10 Best Cookbook Stands that You will Love to use in 2022

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Want to prepare a special dish using the recipe book, but don’t have a place to the best cookbook stands it, right? Cookbooks are essential to follow the recipe during cooking. The estimations, procedures, ingredients all of these are necessary to prepare a tasty dish. But while cooking, it is too tough to keep your eyes on the recipe book. This irritation can destroy your excitement about making a new dish. Now, it’s time to abolish this irritation.

best cookbook stands

The best cookbook stands are essential kitchen set items. At the time of cooking, no requirement to wash your hands again and again to open the book. Just place the book on the bookstand and open your recipe with the correct page number.

Digital cookbook stands like tablet also stands available in the market. If you want to handle the cookbook digitally, it would be an excellent option for that. There are a variety of cookbook stands featuring different formats, sizes, and designs in the market.

We will be going to discuss some of the best cookbook stands and their features in this article. So, take a quick look at those features in the following while selecting the best one. Also, go through the reviews and choose the best cookbook stands of 2022 below.

Top 10 Best Cookbook Stands Reviews

1 Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder – Our Pick

  • Extra large in size cookbook holder to handle any size book easily.
  • Provides various reading angles with comfort.
  • Acrylic shield protects your cookbook from the cooking splash.
  • Folding option is available for easier storage.
Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder - Acrylic Shield With Cherry Wood Base - Made in the USA

If you are looking for the large and best cookbook stand with different reading angles, this can be an excellent option for you. This is the product presenting by the Clear Solutions Household company in the US. A large size cherry wood and acrylic product that can be easily adjustable to any reading angle. Its 153⁄4″ by 12″ acrylic protector avoids cooking splash on the books. The acrylic cookbook stand is a well-made product and strong enough to place large size cookbooks in it. It also can be used with tabs. But the shield will not allow you quick cleaning.

Not an issue to store it; the cookery book stand has the folding option. Just fold and keep it anywhere in the kitchen. While you are putting the cookbook inside the shield, just place it carefully. Otherwise, it may fall down on the kitchen surface.

  • Large cookbook stand
  • Cookbook stand with splash guard.
  • Used for both cookbooks and tablets.
  • Folding option for easy storage.
  • Be careful while putting books.

2 Foldable Tablet PC Textbook – Elegant Pick

  • Strongly built by the good quality bamboo sticks.
  • Offers five different angles setting to keep your spine healthy.
  • The book stand allows support not only for cook books, also different sizes of books and tablets.
  • You can easily store the cookbook holder anywhere, while not in use.
  • Lightweight product and fit for any place.
Bamboo Book Stand - wishacc Reading Rest Holder Cookbook Cook Stand/Foldable Tablet PC...

Awesome modern cookbook stands with five different comfortable angles. The viewing angles can be tuned as per your requirements. The stand is made of high-quality bamboo sticks. The product is highly demandable and strong enough for every size of the book. It offers the folding version, making it space-friendly, and lightweight nature is suitable for regular use. You can also use it as a tablet stand, music diary stand, textbook stand, and many more. Keeping the pages stable or in place offers two metal pegs at the bottom of the front face.

It is counted as one of the best cookbook stands, and you can clean the book stand very quickly. It features an excellent design cut with non-slip rubber feet. It really looks attractive, and the rubber feet help to stop any movement at the sleepy surface. Sometimes, you can get stands without feet and cutting design as a shipping fault.

  • Five adjustable reading angles
  • Nice design and compact product.
  • Cookbooks or tablets both can be used.
  • Well-constructed by Bamboo.
  • Folded down and keep it everywhere.
  • Don’t provide splatter shield.

3 Adjustable Bamboo Book Holder – Sturdy Lightweight Pick

  • Cookery book stand is made by high-quality bamboo sticks
  • Folding feature makes it space-friendly and also easy to carry
  • Strong and reliable product with five different viewing options
  • The spring design helps you to read the heavy books also.
  • You can use this modern cookbook holder for reading variety of documents and tablets.
Bamboo Book Stand,wishacc Adjustable Book Holder Tray and Page Paper Clips-Cookbook Reading...

