Ceramic Cookware Pros and Cons – Those No One Tell You !

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Cookware, kitchen appliances, and accessories have come a long way over the years. When it comes to pots and pans for cooking those tasty meals, metal is something hardly seen anymore. Instead of the old cast iron and metal pots we are now seeing a whole new range of cookware and the most popular being ceramic cookware. Although ceramic cookware is a lot more expensive, you can expect a lot more from it. If you are thinking about investing some of that hard earned money into ceramic pots and pans then here is a breakdown of ceramic cookware pros and cons!

Ceramic Cookware Pros

Cleaning Is Easy – Ceramic cookware is made and designed with a non-stick layer on the bottom. This essentially makes them easier to clean because all you need to do is use a warm cloth or washing up sponge and come up clean and new. There is no reason to use metal scourers when washing up either. Additionally, ceramic cookware is dishwasher safe making them even easier when it comes to washing up!

Taking Care of Your Cookware Is Simple – Sometimes certain cookware requires polishing, washing, and other complicated maintenance. With ceramic cookware, you don’t have to do anything particular apart from making sure they are clean and dry before storing in your kitchen cabinets.

Large Variety to choose from – One of the reasons that ceramic cookware is becoming so popular is that more companies that create kitchen cookware and items are bringing in various styles and designs. From red and green to cream and white, the options are endless meaning you can find something that suits your style and kitchen decor.

Safer than other materials – Ceramic cookware has been proven to be a lot more safe to use and cook food with than other materials. Other metal cookware often emits dangerous toxins which are released into the food and could potentially be dangerous. Ceramic cookware is one of the safest options on the market when it comes to pots and pans.

Ceramic Cookware Cons

Ceramic doesn’t last as long – The one issue which users have said about ceramic cookware is that it doesn’t last as long. On a good day, the pan could last up to one year with the right care. The bottom coating will fade away over time, and the durability is yet to be questioned.

Chips easily – Ceramic coatings can chip easily. If you accidentally use a metal utensil, then some serious scratching and chipping could happen. Even if you are careful then over time from use ceramic can be easily chipped. This is another downfall when it comes to ceramic cookware meaning you may have to replace it sooner than you were hoping.

Sometimes food sticks – Due to the ceramic cookware wearing out over time you will find that the foot sticks terribly to the bottom of the pan. This can cause unwanted issues when cooking, burning of the food and essentially hard to clean. With some pans that have various nonstick layers, durability is lengthier, but these types of ceramic pans are known to break quite easily.


We are now hoping that you can weigh the pros against the cons after reading out ceramic cookware pros and cons and can now make the right choice when it comes to buying cookware. Varieties are endless, and choices are many. Overall, we think that ceramic cookware is a good choice to make and one you will be satisfied with it.