6 Best Substitute for Gruyere Cheese for Your Kitchen

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Gruyere Cheese is the most common kind of cheese. It is also a favorite for most people. But does everyone know what is the best substitute for gruyere cheese for your kitchen? Simply, it is a delicious kind of cheese that can be used with different dishes and cuisines.

What is a Substitute for Gruyere Cheese?

Sometimes people who don’t want to take too many dairy products shy away from using Gruyere Cheese. The good news is that there are alternatives to them—even better choices, for that matter. The only thing you need to do is pick the best option.

You don’t have to worry if you can’t consume Gruyere Cheese at the moment. Has Gruyere Cheese run out in your local market? Here are the six best alternatives for Gruyere Cheese.

6 Best Substitute for Gruyere Cheese for Your Kitchen

Substitute for Gruyere Cheese for Your Kitchen

The following substitutes are valuable alternatives for Gruyere Cheese, but they must be stored well to make them useful. Always keep them in a proper container or the fridge to avoid spoilage. The substitutes must be used in the right amounts as well so as not to alter the test. They must retain their consistency in all aspects.

1. Raclette

Raclette has its origins in France and Switzerland. It is usually grilled and melted on top of vegetables. Raclette has gained popularity globally because it can be used with a variety of delicacies. Fries mainly go well with this alternative for Gruyere Cheese.

Raclette has a savory taste that goes well with greens. It creates a perfect balance when used with virtually any vegetable.

What makes this alternative among the best is that it has a creamy and hard consistency. Although Raclette’s flavors may be a bit too strong, it is worth trying it because it also melts well. Additionally, it retains its texture when thawed. You may have to experiment with a couple of flavors to get the right one.

2. Emmentaler

Emmentaler cheese is very similar to Gruyere in many aspects. Another Swiss cheese, Emmentaler, is yellowish and melts quickly. The most significant difference with Gruyere is that this one is smoother and very consistent. Many people prefer it with fondue due to its high consistency. However, Emmentaler can be used with a wide variety of products without diluting the taste and flavor. Furthermore, this kind of cheese comes with a guide. You won’t have to sweat the procedure out on your own if you are not used to the product.

3. Comte or Beaufort

Though not as firm as most other types of cheese, its taste is similar to Gruyere. A purely French kind of cheese, Gruyere is best for broiling and boiling. Comte is widely available and can easily be found in any supermarket. Even if all other types of cheese disappoint you due to unavailability, you can count on Comte or Beaufort.

Beaufort is by far the closest cheese to Gruyere. It is the perfect replacement if the stores near you don’t stock Gruyere. Beaufort’s ability to melt fast means its smooth and creamy texture makes it ideal for baking.

4. Parmesan and Fontina

A combination of Fontina and Parmesan cheese. Although not its kind, these two can be excellent substitutes for Gruyere. With a rich flavor and consistency, Fontina and Parmesan can be combined in a 1:1 ratio to give the best cheese. The combo is recommended wherever melting is needed. It is also ideal for use with salads and pasta.

5. Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg is a Norwegian type of cheese that shares many similarities and features with Gruyere Cheese. However, this variant is positively delicious and bellow. For this reason, Jarlsberg is best for broiled and grilled dishes. The recipe is ideal for high-end restaurants that grill most of their foods.

The substitute is highly recommended for melting on top of the dishes. It is particularly good with baked potatoes because of its nutty taste. In addition to being a bit stronger, this type of cheese is not widely available.

6. Maasdam

Maasdam is another kind of cheese that is very similar to Gruyeres. It is considered an excellent substitute because it is very creamy. Mostly made with cow’s milk, Maasdam can be eaten as it or used with wine. The substitute has a rich flavor and smooth texture, just like Gruyere.

Affordability makes Maasdam an excellent alternative if you find other kinds of cheese too expensive. However, you have to be careful with it because it is high in fat. If you can’t use it sparingly, reduce the level of fat in subsequent dishes.