Are you looking for a simple but modern cookbook stand with multiple viewing angles? Then, it could be a perfect choice for you. A normal holder plate with 11.2″ x 8.3″ size offers you a spring design option. It will allow you to use every kind of book without any tension. Five adjustable viewing angles will provide you comfortable with any position that you want. The stand is made of strong bamboo sticks and durable. Cleaning the stand is very easy; even the stand keeps the recipe books clean from the cooking splatter.

If you don’t need it, fold it down flat and keep it anywhere. From different angles, people can read books without pain for a long time. Two metal pegs are there to keep the pages in the proper place. You can do lots of hands-free ops like reading, watching videos, video calls, browsing on the internet, etc., during cooking.

  • Well-built product with simple look
  • Multiple viewing style.
  • Various purposes like from book holder to reading desk.
  • Keep the stand easily by fold it down.
  • Wipe out the stand conveniently.
  • Splatter guard is not available.

4 Norpro Acrylic CookBook – Durable Pick

  • An acrylic cookbook stands with the hold plate size: 12½” by 9″
  • Also used to hold tablets, smartphones without any tension.
  • Features a splatter shield to protect the books, iPad or tablets.
  • Single viewing option is available.
  • Can’t fold it up to store.
Norpro Acrylic CookBook / IPad / Tablet Holder

A modern and simple acrylic cookbook stand with the holder plate “12½*9” is lightweight. The Norpro acrylic cookbook/iPad/tablet holder is designed with a contemporary look and a single piece of clear acrylic. It offers a cookbook stand with a splash guard to avoid cooking splatters and keep your book or tablet safe and clean.

The product is made of acrylic, that’s why it is easy to use and carry. But there could be a probability that it could crack at any moment if it falls on the floor. Also, it is highly noticeable that the stand is too thin to hold larger or heavier books. This cookery book stand doesn’t provide many reading angles. Only one angle is present with the acrylic design. Also, metal pegs are not present to stick with a particular page. You can’t get the folding option to store.

  • Large book holder Made by acrylic material.
  • Avoid splatters by the guard.
  • Simple and lightweight.
  • Single viewing option is available.
  • Tablets and cookbooks both can be placed.
  • Not suitable for heavy books.
  • You can’t adjust the reading angle.

5 Adjustable Bamboo Book Holder – Lightweight Pick

  • The Cook book holder is a well-built product by bamboo.
  • Folds down and offers five reading angles.
  • Bulky books are easily readable with spring technology.
  • Various documents and tablets can be placed easily.
Bamboo Book Stand,wishacc Adjustable Book Holder Tray and Page Paper Clips-Cookbook Reading...

A modern cookbook stand with 15.4″ x 11″ size is designed with new spring technology. You can read every book and document easily. Five sets of viewing angles can be adjusted comfortably according to your preference. Wipe- cleaning is easy. The cookery stand keeps the books clean from splatter and makes the kitchen counter free. You can also fold the stand while not in use.

It will help to develop your reading habit, although you are working. Natural bamboo product with two metal pegs allows you to open the book with marked pages. Enjoy your hands-free operations with this durable cookery stand.

  • Large book holder Made by acrylic material.
  • Avoid splatters by the guard.
  • Simple and lightweight.
  • Single viewing option is available.
  • Tablets and cookbooks both can be placed.
  • Not suitable for heavy books.
  • You can’t adjust the reading angle.

