Dalstrong Knife Review – Why Best Consumer Knives On The Market?

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If you are a professional chef that is not willing to compromise on the quality, standard, or functionality of your chef’s knife then you are in the right place.

Equally, if you are a home cook that appreciates the very best in kitchen equipment then you should read our Dalstrong Knife Review.

Dalstrong currently has 4-models available; Shogun, Gladiator, Phantom, and Omega ranges. We have reviewed each one to help you to make the most informed buying decision.

Let us begin with the Dalstrong Shogun review;

Dalstrong Knife Review

Dalstrong Shogun Series Review

1 DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife – Shogun Series X Gyuto

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8 inch - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel Kitchen...

If you’re looking to purchase a sharp, precise chef’s knife that makes light work of any cut of meat or vegetable, consider this one.

As with all Dalstrong knives, the craftsmanship is second to none. It has impressive good looks, from the full tang G-10 handle through to the 8-inch blade with its Supersteel core and unique and stunning Damascus pattern.

We love this knife because…

It out-performs virtually all other kitchen knives. It is perfectly-weighted to make using it for long periods comfortable. The blade easily slices through anything, achieving the exacting standards of both professional and amateur chefs.

The hammered-effect on the blade is not just there to look beautiful, which it does, it also serves a purpose. It is called Tsushima; each dent acts as a tiny air-pocket and prevents food from sticking to it as you’re slicing and chopping. This makes the very best of available food preparation time.

The blade is triple-riveted, the middle rivet s made of copper and bears a rose design. The handle is a little shorter than other similar brands but it is more substantial. The added clearance between the knife and blade is perfect for those with longer or chunkier fingers.

This is a beautiful knife that requires little maintenance. Clean and dry it thoroughly after each use and maybe run it across a whetstone occasionally to keep it at its sharpest. This will ensure that you have a ruthlessly sharp, stain and rust-resistant knife for many years ahead.


  • Lifetime Warranty with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Used daily in many professional kitchens
  • Attractive safety sheath included
  • Crafted from the highest-quality materials
  • Hand-polished to achieve stunning pattern
  • Strong and incredibly durable
  • ‘Scalpel-like’ precision cutting blade
  • Full tang


  • Some maintenance required
  • High price point if for occasional home use

Dalstrong Phantom Series Review

2 DALSTRONG Phantom Series -Japanese High-Carbon

DALSTRONG - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon AUS8 Steel - Pakkawood Handle - Sheath...

A paring knife is often one of the most used knives in a busy kitchen and as such becomes a very personal choice; it virtually becomes an extension of a cook’s arm!

As such, choosing this Dalstrong 4” paring knife is a no-brainer.

It features a beautifully crafted D-shaped handle made from Spanish pakkawood. This enables it to sit comfortably and snugly in the user’s palm and maneuver across cutting surfaces as if it were gliding. Each cut is effortless and even, from the softest tomato flesh through fibrous vegetable skins.

Why You’ll Love This Knife

The blade is amazing. It is particularly narrow and exceptionally sharp. It can be used for the most detailed and precision work with excellent results every time.

Both sides of the blade are engraved and branded giving it an elegant look whilst it remains easy to clean.

This knife is weighted to perfection and remains perfectly balanced in the hand.

For the supremely high level of craftsmanship and quality of materials, this knife should be a mainstay of every professional or home kitchen.


  • Lifetime warranty with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Full tang blade for added strength and durability
  • Ergonomic handle for total control
  • Click-lock safety sheath
  • Ruthlessly sharp
  • Simple to clean


  • Better suited to right-handers

3 AUS8 Steel 6-Piece Set – Japanese High-Carbon

DALSTRONG - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon AUS8 Steel - Pakkawood Handle - Sheath...

Whether you work in a professional kitchen or just want the best and most powerful knives for regular use in your kitchen at home, this set is worthy of serious consideration.