Top 3 Substitute for Gruyere Cheese Reviews

1 Hoosier Hill Farm Heavy Cream Powder Jar – Our Pick

Hoosier Hill Farm Heavy Cream Powder Jar, 1 Pound & Gourmet Cheddar Cheese Powder, 1 Pound

The 1-pound jar is 72 percent butterfat. It is made by taking moisture out of regular cheese. Hoosier Hill farm gives a rich flavor and creamy mouth feels. Additionally, the product can be added to other products dry or reconstituted with other liquids. The fact that Hoosier Hill Farm Cream Powder cheese can be used with water makes it even more convenient. However, the product will still give a rich flavor and creamy mouthfeel, even without adding water.

Its velvety smooth flavor is lovely when the product is sprinkled on popcorn or pretzels. Many people don’t know that you don’t have to use a blender with Hoosier Hill Farm Cream. With proper stirring, it can be prepared using any standard container. Finally, Hoosier Hills cheese is best when used on broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus dishes. To prepare it, mix 3/8 cup of powder with a water cup and let the mixture stay overnight.

  • Great for easy pantry or cupboard storage
  • Used with a variety of recipes
  • Can be sprinkled on any snack
  • Comes with a mild sweet taste of fresh cream
  • Easy to prepare, even without a guide
  • Not suitable for diabetics
  • Cannot be premixed to form drinks like coffee creamer

2 Igourmet Austrian Alps Gruyere Cheese – Editor Pick

igourmet Austrian Alps Gruyere Cheese (7.5 ounce)

Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, this product is a delicacy originally from the Gruyere district in Switzerland. Igourmet is cut and wrapped with hand. The product is the best-known fondue ingredient. Although an Austrian version, this kind of cheese is nutty and spicy, just like Gruyere Cheese. Many people prefer to use the product because it comes with full flavor and aromatic when melted.

Weighing approximately 80 pounds, this product can take up to 700 pounds of milk to make a single wheel. It is partly the reason the cheese is blended into a piping-hot pot of fondue cheese. It is also advisable to dice the cheese into salads or melted in a hot sandwich. Igourmet cheese is usually fresh when packed and remains like that for as long as it is well stored. However, if you want to last it even longer, you can always use a fridge. The fridge also helps if you have the Igourmet cheese in plenty. It prevents unnecessary wastage.

  • Comes in an insulated package to ensure freshness
  • The cow’s milk used to make it is high quality
  • Has a nutty and spicy taste
  • It is perfect for fondue
  • Delightfully aromatic when melted
  • It is sometimes smaller than it appears in the box
  • Not many stores and supermarkets store it

3 Igourmet Dutch Parrano Cheese – Pound Cut

igourmet Parrano - Pound Cut (15.5 ounce)

Just like the name suggests, this cheese has its origins in Holland but with an Italian flair. Not a lot of cheese comes from the Netherlands, but Parrano is worth mentioning. The cheese undergoes a five months aging process typically to develop a nutty taste. Parmigiano and Reggiano are the main tastes associated with aged Parrano cheese. The firmness and smooth texture in Parrano cheese are maintained even when the cheese is aged.

Parrano cheese is made excellent by its versatility and dynamic characteristics. These are not usually seen with other cheese. However, the fact that Parrano is imported from the Netherlands makes it a little difficult to come by. The product is reminiscent of aged Gouda old Amsterdam. Parrano cheese lasts longer since it is made from pasteurized cow’s milk as well. Its longevity is boosted further by aging for 5 months. The longer it lasts on its own, the less necessary it is to put in a fridge.

  • Remains fresh for a long due to shipping expedited in an insulated package
  • Cut and wrapped by hand
  • Full of flavor, yet easy to cut
  • Easy to grate and melt
  • Its price and availability may be affected by factors which affect cows
  • Not widely available


Cooking and eating never stops. So, what does one do if they cannot find their preferred product? Stop eating? Definitely no. I must always find another way. But it has to be close to what we are used to. Alternatives for a particular product allows you to get the same service even when your taste is not available.

Gruyere cheese is excellent. But its supply runs low. Or you may want to change the routine and experiment with something else similar. The substitutes we have just discussed for Gruyere Cheese ensures your baking or cooking has the same taste and flavor.

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