6 Boston Warehouse Bake cookbook and tablet holder

  • A smooth painted surface made by mixed-quality wood.
  • Wipe cleaning with a simple cloth is very easy.
  • There is an easel back support which provides only one angle.
  • You will feel comfortable with every electronic gadget like iPad, smart phone, kindle, tablet etc..
  • Folding option provides ideal storage. You can also keep it in your kitchen to make it more attractive.
  • The little uplift portion of this cookery book stand keeps the books or devices away from cooking spill.
Boston Warehouse Bake Cookbook and Tablet Holder

The Boston Warehouse Bake cookbook or tablet stand is made of good-quality composite wood. It is nicely designed with a combination of two colors- black and white. It has an easel stand, which is appropriate to hold both light and heavy cookbooks and tablets. The modern cookbook stand does not offer a splash guide, but a little elevated portion helps the pages stick with the particular recipe. Only one angle is present with the easel stand.

You can fold the easel stand for storage. Even you can hang the cookbook holder on the wall as there is a hole at the top of the back. Few consumers have found that the stand is not as durable as intended. However, there could be slight damage to the surface of the stand while you receive it.

  • Attractive easel stands.
  • Made by composite wood.
  • Used for tablet and cookbook stand.
  • Wall hanging option.
  • Reading angle is fixed.
  • Splatter shield is not provided.

7 XL Large Size Bamboo Book Stand Cookbook Holder

  • The XL Large cookery book stand is designed with good-quality bamboo.
  • While reading, you will feel comfortable with the large size book holder platter 15.4″X 11″
  • The designable cut makes the cookery stand beautiful and stylish.
  • Five different angle settings are present to provide painless reading.
  • Lightweight in nature and foldable flat design make the product more accessible.
XL Large Size Bamboo Book Stand Cookbook Holder Reading Desk Bookrest with 5 Adjustable Height,...

The hollow-pattern style cookery bookstand is a well-made product of bamboo. It offers you a strong reading stand that helps you to read without strain. The design makes a stand most attractive and beautiful.

The 5 different viewing angles will help you to enjoy reading books and make you always fit. The product is lightweight and easily foldable, that you can carry it everywhere. Also, fit for every large-size backpack or perfect for travel.

The bamboo bookstand can be used for multiple purposes like holding bulky cookbooks, textbooks, tablets, smartphones, laptops, documents, drawing books, music sheets, etc. There are 2-page clips in the front of the stand. It leaves the page open until it flips to another page.

  • Beautiful design and well-built product.
  • Multiple viewing angles for extreme comfort.
  • Fold flat conveniently to make it space-friendly.
  • 2-page clips are there to keep the book widely open.
  • Cookbook stand with splash guard is offered.

8 Home Basics Cast Iron Cookbook Stand – Heavyweight Pick

  • Made from heavy and durable cast iron
  • Without any problem, it places the books, tablets, laptops, magazines securely.
  • Single viewing angle is available with two metal hooks.
  • You can place heavy books and electronic gadgets without any doubt.
  • Looks stylish and you can also use it as a home décor item.
Home Basics Cast Iron Fleur De Lis Cookbook Stand, Black

A beautifully designed irony model cookery book stand is made of heavy cast iron. You can place any books, smartphones, tablets, and any décor item on the stand. You won’t face any problems. A fixed viewing angle is present here to read books easily. The pages will not close as there are two metal hooks at the front of the cookbook stand.

Also, it works as excellent support to place any size book. You can use it also as a fantastic kitchen décor item. There is no splatter guard in front of the bookstand, and adjustable reading angles are not available. A folding facility is not present.

  • Fixed viewing angle.
  • Good-quality product.
  • hold any kind of books and gadgets.
  • 2-metal hooks are there to keep the book open.
  • No splatter guards.
  • Doesn’t provide folding option.

9 U.S. Art Supply Hampton Large Wooden Cookbook Stand

  • large wooden table easel with oil finishing
  • Strong kitchen countertop cookbook holder
  • Used as a cookbook or electronic device stand.
  • Dimension of the book holder is 13½” wide and 9½” length.
  • Fold down for easy storing.
  • Viewing angles are adjustable
U.S. Art Supply Hampton Large Wooden Table Easel, Cookbook Stand, Text Book Tablet Rest,...

