6 Easy Ways to Keep Homemade Bread Fresh

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Did you face difficulty in the storage of bread at room temperature? Did your bread become soggy while wrapping in a plastic bag? Did your bread lose freshness at the time of storage? If you are facing this kind of issue then you must be aware of how to keep homemade bread fresh?

Easy Ways to Keep Homemade Bread Fresh

To retain the crust of the bread store it unwrapped at room temperature. For several days of storage, wrap the bread in the plastic bag or foil, but the bread will absorb moisture trapped in the bag. So, the best method to avoid moisture is airtight the plastic bag during packaging. For the storage of a month, freezing is the most suitable way. However, wrap half of the bread in the foil and freeze it, this will be safe for a month.

In this article, we will describe the six easy ways to keep the freshness of homemade bread. Further, how to keep homemade bread fresh? You can find out the answer to this question here.

6 Easy Ways To Keep Homemade Bread Fresh

Bread a staple food made from flour, water, leavening agents, after mixing, kneaded, and then gave a proper shape of a loaf and then cooked in the oven.

It may be the world’s oldest food, and it was an essential food made from grain staple in western culture. However, it differs in shape, texture, and size all over the world. Moreover, assume you made a large loaf of bread and want to store it for later use so you can extend its life span with a little science.

Mold and staling are the reasons to lose the freshness of the bread. So, at first, let’s have a look at these problems. Staling is the chemical and physical process in which pockets of carbon dioxide created during yeast fermentation.

Further, it forms a foamy texture, and the molecules of starch crystallize out and use all the moisture of bread during the crystallization process. So, it causes the bread hard and dry. The best bread maker can prevent staling by two methods, adequate proofing time and by adding moisture in the dough.

Mold grows on the bread due to moisture, and it wastes the bread. However, some methods which prevent the staling, and molding of bread listed below:

1. Freezing

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Freezing is the best option to keep your bread fresh for a long time. If you bake bread at home, and you purchase it from the bakery, always cool your bread before freezing. It will prevent mold and soggy bread. However, the best bread maker eternally cools the warm bread and then slices it before freezing for his convenience.

Freezing can store your product up to six months, but after one month, the texture and aroma of bread will start to degrade. Furthermore, thaw the bagel before use. Some suggest you put the bagel out from the refrigerator overnight, but it is not the right way to thaw the bagel. It will lessen the nutritional quality of the bread.

Moreover, thaw the bread in refrigeration temperature it will be beneficial for you. Besides this, after thawing place bagel in the oven for a few minutes and it will refresh the bagel. And you will not feel any change in the taste, aroma, and texture of the bread if you follow the technique of thawing in the right way.

The lower temperature of the freezer will stop starch retro gradation, and consume the bread fastly after thawing. Always try to use plastic bags or the Aluminum foil to wrap the bread in it before freezing and then seal it. However, this is the easiest way to keep your homemade bread fresh.

2. Plastic Bread Keeper Box

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It is an obvious thing that when you bake bagel at home, you will never add any preservatives in it. However, this will faster mold the bagel. When you store the bagel at room temperature, the bagel will stale faster.

Further, the moisture will trap in the plastic bag and mold the bread and softens its texture. So, avoid this kind of change in homemade bread by using a plastic bread keeper box.

These boxes specially designed to save the freshness of bread. However, these are airtight containers and widely used to keep the bagel fresh. The airtight feature of these boxes will prevent the entry of moisture and bacteria. However, this method is beneficial to store the bread at room temperature for a few days.

3. Cotton/Linen Bread Bag

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However, store bread in the cotton/linen bag will retain the freshness of the bagel for a long time. The reason that the linen bag is breathable. The air will not trap in it like a plastic bag, but it will pass out from the bag and provides a route for the bagel to breathe.

Storing the bread in this way keeps the upper layer of bagel crispy, and it will retain the soft texture of the internal layer of bannock. However, the material from which the bag made should be anti-microbial.

The bag should be of natural material like flax, and it should retain the freshness of bannock, and discourage the growth of bacteria and mold. Besides this, a plastic bag will soften the crust of the bread, on the other hand, in a linen bag, the crust will remain crispy. Thus, it is the easiest method so you can easily store the bannock.

4. Bread Box

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The bread box is stylish than the plastic bread box. It is the sleekest box and contains a magnet at the closing point. It’s not like the airtight container, and it traps moisture in it just like the plastic bag. However, the bread box is more suitable than the plastic box, and it will add a few days in the life span of the bread.

Hence, it will prevent the bread from going stale, and if you sliced your bread, then this box is not for you. Further, it will harden the exposed edges of the bannock. However, in our vision, it is the best and easiest way to keep the freshness of the homemade bread. For better results, use a linen bag with a bread box.

The plastic bag will trap moisture in it. Hence, it is not suitable for bread to keep its freshness, but it is fine with the tender crust bread. Thus, using a cotton/linen bag with this box is more suitable.

5. Bread Saver Sheet

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Bread saver sheet infused with active botanical, organic, designed to extend 2-4 times the life span of the bread. However, this sheet has anti-fungal and anti-microbial features, and it prevents the growth of fungi and mold on bannock.

Moreover, we cannot use the sheet only. Use it with the plastic bin or the bread box. The life span of this sheet is 30 days, and we can completely waste it so, it does not cause landfills and pollution on land.

Further, these sheets are less expensive and provide you the healthy food, and these are 100% chemical-free. Thus, the bread saver sheet is the easiest and money saver method.

6. Bread Cap

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Bread cap specially designed to cover the exposed parts of the bread and prevent it from becoming hard. Further, it made up of silicon with some amount of flex so that it is easily stretchable and can fit on every size and shape of bread.

Bread cap prevents the center of the bread from going stale, and it can save your baguette up to five days. Besides this, it will not stop the crust from staling. However, the pair of the bread cap is available in two shapes, one shape for ciabatta bread and the other one for sourdough bread.

However, this bread cap will keep the freshness of the bread for a few days, and it is the safest and easiest method to store the baguette.

How to Keep Bread Fresh Longer


Homemade bread never contains a preservative to extend its shelf life. So, it can easily degrade and starts staling and molding. The homemade loaves of bread are of different types like hearth bread, French bread, baguette so, there are unique methods to keep its freshness. Several methods described in this article, and the key to keeping freshness is to prevent the trapping of moisture during packaging, prevent staling, and avoid molding.

A chemical change occurs immediately after the removal of bread from the oven. The starch molecules crystallize out and force the water to move out from bread, and this process will harden the bagel. The people facing this kind of issue in bread baking can use the methods to keep the freshness of bread described in this article.

The question of how to keep homemade bread fresh? Frequently asked questions on the internet, and you will surely get the answer to this question here.

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