What is Birth Masala?


Birth Masala – Flavors of the East Blended in South Africa What is Birth Masala? Birth masala is a special blend of spices passed down from ancestors in the Indian society in South Africa. As its name suggests, it is used mainly for new mothers post-delivery of their child. This blend of spices is brown … Read more

Can I Cook with a Chipped Enamel Pot ?

Can I Cook with a Chipped Enamel Pot

Can I Cook with a Chipped Enamel Pot ?– An Informative Guide on Enamel Cookware Experts advise that it is not only unsafe but dangerous to cook with chipped enamel cookware. Enameled cast iron cookware with chips in the cooking area is not always good. The enamel coating can keep chipping away, and bits of … Read more

Best Air Fryer Tortilla Chips in 2022

best air fryer tortilla chips

Disclaimer: we may receive commissions from purchases made via our links at no cost to you. I actually don’t keep tortilla chips in my house anymore because my husband and I can’t stop mindlessly munching away, and it’s starting to show on my waistline! But after months of going chip-free, the whole family is starting … Read more

Is Induction Good For Cooking? (Explained!)

Is induction good for cooking

Induction cooking has the potential to transform your cooking experience completely. Instead of using the cooktop, induction technology uses magnetic currents to heat your pots and pans directly. Cooking with induction simplifies mealtime by providing faster heat, precise power, and simple cleanup. What Is Induction Cooking? Induction ranges resemble traditional glass-top electric ranges. The most … Read more