What Does an Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

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Are you fascinated enough to gather information about an ostrich egg? When you taste it for the first time, how does it feel? You are not alone in this race. So, we came with some interesting facts and benefits of an ostrich egg. Let’s begin exploring the giant eggs, including their taste and comparison with chicken eggs too.

If you see an ostrich egg for the first time, you will be shocked at its size. The outer shell of the egg is too hard to break with a spoon stroke. Here in this post, we know more about its nutrition and health benefits. Interestingly we will be preparing loads of yummy delicacies for everyone.

What’s Special About Ostrich Eggs?

Ostrich eggs are indeed the largest eggs in the world and measure approximately 3.5 to 5 pounds. In contrast to ordinary chicken eggs, every ostrich egg is equivalent to around 24 chicken eggs. Each ostrich normally produces between 40 and 60 eggs over the year.

They’re very much like chickens, and mom ostrich is sitting on the eggs before they’re fertilized. Although if they’re produced on a farm, they’re going to need an incubating atmosphere. It includes slightly stronger shells than just any chicken egg. When you hold an ostrich egg in your palm, you will notice that you can’t break it without a hammer.

What Does an Ostrich Egg Taste Like?

What Does Ostrich Egg Taste Like

While talking about the taste of an Ostrich egg, it is almost similar like a chicken’s egg. Yet you’re going to feel some dissimilarities. These eggs offer a buttery texture when compared with other available eggs. The somewhat concludes a kind of sweetness with bit awkward at the same moment.

Honestly, I won’t notice anything unpleasant at all. I am not used to the flavour and aroma. I attempted frying a chicken egg in almost all of the effective methods. Scrambled ostrich egg feels a little like gelatin. Moreover, when it’s cooked, it feels somewhat more robust than that of a chicken egg.

A boiled ostrich egg seems to produce the same flavour as a chicken egg. If you’d like to boil the whole egg, you’ll seem to bake it for 30 minutes.

Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

Ostriches Eggs are popular for their health advantages as well as excellent nutritional data, particularly their eggs. On average, a single egg contains approximately 45 per cent fat, 47 per cent protein, as well as about 2,000 calories. Same as chicken eggs, ostrich eggs also have a good amount of Vitamin b-12, riboflavin & Folic Acid.

While comparing an ostrich egg with chicken egg, it contains higher iron and magnesium. However, it holds less vitamin A and vitamin E. it makes it a best dietary option for athletes.

Sportsmen and women mostly preferred ostrich eggs as they are extremely wealthy in omega-3 fibre. It’s been the main priorities for metabolic activities thanks to a strong amount of nutrients, copper, zinc and manganese.

Ostrich Egg Vs Chicken Egg (Comparison Table)

Nutrients Chicken Egg Ostrich Egg
Moisture, % 74.7 75.32 (1.01)
Vitamin A, IU/g 20.5 16.29 (8.1)
Fat, % 45.4 44.3 (1.8)
Protein, % 47.4 47.0 (1.2)
Calcium, % 0.233 0.243 (.01)
Phosphorus, % 0.810 0.795 (.07)
Vitamin E, IU/k 39.95 15.31 (10.5)
Iodine, ppm 2.8 3.3 (.51)
Folic Acid, ppm 1.18 1.51 (.4)
Pantothenic Acid, ppm 55.3 28.45 (6.9)
Riboflavin, ppm 12.6 9.12 (1.6)
Thiamin, ppm 3.55 5.02 (1.1)
Magnesium, ppm 490.0 540.0 (55)
Manganese, ppm 15.8 8.9 (2.9)
Selenium, ppm 0.60 1.53 (0.7)
Zinc, ppm 59.2 51.6 (6.5)
Iron, ppm 90.9 110.9 (7.6)
Copper, ppm 2.45 1.5 (1.1)

Preparing and Cooking an Ostrich Egg

Suppose you want to prepare the ostrich egg just like every other egg you’ve prepared previously. It can be boiled, fried and roasted. However, incorporate that any technique of preparation will require a considerable time based on the size.

To analyze and understand the real-time an ostrich egg takes to boil completely is nearly about 24 chicken eggs. Also, you have to realise that the outer shell of an ostrich egg is very thick, which makes it more difficult to cook. Usually, it requires a lot more time and measures to prepare an ostrich egg.

You’ll need to have a hand tool to break the shell of an ostrich egg. Our suggestion is to use a kitchen hammer. However, some people love to explore its top off. So sometimes it is served with its shell too.

The technique helps you to present it more fashionably and uniquely to showcase its size and qualities. But the simplest method is to use a hammer so that you don’t have to put extra effort to break the shell.

1. Omelet

Ostrich Egg Omelet

First, you have to break the shell of the ostrich egg to make a yummy omelette. Thankfully there is no need of breaking the entire egg for an omelette. However, create a tiny hole so that you can pour it out in a frying pan. To break the shell, hit on top of the egg with a hammer.

After that, you have to cut its thick flexible membrane, which is a lot thicker when compared with a chicken’s egg. It will be really good if you use a pointed tool or a sharp knife to puncture it. Any screwdriver will work effectively in this case.

And when you’re done puncturing the flexible membrane, transfer the content into a mixing bowl. After that mix it and prepare it just like you prefer doing with a normal chicken’s egg.

2. Boiled Egg

Ostrich Boiled Egg

The time needed to boil an ostrich egg is too high when compared with a normal chicken egg. It nearly consumes approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours. However, the time varies with the size of the egg.

You don’t have to prepare anything special for boiling an ostrich egg, pour water in a boiling pot and start heating it on a stove. If you want soft boiled eggs, then add a little salt that will help to soften the outer shell of the egg.

We suggest you wait for at least an hour to boil the egg and open it only after that. When the ostrich egg is completely boiled, the outer shell will turn softer than its earlier state. We mostly use a spoon to break the shell and a straw or fork to cut the flexible membrane.

3. Fried Egg

It could be one of the most difficult methods of cooking an ostrich egg you would experience while preparing. We experienced a couple of hassles while friending the egg.

The main reason behind the hassle is to determine how big it will be when fried in a pan. So always consider a pan with the deep and large size for a better frying experience.

The very next obstacle you’ll face is to hold that yolk undamaged. If you have a large egg, then there is a chance of breaking the yolk.

To avoid such a mess, we recommend you not to use a hammer. Better to use a knife to hit the upper section of the shell. Hit circularly, and then you will notice cracks on its shell. Carefully hold the egg and pour the contents on the pan and fry it as a normal chicken egg.

Try Some Ostrich Eggs Today!

So, what do you think an ostrich egg will taste like? Are you interested in tasting it shortly? Well, the taste is one quite good and offers a pleasant sweet taste of its kind.

Especially in comparison to chicken eggs, ostrich eggs are a smarter choice since they have reduced salt and therefore are high in vital nutrients, such as magnesium, fibre and omega-3.

One can also prepare the ostrich eggs like they usually prefer with a for a normal egg. However, you may face the difficulty of cracking the outer shell.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We would love to have your recipes with us and keep sharing our post with your friends and family.

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