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Emeril All Clad Reviews 2021 – Must Read Before Buy !

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Emeril all clad cookware is cookware which has been branded by a chef. A lot of people avoid this type of cookware because of the price, but today we have done some investigating and found a cookware set that you simply can’t miss.

This cookware is made with love, and every kitchen should own a set of this Emeril frying pan.

This stainless steel cookware set is set between the famous chef Emeril Lagasse and made by All Clad. At a reduced price, this is worth checking out. Read our Emeril all clad reviews below to find out more.

 Review Emeril All Clad Cookware

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Emeril Lagasse Nonstick Double Burner Griddle
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 Emeril All Clad Reviews

This Emeril Lagasse stainless steel cookware set comes with 12 versatile pieces. This type of cookware offers unbeatable performance when cooking your food and even heat conductivity. These are designed with flared rims, which make pouring easier than with other cookware, and these are also oven safe.

The tempered glass lids make it easy to see what is happening with your meal, and the handles have been designed for safety and ease of use. These Emeril frying pans are suitable for all types of stovetops and ovens, are dishwasher safe, and come with a lifetime warranty.

This practical and functional set comes with everything you need for basic tasks in the kitchen and complicated tasks in the kitchen. This set offers buyers great value for money and is safe cookware which is durable, easy to use and will last a lifetime.

The set includes:

  • 8-inch fry pan
  • 10-inch fry pan
  • 1.5qt, 2.5qt, & 3qt saucepan with lids
  • 5-quart covered Dutch oven (with lid)
  • 3qt deep sauté with lid

 Emeril Lagasse Cookware Features

High-quality Materials

Made from tri-ply stainless steel which is long lasting and high quality.

Sturdy Design

An aluminum core and bonded metal sides make for extra-strong cookware.

Beautiful Design

A luxurious polished mirror exterior looks which will stay beautiful even after many uses.

Safe to use

Sturdy and comfortable handles that are riveted. The user can be assured of safety because of these gripped handles when cooking with high temperatures.

No Mess

Flared pouring rims allow for no mess when pouring and transferring foods from the pots and pans.


A lifelong warranty and a first-class design equal a durable cookware set which you won’t be disappointed.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel is easy to clean, easy to polish and easy to maintain and doesn’t scratch like other cookware.

  • Lifelong warranty on all pots and pans
  • Versatile set
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to clean and maintain like new
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Frying pans are small in size
  • Glass lids can only withstand up to 350 degrees when used in the oven


Emeril All Clad Video Reviews

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Emeril cookware made by All-clad?

Yes, Indeed. All-Clad and American celebrity chef - Emeril Lagasse have together created the Emeril range of products. We get this question a lot. Generally, All-clad is known for premium products at an expensive price. Emeril is an affordable cookware line from the house of All-clad. But, the performance and durability are on par with All-clad products. Emeril cookware gives value for every buck you spend.

Is Emeril cookware safe?

All-clad, as a brand, has never been the one to produce inferior products. The Emeril range of cookware is safe to use, both on gas stoves, glass top stoves, and on ovens. The riveted handles easily are the best part of this cookware. The heat spreads across even and low in the Emeril pans. So, yeah, as we said in our Emeril All-clad review, it is completely safe.

Is Emeril cookware PFOA free?

A few companies use Perfluorooctanoic, also known as PFOA, to manufacture nonstick cookware. The non-stick, stainless steel Emeril All-clad cookware does not use PFOA. The PFOA coating is not durable and there are high chances of wear and tear while cooking. So All-clad does not use them in their product line.

What is Emeril cookware made of?

The Emeril stainless steel pans are made up of high-quality steel with a thick disk of aluminum and copper in the bottom. The Emeril non-stick cookware is made of solid aluminum with a non-stick coating. This makes sure that the utensil receives and spreads heat evenly. The next thing that we need to notice is the riveted handles. These handles can be used in the stovetops as well as in the ovens.

Can Emeril All-clad go in the oven?

Yes! As mentioned in our Emeril All-clad review article, this cookware is perfectly safe for oven use. This cookware can withstand heat up to 550°F (287.7°C). But, the glass can be used only up to 350°F (176.6°C). Anything beyond this temperature might tamper with the quality of the utensil.

 Final Verdicts

Now you have read the Emeril all-clad cookware reviews, we hope we have convinced you to make the right choice when it comes to cookware. This stainless steel set is versatile, practical, functional, and overall offers excellent value for money.

It provides all the essential components to cook and create tasty meals at home and is a top choice for professional kitchens. With modern features and a polished look, you can’t ask for more for stainless steel pots and pans.

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8 replies on “Emeril All Clad Reviews 2021 – Must Read Before Buy !”

Great Pan. I bought for my aunt and she loves it. The handle is a nice safety feature. Glass cover nicely to see your cooking. Great set at a reasonable price!

This pan heats quickly and evenly. Food does not stain the interior. Very easy to clean in hot soapy water.

I am impressed with your Emeril All Clad Reviews. But you have reviewed only one cookware from the table. I would be happy if you also review all the set from the table. Also, if you can give a comparison with other cookware sets that will be helpful for us,

The cookware heats evenly and definitely a quality cookware set by Emeril. It’s clean up is so easy and I am impressed with the performance of the set.


I’ve had my Emeril Al-Clad for maybe15 years – a long time. I’ve always been happy and proud of it. To be really honest I was not a fan of having he Emeril name on the cookware – just didn’t like having his name on my cookware.

My problem. First and foremost the set is old. But, all three of my 1 qt pans are separating at the copper ring and are extremally sharp. None of the other pots are doing this. Just a heads up and again they are old but it’s upsetting.

I will buy Al-Clad as a replacement but without the Emeril branding this time.

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