Set includes

  • 9” bread knife
  • 9.5” Kiritsuke chef’s knife
  • 8” Chef
  • 7” Santoku
  • 5” Utility
  • 4” Paring

Every knife is included in this set to make food preparation an effortless task.

Each handle is made from black Spanish pakkawood that not only provides a comfortable non-slip grip, it also looks incredibly stylish. The ‘D’ -shaped handle ensures the knife fits perfectly into your hand.

There are so many to choose from, but we love the design of the stand. It is made from walnut and feature 6-varying sized pillars that resemble a dragon’s spire. Each pillar has a strong magnetized surface that stores all of your knives hygienically and safely. The inner of the pillars is also magnetized and therefore, provides storage for a further 6-pieces of kitchen equipment. Not only does it free-up drawer space, but it also looks impressive on the counter.

The blade of each knife has a very small profile allowing the user greater mobility. With their razor-sharp blades, chopping, cutting, and dicing are fast and simple.

Each blade is mirror-polished and hand-sharpened to provide superb precision cutting.

The high-quality materials used in construction ensure that each knife in the Dalstrong Phantom Series Review will remain robust and durable for a very long time.


  • Lifetime warranty with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Full set of 6-knives
  • The elegant walnut block included
  • Provides storage for a further 6-utensils
  • Ergonomic pakkawood handles for perfect grip and control
  • Carbon steel blades for strength and durability
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced
  • Superior cutting capabilities with unrivaled sharpness
  • Lighter and more nimble than the Shogun range
  • Ideal for professional use
  • Full tang


  • Better suited to right-handers
  • The unit has a high profile so might be difficult for under-cabinet storage

Dalstrong Gladiator Review

4 DALSTRONG Knife Set Block – Unique Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends

DALSTRONG Knife Block Set - 8 Piece - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel Knives - Acacia Wood...

This Dalstrong Gladiator review features the only knives in the entire Dalstrong range not to be made from Japanese carbon steel. Instead, the Gladiator knives use German steel with a high-carbon ratio. This makes them lighter than both the Shogun and Phantom ranges whilst still offering the same professional standard results.

Set includes

  • 8” chef’s knife
  • 7” Santoku
  • 9” Carving/slicing
  • 9” Bread
  • 6.5” Utility
  • 6” Serrated utility
  • 3.75” Paring knife
  • Honing rod

Each knife has a full tang blade in a black pakkawood handle. This ensures a comfortable grip and allows full maneuverability for even the most awkward chopping tasks.

The wide blade gives great knuckle clearance and has plenty of space for the user to pick up and transfer chopped items with ease.

Favorite Feature You May Like

Each knife looks stunning. They are hand-polished until they reach a deep satin finish. Then a 45-day process begins to sharpen the blade. Every blade has the same exacting high standards, they make slicing and dicing even tough, sinewy foods look simple.

The blades are tapered which improves their hardness and service life and there is no reason why they won’t last a lifetime.

The collection is varied and contains all of the essential knives that any chef could need. They each store neatly in slots in a block made of acacia.

This is a powerful set of knives that could not only replace all other outdated knives in a collection but could also look amazing proudly displayed on a counter.


  • Lifetime warranty with 100% money-back guarantee
  • 8-essential cook’s knives included
  • Acacia wooden block for safe storage
  • Forged from 1-piece of German carbon-steel
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Left or right-handed use
  • Triple-riveted for added strength
  • Full tang
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Honing rod keeps edges intact between sharpenings


  • Do not air-dry. Dry immediately to protect the blade
  • Some users felt that the block split too easily

Dalstrong Butcher Knife Review

5 DALSTRONG Butcher’s Cimitar Knifer – Unique Knife

DALSTRONG Butcher Breaking Cimitar Knife - 10' - Gladiator Series - Forged German High-Carbon...

As any professional butcher will know, a reliable, sharp, and powerful knife is an absolute necessity.

Our Dalstrong Butcher’s Knife review features a knife from the Gladiator series that meets all of these criteria.

