fond of sauces, you would love to try this seafood sauce. Xo sauce is exclusively spicy and can be used with anything you like, but it commonly goes with rice. It contains an umami flavor and belongs to Hong Kong originally. Xo is the most famous sauce used in the south chinese region. Chilli pepper, canola oil, jinhua ham and dried shrimps are the main ingredients of Xo sauce.

11. Xampinyons En Salsa Mushrooms

Another delightful food that starts with x and is found in Latin American countries mainly is Xampinyons. While stir fried in garlic and onion, the wild mushroom are blessed with the ultimate taste which you will never forget. These En Salsa mushrooms are spiced with black pepper, cloves and other spices. Traditionally it is served cold but is also liked hot as well.

12. Xingren donfu

I know you are missing some sweet dish. How can a dessert be overlooked while talking about the foods that begin with x. Xingren donfu is one of the most popular desserts in the chinese region. Beijing is the home for Xingren donfu. Almond milk is the main traditional ingredient of this delicious food but any kernel milk will make it quite well. Galatin and sugar are further included through the recipe. It is as soft as it melts down the mouth.

13. Xia Mi

These are the tiny shrimps which are used to add an umami flavor to multiple dishes. Though it is not mostly used as a main ingredient. The famous Xo sauce also contains Xia Mi shrimps in it.

14. Xinomavro Grapes

Greece is the home of Xinomavro grapes, another natural food that starts with x. You can call it the mother of greek red wine. Since the ancient times greeks are using these particular grapes to make wine. Wine made of Xinomavro grapes contains high tannins level and acidity as well. This red wine may be quite expensive drink out of this wonderful food.

15. Xiphias

In greece, if you want to eat swordfish you need to ask for Xiphias. In some regions it is called broadbills also. The thing you won’t like about this fish is that on cooking it loses its fish like taste to some extent. On the other hand for some people, same is its uniqueness.

16. XOI

Glutinous rice added with other ingredients make this amazing vietnamese food that begins with x. Within vietnam Xoi is extremely famous food being cheap and delicious. Soy sauce, some meat or sesame added to the base of Xoi introduces you to an extraordinary rice variant.


Its is a food additive so can not be eaten alone. Xantham gum is used to different recipes as a stabilizer or thickener. It is not an ordinary additive, but an integral part of a number of recipes. Baked goods which are the produce of corn sugar fermentation, and salad dressings, are treated with Xanthan gum as a binding ingredient. In gluten free foods, it can be added replacing gluten.

18. Xiaodianxin

Chines new year celebrations are incomplete with this tasty butter cookie. These chewy cookies carry a storm of crisp and are prepared with ground almonds. These are egless butter cookies which have a resemblence with christmas cookies. They will melt down in your mouth to introduce you a unique full of fun taste. Xiaodianxin has the capacity to become kids favorite.

19. Xigua

How can we forget the land of mysteries while talking about the foods that begin with x. Yes, Africa, mysteriously provides the world with a fruit looking like watermelon but quite different in taste. Tasting a little sweet, Xigua is the child of gourd family. Make popsicles by cutting and freeze it, or just eat right away, it will offer you an incomparable taste.


As the name suggests it is a dish somehow conncected with Xigua or watermelon. Yes, it is a jelly dessert which includes watermelon as a main ingredient. It not only has an exlusive taste but is enriched with watermelon health nutrients as well. Home for Xigua Lao is beijing of course. It is a traditional dessert used to be served during summer. It also includes cherries and some vanilla powder.

21. Ximenia

Ximenia is another food that starts with x and is found in south african region. It tastes like a sour plum and has a dry aftertaste. This yellow coloured fruit is enriched with potassium. Though in warmer areas its colour varies to reddish orange. It belongs to Olacaceae family.

22. Xocolati

This word has an interesting story behind. In ancient times it was used to distinguish a beverage used by rich people. The drink was made of cacao, hot chocolate is the successor to which. Pronuciating the world will also sound you familiar like chocolate. The recipe used to make Xocolati is somehow same as is it of making a milk chocolate now a days.

23. Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar substitue growing its market with every coming day. Basically it is a natural alcohol which is used in a variety of recipes. It can not be used alone. Oral care products and candies mostly have it as an integral ingredient as it does not harm the teeth. Chewing gum fans must look for a gum containing Xylitol to avoid plaque and other damages to the teeth.


Another addition to the list of drinks that start with x is Xavier soup. It is an italian chicken soup variety which include parmesan dumplings. There is a tradition to serve Xavier soup on the eve of St. Xavier feast day.

25. Xiangcaojing

For a sweet ending to the list of foods that begin with x, talking about Xiangcaojing will be so appropriate. It is a vanilla extract you can add to a number of recipes to bless them with an incredible taste. Xiangcaojing will be found in various dishes belonging to a number of asian countries such as vietnam and china. Flavoring your cakes and other baked items will make you feeling proud for what have you cooked.


Words are that we never imagined that, preparing a list of foods that start with X is not only about going through different foods, but it is about becoming known to a lot of surprising facts and amazing cultural values. We suggest you to make each of the food at home and pour some colours of worldwide traditions to your life.

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