The US Art Supply presents extra-large wooden table cookery book stands, which is also appropriate for holding both cookbooks and tablets. High-quality compact wooden table easer stand made by aged beechwood. A sturdy easel stands with adjustable reading angles up to 75 degrees and two flip-up page holders to keep the book open. It can be folded down to make the storage simpler. The stand is perfect for cooking, painting, and reading.

This does not provide a splatter guard and not as robust as intended. Also, not made of beechwood material as it is advertised.

  • Extra-large wooden table easel stand.
  • Fold it down to store.
  • Adjustable angles are present.
  • 2-Flip up page holders.
  • Can be used as a book holder and canvas holder.
  • Composite construction.
  • No splash guards.

10 Clear Solutions Under Cabinet Mounted Cookbook Holder

  • Under cabinet tablet and cookbook holder that saves counter space.
  • Metal hinge allows page turning option.
  • Made from native maple wood.
  • Partial acrylic splatter guard is given.
Clear Solutions Under Cabinet Mounted Cookbook Holder - Wood - Made in The USA

The acrylic cookbook stand is an American product by Clear Solutions Household. It is one of the best cookbook stands and is fixed under a kitchen cabinet. The book holder is nicely mounted in the kitchen cabinet. When not in use, fold it under the cabinet that saves the kitchen space. An acrylic splatter shield is designed to protect the books or tablets from the splatters.

The product is costly compared to others. It is not easy to mount, and more space is required.

  • Made from maple wood.
  • Installed the cookery book stand under the cabinet.
  • Cookbook stands with splash guard Partially.
  • Compatible with both cookbooks and tablets.
  • Costly than a usual cookbook stand.
  • Installation can be difficult.

Best Cookery Book Stands Buying Guide

Best Cookery Book Stands Buying Guide

Select the best Best Cookbook Stands from many, one of the difficult tasks to do. First, we need to understand which are the main features of the best cookbook stands. Just look at the following guideline. It will help you to realize the maximum benefits of a cookbook stand.


Cookbook stands are made from different materials such as iron, wood. It depends on you which type of material is highly suited to you. If you like wooden bookstands, lots of options are available. You will get the stylish designs in the wooden structure. If you want the iron style book holder, you will also get them quickly. Materials can be different, but the product quality will be the same.


To buy the ideal cookbook holder, just make a fixed decision about the desired product’s size. If you want a small-size book holder, just go for the small size options. But if you’re going to work with an extra-large version of the cookbook stand, choose the larger one as it is easily accessible on the market. Sometimes, you can use the book holder as a canvas stand for painting. Instead of the books, if you want to keep your smartphone, laptop, tablets on the stand, it is also convenient with the products.

Reading Angle

Every cookbook holder has their different reading angles. Few book holders provide multiple viewing angles, and the rest is fixed with one viewing angle. If you want to go with various comfortable options to make you healthy, you can choose multiple reading angles. Otherwise, go for a single reading angle.

Splatter Shield

Splash guards are essential to protect the book or device from cooking spills and messy ingredients. It also helps you to open the book widely without any metal pegs. Cleaning is also easy.

Metal Pegs

If the splatter shield is not present, metal pegs or the page markers must stick with the pages while cooking or reading. The book won’t close if you want hands-free ops in the kitchen or anywhere.

Other Features

While buying a cookbook holder, choose the correct book holder for your work purpose. Make sure that it would be appropriate for your kitchen space. Most important, before order your desirable cookbook stand, just check out the price, reviews, and ratings clearly.


Cookery book stands are essential kitchen items that help you with the hands-free ops while cooking. This best cookbook stands reviews will assist you in selecting the best one with comfortable reading angles. It will also make you fit and healthy during reading. Confirm your requirements before placing an order. These are the best model of cookbook stands. So, you can easily choose any one that will satisfy your needs.

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