The first noticeable thing is how the long blade has a curve. This is for leverage and provides an ideal cutting action. It removes the need for time-consuming sawing and completes each cut in 1-swift motion.

The knife is substantial and strong, once in your hands, you trust it to meet everything that you ask of it.

Best Feature We Like

Both sides of the blade have oval-shaped divots running along with them. These act as air pockets and prevent food from sticking to them. Imagine having to wipe your knife between cuts as the meat has ‘glued’ itself to the blade. Not only would that be annoying, but it would also waste valuable kitchen-time.

Food releases itself with each action ensuring the blade is clean for the next cut.

With the trademark Dalstrong Gladiator series pakkawood handles, this butcher’s knife is comfortable to hold without fear of losing grip. Another great point is that it has been designed to suit both left and right-handed users.

With a full tang and triple-rivets, you can be assured of its durability.

This knife is efficient for all manner of tasks and slides through flesh, meat and cartilage-like a, well. hot knife through butter.


  • Lifetime warranty, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Long 10”-curved blade
  • Pakkawood coated handle for hygienic, easy clean
  • Simple 1-motion cutting
  • Zero-friction food-release
  • Sheath guard included for safety
  • Hand-polished satin-steel blade
  • Exceptionally sharp and perfectly weighted
  • Strong and durable
  • Stain and wear-resistant


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Doesn’t feature the Dalstrong D-shaped grip for exceptional comfort

Where are Dalstrong Knives Made?

Takefu VG10 Super Steel of the highest quality is imported into China from Japan. Once it arrives in Yang Jing it is transferred to the Dalstrong state of the art facility where the superior craftsmanship can begin. They have many rivals in this area as there are around 1500 other scissor and knife manufacturers based there.

The Gladiator Series 8-Piece Knife Block Set Bundled with The Dalstrong Premium, Extra-Large...
  • Incredibly razor sharp, full-tang, imported high-carbon...
  • Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium...
  • Included #1000 grit stone is your all-purpose stone to...
  • Incredible Value: Included Nagura flattening stone acts as a...

The Gladiator range featured in our Dalstrong Knife review is the only series that utilizes German steel with a high-carbon content.

  Dalstrong Vs. Shun

If you have narrowed your choice down to these 2 particular brands and are struggling to make the ultimate decision, we would like to help.

Dalstrong knives are the least expensive of the 2 but that doesn’t mean that they compromise on quality.

Dalstrong Vs. Shun

They are made in modern facilities in China using the highest quality carbon-steels imported from Japan and Germany. Several processes of the construction are done by hand, including sharpening and polishing. This is done to reveal the natural Damascus pattern embedded in the metal.

Shun knives are made in a traditional knife-making district in Japan. They follow age-old methods, insist on comfortable wooden handles, and each knife is made by hand. They insist on using only VG-10 grade of Japanese steel.

Both ranges are very capable knives that will require some maintenance and sharpening.

They will need to be thoroughly dried to resist any corrosion.

  Dalstrong Vs. Wusthof

Choosing the best between these 2-brands will probably come down to personal preference as they are similar models.

Dalstrong Vs. Wusthof

They differ in a few ways, firstly, Dalstrong is a relatively new company, formed in 2013 and specialize only in high-end kitchen knives. Their knives are made in China using top-quality metals imported from Germany and Japan. They follow Japanese traditions and use hand-crafting where possible.

Wusthof is a German company that has been in the business for over a century and therefore, has a much more varied range.

If you are the type of chef that prefers a European style knife with a very high-carbon content, this is the brand for you. These knives tend to stay sharper for longer.

Wusthof also favors the use of recycled materials in some of their handles making them a more eco-friendly brand.

Some users prefer the more evenly-balanced Dalstrong knives as they are counter-balanced for better comfort and function.


Dalstrong is a new kid on the block but that doesn’t mean that they skimp on style, quality, or functionality.

Each knife that features in our Dalstrong Knife Reviews could take pride of place in a busy professional or home kitchen where it will perform magnificently well for a lifetime.