Finex Cast Iron Review 2022 – The Best Cast Iron Skillet?

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If you are devoted to your cooking skills or you are a professional chef, or if you simply enjoy good food, owning a good piece of quality cast iron cookware is a must. Today, in this Finex cast iron review we will talk about a premium product by Finex – the best-cast iron skillet.

Finex Cast Iron Review

First, let’s introduce you to Finex, a reputable producer of top-notch cast iron cookware. In case you are not familiar with this renowned brand, its strongest assets include handcrafted products, quality design, and a team of cooks, craftsmen, and designers who work on the development of their cookware. This is actually the secret of their story of success! Cooks know how the food should be processed, designers are responsible for the product features, and the best craftsmen guarantee impeccable workmanship.

You get high-end, top-performance cookware that is durable and responsible for making delicious food. Now, let’s meet their famous octagon cast iron skillet.

 Finex Cast Iron Review

FINEX 10″ Cast Iron Skillet – Best Cast Iron Skillet

FINEX 10" Cast Iron Skillet, Modern Heirloom, Handcrafted in The USA, Pre-Seasoned with Organic...
  • COOKWARE DONE RIGHT An indispensable kitchen tool built for...
  • WORKS ON ALL COOKTOPS At home on gas, electric, and...
  • SPEED COOL HANDLE Wound from 300 series stainless steel and...
  • ULTRA-POLISHED Satin-smooth, easy release cooking surface;...

This superb, 10-inch cast iron skillet is pre-seasoned. Finex used flaxseed oil for seasoning this product. In addition, you will be happy to know that they used 100% pure, organic oil.

Skillet Specification

  • 10-inch width
  • 2-inch height
  • 2-inch length with the handle
  • 75-inch cooking surface
  • 3 lbs. total weight.

Moreover, this product is 100% made in the USA. It is handcrafted by the Finex team. At first glance, this is an unusual skillet. This is why we want to talk about its peculiar design in detail.

First of all, you may be surprised by its shape. We don’t see an octagonal skillet very often. Why did the design team choose the eight-corner shape? The trick is in the ease of pouring! With this shape, you get eight pour spouts that prevent unwanted spilling. Moreover, you will get perfectly positioned steam vents! In this way, you won’t have trouble with the steam that lifts the lid.

Here, we want to point out that this skillet doesn’t come with the lid, but you can opt for a model that does. Also, you can order the matching lid from the manufacturer.

 Why Cast Iron?

When it comes to the material properties, we must talk about cast iron because of the amazing benefits of using this type of cookware! First of all, let’s share interesting information with you. Cast Iron cookware has been in use for many years now. We can say that it has been used for hundreds of years. There are many reasons why we still use and love this type of cookware today.

Namely, cast iron is a very durable material that keeps and transmits the heat very well. Moreover, if you take care of your cast iron cookware in the proper manner, it will definitely serve you for several decades!

This is why cast-iron cookware seems to be the ideal choice. However, it does have some drawbacks. It requires regular cleaning so that it does not rust. Also, you should not put it into the dishwasher and you should not clean it with plenty of detergents. In fact, due to the protective layer that this type of cookware has on its surface, you should wash it thoroughly with lots of hot water and just a bit of detergent, and dry it. In addition, some people don’t prefer this type of cookware as it is rather heavy.

Still, we must point out that once you get your cast iron skillet warm, it is the very best type of cookware you can use to prepare extremely tasty food! This is why cast-iron skillets are known as the premium cookware often chosen by gourmet professional chefs who know the little secrets of preparing delicious food. Interested in cast iron? Great! Now, let’s get back to our best-cast iron skillet- the 10-inch skillet by Finex.

 Highlighting Features of the Finex Cast Iron

Non-stick Surface

We tested this skillet by FINEX and want to share some amazing things we found out in our comprehensive Finex Cast Iron Review. First of all, you will be very happy to learn that this skillet has a nearly non-stick surface. This product is hand-crafted, but Finex does not run away from the benefits of the new technologies in cookware production.

Machine Polished

Namely, the cooking surfaces of this skillet are machine-polished. Moreover, this product is superior due to its stone-tumble polishing. The flaxseed oil pre-seasoning improves its finish layer.

Vintage Design

When it comes to the handles, which are an extremely important part of every skillet, and heavily affect the comfort and safety of use, we grade this product with 10/10 mark! It has the speed-cool handle which is simply lovely! If you are keen on a vintage design, this skillet must be yours. Even the handle is inspired by the vintage cookware. Moreover, the handle feels comfortable and it won’t burn your hand. It is ergonomically shaped. The handle is made from quality stainless steel and it has a beautiful brass designer’s detail at the end.


Versatility is another benefit of this skillet. You can use it on traditional stoves, gas, electric, and even induction! This is why this skillet is among the most selling cookware products today.


The versatility of this product is not related only to the stove type. It refers to the preparation of different types of food as well. This product is perfect for eggs, sauces, and meat. It is also a great choice for preparing salmon and steaks. As we have already pointed out, this particular model we are talking about comes in two variants: with and without the lid. If you choose the model with the lid, you expand the area of use of this amazing skillet. In this case, you can use it for steaming, braising, and simmering.

  • Versatile
  • Suitable for electric, gas, open flame, coal, grill, induction
  • Ergonomic, speed-cool, comfortable spring handle
  • Superb non-stick surface
  • Unique Design
  • Comes without the lid, but you can order the matching lid from Finex.
  • Heavier

  Finex Cast Iron Video Review

 Final Words

Finally, let’s remind you of the highlights of this Finex Cast Iron Review. This 10-inch skillet has an ergonomic spring handle that cools down very quickly. Its multi-pour design is enabled by its unique, octagonal shape. You get six, anti-spill, easy pouring directions.

The easy-release surface is computer-polished and prevents sticking. The modern design of this skillet will make your kitchen look cool and unique.

4 thoughts on “Finex Cast Iron Review 2022 – The Best Cast Iron Skillet?”

  1. Finex is a high quality brand name for cast iron manufacturing execution. Flawless elegant design and handy lids. It’s beautiful, magnificent and functional. One of my loving brand. No doubt, buyers will bliss on this purchase for sure.

  2. Finex is a high quality brand for cast iron. The appearance and manufacturing execution is flawless. Great attention to detail, which I appreciate. I even use these for baking in the oven. The lid is handy. I ordered a 10” too without lid and will buy the lid separately.

  3. Finex is a high-quality brand for cast iron. The appearance and manufacturing execution is flawless. Great attention to detail, which I appreciate. I even use these for baking in the oven. The lid is handy. I ordered a 10” too without lid and will buy the lid separately.

  4. Lovely cookware set! I have each size of their skillets, and they are all in heavy rotation. They heat more evenly than any other cast iron pans I’ve used, and the handle design is genius. These are extremely heavy pans, so be prepared. Also, they’re total kitchen eye candy. Their customer service is superb, as well. Highly recommended!

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