How to Use Air Fryer – Expert’s Guide

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Let me ask you something. What is the one reason for which you can’t always grasp your favorite fast food? In my case, the answer is the extra fat and calories that it carries. But in 2017, we have plenty of solutions for these sorts of problems. I’m talking about Air Fryers, which are supposed to fry foods in such a way that it remains fluffy and moisture containing a low amount of calorie. It prepares the food in such a way that concerned health people like you and me should be benefited from it in many ways.

How to Use Air Fryer

But before moving forward to get most of the best air fryer, you should know how to use this without any flaw. And that’s the core purpose of this article. Keeping the case of the first timer in mind, I tried to explain the steps as simple as possible.

Look at the steps below that contains a few easy steps of the entire process of using the best air fryer.

Steps of Using an Air Fryer Like an Expert

Step 1: Preparing the Food

You’re about to start the cooking process, and it requires certain preparations. To prevent the food from sticking to the pan, add an ample amount of oil.
After the oil is tempered enough, place the foods with some spaces between them so that the hot air can pass between them. And in case you are using oil or marinated ingredients, then pat them dry. This would avoid splattering any smoke while cooking.

Step 2: Preparing the Air Fryer

All set to go. Now put the fryer in power and preheat for 5 minutes. After making sure that the surface of the fryer is hot enough, put the food items inside. Like I said before, make sure that air may circulate among the foods.

Sometimes, we cook pre-made foods in air fryers. If you’re doing so, change the initial temperature by 7 degrees, and you can complete the entire cooking in less than half the time.

Step 3: Cooking in The Air Fryer

As you are done with step two, your food has started to be cooked. If the food is something light as French fries, sake the fryer around for a few times. Also, keep rotating the food items in once in every five minutes.

In case you’re cooking high-fat food, you’ll find the fat released at the base of the fryer. Of course, you have to ultra careful to clean it up.

Step 4: Cleaning the Air Fryer

Now it’s the toughest part of the process. As the extraction of the food is done, there will be leftovers and fats all around the dryer surface. The good news is, many of the fryers come up with dish-washer free parts which actually, makes your work easy. Other areas of the device should be cleaned up manually.

Cleaning the affected parts begins with soaking them in warm water and add soap or dishwasher detergent on them later. After 10 minutes of the dishwasher, use a sponge on the sink to make it clean. Ensure that there is no food particles, oil or fat left behind on any surface of the fryer.

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