Breville Bread Maker Walkthrough- 2023 – Guide

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Is there any better smell than that of freshly baking bread? If there is, it is difficult to imagine what it might be.

Many people are put off from trying to make fresh loaves at home usually because it is so time-consuming and difficult.

Breville Bread Maker Review

Read our Breville Bread Maker review to give an insight into how much time and effort can be saved as there are so many phases to complete. Mixing, kneading, measuring, and rising need to be completed all whilst trying to get the timing exactly right.

Did you know that using a bread maker can save all of this hassle? Just put your chosen ingredients and water inside and let the machine do all of the hard work.

 Breville Bread Maker Review

Breville Custom Bread Maker

Let’s begin our bread maker review by taking a look at the machine before we see how well it works.

It is certainly not a tiny piece of equipment, you will need to ensure you have plenty of free cabinets or counter space.

Next, you will notice how sleek and modern it looks. The housing is made of brushed stainless steel, so not only is it tough and durable, but it will remain cool during baking.

The base has 4 chunky rubberized feet; unlike some of its rivals, the Breville is the best bread maker for staying put on the counter and not ‘going for a walk’ during the kneading phase!

The lid of the bread maker features a large LCD screen. This digitally displays all of the information that you will need, very clearly.

It shows which setting you have chosen, there are 13 in total, which size loaf you have chosen and what color you would like the crust. It also shows exactly what phase of the process has been reached and the remaining cooking time.

Breville BBM800XL Custom Bread Maker Specifications

Colour: Stainless Steel
Dimensions : 9.8 x 15.7 x 13.9 in
Material Type: Stainless Steel
Weight: 16.85 lbs

After each cooking phase, mix, knead, rise, knead again, and bake the bread maker lets out a beep. You don’t have to do anything, it just wants you t o know that it is moving on.

If you prefer a fruity or nutty loaf this machine makes it very easy. Dry ingredients shouldn’t be added until just before the bake which, with some bread makers, means you have to hang around to add them. But not with the Breville bread maker; the handy storage case at the top holds up to ¾ of a cup of dry ingredients that it will automatically dispense at the exact right time.

Once you have chosen the type of bread that you want to make and loaded the ingredients, using the simple push-button controls you choose the setting. There is no need to work out timings or temperatures; the inbuilt interface automatically sets the optimum cooking program to provide the perfect loaf.

Surprisingly, this piece of kit can make more than just bread. There are settings to mix pizza and pasta dough to the ideal consistencies and it can also be used to make beautiful jams.

We love the Delay Start button. Once you have run a quick calculation you can set the bread maker to start at an exact time so that your loaf is prepared just in time for dinner.

There is a button to switch on an interior light, this allows you to see just how things are progressing without the need to open the lid and hinder the cooking process.

There is an impressive amount of settings to make a variety of bread. Custom loaves are great for traditionalists but you could always try a whole wheat loaf with its distinctive taste and healthier ingredients, or even sweet or fruity bread.

The machine mixes pizza and pasta dough to the optimal consistency, taking the hard work out of it. All that you will be left to do is shape it and cook it.

If you are a fan of making batches of dough to freeze and cook at a later time, this machine has a setting for bake only; this still results in perfectly crispbread.

The interior bread bin has a tough non-stick coating. This is necessary to stop sticky ingredients from clogging around it and of course, to help your completed loaf to turn-out easily.

What I love

Cleaning is easy, everything wipes over with warm, soapy water. If any dough has clogged around the base, just put a small amount of hot water in the machine where it will soak away with ease.

We love the enclosed booklet that includes 46-recipes and simple to follow instructions for a variety of both sweet and savory bread.

With a choice of 4-sized loaves and a color and crispness crust setting, this is the best bread maker regardless of the size of your family.


  • 13-automatic setting choices
  • Ideal for wheat and gluten intolerances
  • Delayed start function
  • Easy operation with the large digital viewing screen
  • No temperatures and timings to work out
  • Runs smoothly and quietly


  • The collapsible paddle takes more cleaning effort

  Why Should I Buy a Breville Bread Maker?

Convenience and Reliability

Breville is often the first name that springs to mind when choosing electrical kitchen appliances and it is easy to see why. The brand is trustworthy, reliable, and makes high-quality products.

The Breville bread maker is, in our opinion, the best available on the market due to its “Set It and Forget It” abilities. Cooking the perfect loaf to be ready at an exact time requires minimum effort from the user.

The Best Bread for Food Intolerances

If you have had an experience of struggling to find gluten-free bread that doesn’t taste like cardboard, you need this machine in your life.

Whether you need gluten or wheat-free loaves, there is a setting for each. Both types of bread can be customized to add alternative flavors.

Size Options

The Breville BBM800XL Custom Bread Maker is the only one of its closest rivals to offer 4-differing loaf sizes. If you love to bake fresh bread but often find it goes stale before it gets eaten then the small 1-pound option is ideal for you. For family-sized bread, there is a large 2.5-pound option.


Featuring the unique Breville collapsible paddle, this bread maker ensures that each loaf baked is the best shape to cut perfect slices.

Unlike other bread makers, the kneading paddle folds in on itself until it is virtually flat. This ensures that no indents or holes are made in the base of the loaf.


From the multiple sizes and crust-color settings right through to its ability to make pizza and pasta dough, and jams, this kitchen appliance offers a multitude of options. It is easy to set, easy to operate, and easy to clean.

  Breville Bread Maker Video Review

  Concluding thoughts

Sometimes there is no choice but to make your own bread. Those who have wheat or gluten intolerances will know that store-bought bread often lacks flavor and has a cardboard consistency.

If you have slaved for hours in the kitchen kneading the tough dough and waiting for it to rise, twice, you do ‘knead’ this machine in your life.

With the ability to add different flavors and customize bread to your exact size and texture requirement, we genuinely feel that the machine featured in our Breville Bread Maker review is the best bread maker available at the moment for you.