Spring Roll vs Egg Roll – What Is the Difference?

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Appetizers are always best to fulfill short hunger. Most of us love craving Chinese appetizer rolls. So, we decided to post a simple and effective comparison between spring roll vs egg roll.

It isn’t evident to differentiate them, but their appearance, textures, and fillings make it possible.

Spring Roll vs Egg Roll

Are you interested to know how egg roll vs. spring roll makes a difference in taste?

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What is Spring Roll?

Spring rolls come with a wide range of fillings. The spring rolls named “dim sum” are trendy in Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, and South Asia.

The stuffing inside Springs mainly contains finely chopped pork, bean sprouts, shredded carrot, and lot more vegetables. The outer layer or wrapper is made up of rice flour and served with Worcestershire.

As every food does have some regional differences. That goes with spring rolls too. In many regions, spring rolls are filled with shrimps, chicken, bean shoots, and bamboo.

The best thing about a spring roll is its thin crispy outer wrapping. It is made up of rice flour to offer a translucent, smooth, light, crisp texture.

After adding the filling, the spring rolls are mostly steamed because the outer wrapping is rice flour. However, if you want, you can fry or bake it as per need and preference.

Spring rolls can be served both hot and cold. The texture of the wrapper is crispy. So, when you take a bite of spring roll, the wrapper breaks into small light pieces.

Where is the Spring Roll Originated?

The Spring roll is a Chinese originated cuisine.

The name of the spring roll came from the Chinese word “Chun Juan.” Earlier it was known as spring pancakes or pancake rolls.

They came into existence thousands of years ago. Chinese people make thin pancakes on the first day of spring as per historical data and tradition.

The Chinese spring pancakes are made up of flour and filled with vegetables and fruits.

They mainly use these pancakes for gifting purposes. They were exchanging gifts with friends and relatives as their spring tradition. With time the spring rolls transformed into new tastes and looks as we love to have today.

What is an Egg Roll?

Egg rolls offer a variety of tastes, textures, and stuffing. It includes meat, pork, cooked cabbage, green beans, carrots, and a lot of other veggies.

The very first aspect that you will notice is its looks. The size of the egg roll is always more significant than that of a spring roll. The outer wrapping appears to have a bubbled texture over it.

The appearance of the egg roll looks like a deep-fried pasta and tortilla. The wrapper of an egg roll is made up of water, flour, salt, and egg.

The wrapping is somehow thicker than that of spring roll wrappers. We can also use egg noodle dough to makes the wrappers of egg rolls.

While we are done with our egg rolls stuffing, and wrappers, it was then deep-fried. Deep frying or pan-frying delivers a crunchy texture to the outer wrapping, and the inner stuffing will remain chewy.

It is best if served hot with some sauces, including soy sauce, duck sauce, hot mustard, or plum sauce. Traditionally it was preferred to be eaten with fingers.

Where is the Egg Roll Originated?

As per data and evidence, it was considered that the egg roll is an American Chinese invention. It is with us and sometimes found on the westernized food list of many Chinese restaurants from the last century.

It was also believed that somehow the egg roll came into existence as a snack. It was mainly created to cater to Chinese migrant works who worked as railroad workers.

Spring Roll Vs Egg Roll

Naturally, both rolls look somehow identical. But there are some apparent differences which make them the best in their class.

Are you ready to find out?

Does Spring roll vs. Egg roll justifies a battle?

Let’s Roll!

Cooking and Its Methods

Spring rolls come in both fried and non-fried variants. Moreover, in most parts of China, the non-fried spring rolls are mostly preferred.

However, American Chinese restaurants mainly offer the deep-fried variant of spring rolls.

Let’s not be stunned, though, if you spot some raw or freshly prepared spring rolls, mostly in the sushi department of any local grocery store.

They are usually more extensive than those of the fried variants and stuffed with pre-cooked recipes or frozen fresh fruits and vegetables.

Spring rolls might be baked or steamed. But the egg rolls are only deep-fried.

Ingredients Used in Wrapping

The ingredients used make a lot of differences between a spring roll and an egg roll. The wrapper dough is different in both the rolls.

A spring roll wrapper is made up of wheat flour or rice flour and water. But in the case of egg rolls, the wrappers are made up of wheat flour, eggs, and water.

Mixing eggs with wheat flour offers the egg roll a rigid and heavier appearance. However, a spring roll offers us a thin layer and a smooth texture. It is a very light and crisper feel when fried.

Stuffing and Fillings

Mostly spring rolls include fresh cooked cabbage, various vegetable fillings, shrimps, noodles, meat, and pork. These ingredients are trendy across multiple parts of Asia.

The filling of the rolls differs with location and region. You will find shredded vegetables, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and oysters mushrooms.

You will find chicken, fresh herbs, fish, tofu, basil, and various other endless options in some cases. Moreover, in American Chinese restaurants, you will find spring rolls filled with minced beef.

In comparison, egg rolls are often packed with carrots, cabbage, with small pieces of grilled pork. This is a traditional American Chinese variety of egg rolls.

Sauces for Dipping

There is always confusion as to which roll tastes better when dipped with sauces. Spring rolls are typically eaten with many syrups, salty, garlicky, and flavorful sauces.

Most people prefer Worcestershire sauce, hoisin sauce, and soy sauce. These sauces offer a rich aromatic presence to your roll. Vietnamese people mostly like having rolls with finely mashed bean paste.

However, eggrolls are mainly dipped in plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce, duck sauce. It goes best with hot and spicy mustard sauce.

Size and Appearance

Well, both the appetizer rolls are cylindrical. However, the wrapping and its texture are different.

Egg rolls wrapping offers a thicker bubbled texture. The outer skin is bumpy and rough, crunchy, and chewy inside.

The wrapping of spring roll when fried is super smooth. The outer skin is light, translucent, crispy, and feels flaky when you take the first bite.

While talking about its size, the rolls are different in length and diameter. The egg rolls are much thicker than spring rolls. An egg roll looks more prominent and thicker because of its thick wrapping and ingredients filled inside it.

History of Origin

As we discussed before that it was believed that spring rolls originally came into existence from china. Earlier they are known as pancakes stuffed with spring veggies and fruits.

These pancakes are mainly consumed mostly during the spring season. It is the best appetizer for the new season. With years these pancakes transform into rolls that we love today.

Spring rolls vary from one area of Asia to another as per their wrappers, stuffing, and cooking method.

The origin of egg rolls is still unclear. However, some claims it is an Asian originated dish. At the same time, others claim that it was firstly created in NY by a Chinese chef.

Difference Between Spring Roll and Egg roll

Comparison Spring Roll Egg Roll
Origin Asian cuisine Chinese American
Appearance Thin, translucent, and crunchy. Thick and bubbling.
How to serve? Both hot and cold Hot only
Wrapping ingredients Rice flour dough Flour and egg
Ingredients Mostly vegetables Meat vegetables and egg
Crust Size Thin crust Thick crust
Shape Cylindrical filled with cabbage, carrot, and onions Varies with the cooking style


It is challenging to say which Chinese roll is the best. However, it is a matter of personal choice and food habits. But the rolls can be consumed as appetizers. However, egg rolls are considered for main meals too.

We hope the above comparison will help you grab the best idea about the difference between a spring roll and an egg roll.

If you are health conscious and diet-specific, then we recommend you to stick with steamed spring rolls.

And if you are someone who lives to eat, then egg rolls are the best snacks to have. They are a lot more crunchy and crispier.

Happy rolling!

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