How to Choose Kitchen Faucet – Complete Guide


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How to Choose Kitchen Faucet : Foreword

How-to-Choose-Kitchen-FaucetWith the variety of kitchen faucets available on the market, choosing the best one can be a task. We all know how essential Kitchen faucets are, as they are the most used element. I understand that some of you would say that you already have one, but is it the best one for your kitchen?

We have sampled some of the best kitchen faucets on the market. Listed below is a carefully concocted guide to show you how to choose a kitchen faucet. We took into account that kitchen faucets improve water efficiency, enhance the look of your kitchen, and save money.

Allow us to help you upgrade your kitchen by choosing the best kitchen faucets for your home. The kitchen faucets listed below will give you a good idea as to which brands will best suit your lifestyle. Consider your needs, preferences, and budget while browsing through this informative faucet brands guide.

Choosing the perfect kitchen faucet for you is simplified below with intriguing designs and elegant stature. Many kitchen sink faucet brands suit your needs in this review. Choosing the best one for you is ultimately your choice.

Things to consider before choosing your kitchen faucet

There are many things to consider when choosing your kitchen faucet. Making the best choice to suit your needs will require a few simple things that you should consider. It is vital that you follow the suggestions below to get the best kitchen faucet for you.

These steps are essential for installation and daily use, and it also gives you insight into what to look for.


  • Make sure to have exact measurements of the countertop behind the kitchen sink, the diameter, and the space between the holes where your faucet sits.
  • Measure the distance between the edge of the sink and wall, which will help you choose the perfect sized faucet.
  • Measuring the available height is also vital. Depending on the size of the faucet you choose, the space available above it will make your pick simpler.
  • Look at how far the kitchen faucet reaches into the sink. This is important to fit the size of your existing sink. The length or reach of your faucet should be in line with your sink.
  • Make sure to check the faucet’s specs when choosing the best one for you. Although kitchen faucets usually appear to require three holes to fit them on properly, that’s not the case. Kitchen faucets need two holes to fix them on the wall.

There are various flexible water line hoses available to fit the spread between the holes comfortably. Make sure you have the correct measurements when choosing your kitchen faucet.

Did you know that there are four types of valves used as stoppers in faucets? These include globe valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and ball valves. These valves aid in shutting the water off when the tap is closed.

Faucets : Installation style

There are two different types to choose from when it comes to installation style for kitchen faucets. The difference between the two types is in their location. Have a look at what we found below:

Counter or Deck-mounted installation

deck-mounted-faucetWith the counter or deck-mounted installation, you have two options. You can either mount your faucet on the edge of the sink or the countertop. These kitchen faucets are commonly used for both their convenience and elegant style.

You choose a variety of faucets in all sizes and finishes to choose from in this range. Amongst them are single-hole mounts, double hole-mounts, and triple-hole mounts.

Wall-mounted Kitchen Faucets

The wall-mount kitchen faucets embody an elegant modern style primarily used in industrial and commercial venues.

Its space-saving design is favored; therefore, it is common to see the wall-mounted kitchen faucets in laundries, households, garages, and other commercial and industrial locations.wall-mounted-faucet

If you are limited with counter space, this is the perfect choice. Not only does it give you more counter space, but it also allows for a neat finish with hidden or exposed plumbing lines.


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