6 Best Electric Tea Kettles 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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If you are looking for a more efficient way to obtain hot water, you can find it here. Once you get the best electric tea kettle you can make the best tea houses in seconds.

Here, we will provide you with the best options available today on the market. Not all electric kettles can provide you with the same characteristics. However, below you can find the most appropriate model in a few steps.

best electric tea kettle reviews

So you can get the best cups of tea without sacrificing your budget. Along with it, you can save money on your gas and electricity bills. An electric kettle does not require a large amount of electricity to function.So every morning you will have the perfect cup of tea.

 Why You Use Electric Tea Kettle?

Are you a busy person and looking for a machine that cares about tea brewing when you are too busy at your work, an electric tea kettle can be the best solution for it. So you can drink a cup of coffee just in 5 minutes and bring freshness.

To buy an electric tea kettle, you need to consider at least these eight things:


Safety is the first consideration before buying an electric tea kettle. The soft rubberized area on the handle can make it more comfortable to grip and at the same time lift also. Some kettles have an insulated body to keep the outside enough cool to touch even when the water is boiling inside.

Temperature Control

If you love to drink green or white tea, you need to control the temperature. You know that certain green tea even white tea needs to boil at a lower temperature. An electric tea kettle lets you control the temperature of the water. You will not get this most exciting features with all other tea kettles.

Capacity and power consumption

In the USA, most of the kettle can boil between up to 1 liter or a quart of water. On average a large cup or mug of 8 ounces, so you can boil up to 4 cups at a time. What size tea kettle you buy will depend on your need.

How long keep warm

If the tea kettle keeps the water warm a long time, you can re-boil it very quickly. An electric best glass tea kettle can do it.

Corded or Cordless

In the market, you will find both tea kettle corded and cordless. A corded kettle connects directly to the wall while a cordless kettle holds on a metal base for heating and consider removed from the base after the water has reached its right temperature.

Automatic switch off

If the kettle does not contain sufficient water reaches the desired temperature, it automatically turns the kettle off. An electric tea kettle can provide you the feature.


Your desire for tea kettle should be long-lasting.

Unique and Stylish

Why not your tea kettle is unique. Why not it stylish and colorful. You must consider it.

Our Pick 3 Best Electric Tea Kettles 2022

 Top 6 Electric Tea Kettle Reviews

1. Molla Púro Cordless – Rocking The Market

Our Pick
Molla Púro Electric Water Kettle, Ultra Premium SCHOTT Glass
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR: Enjoy a water kettle worthy of your home or...
  • SAFE: Have peace of mind every time you turn the Púro on....
  • QUIET AND FAST: Make that perfect cup of tea or coffee right...
  • SMART AND EASY TO USE: Use the the Púro easily and safely...

The kettle comes with an excellent combination of high technology which automatically shuts off when water is below 0.25 Liters. So it can avoid unexpected hazards and ensure its durability. To keep splashing and steam at bay, it includes a lid at a slow pace.

Key Features

Very Fast and Quiet: The kettle boils water in only 5 minutes. So you can enjoy an entirely fresh cup of tea only after 5 minutes later.

Eco-friendly and Safety: The kettle is BPA-free and safe for use as its plastic parts in direct contact with water. It made in German technology.

Automatic Shuts Off: The kettle automatically shuts off after water boils.

Easy to clean: The kettle made of the anti-calc filter which prevents calcium buildup. Molla Puro Cordless Glass Electric Water Kettle is a unique teapot available in the market with lot features and durable design material.

Simplicity: The kettle is very simple to use but more durable than many heavy pots available in the market. Just fill with water, press start button, waits only 5 minutes and done. The shut-off switch will automatically stop when the water boil. Its LED light illuminates during heating and shuts off along with the switch already boiling is finished.

Stronger: The glass tea kettle manufactured in Germany. The remaining parts of the kettle are made and assembled China.

360° of Freedom: You can place the kettle on the base in any direction so no need to think in any particular direction to the place on the base. It is designed to work at any angle.

Boils water at 212 degrees Fahrenheit: You can not enjoy a cup of tea or coffee if it does not boil properly. Many tea kettle manufacturer cheats with their customer about heating temperature. This kettle boils water in 212-degree Fahrenheit. So enjoy tasty fresh tea.

Quickly pick and carry: The kettle has no cord so you can easily pick it up from the base. You can also take it anywhere without worry.

Very Soft Opening Lid: The kettle’s lid opens gently and steadily so that it can prevent steam and splashes from leaving the water.

Easy to Clean: The tea kettle is very to clean due to its anti-calc filter. You will be happy to use it as it needs less maintenance.

  • It constructed with premium material
  • The kettle is free of BPA
  • It shuts off automatically after water boils
  • It consists of a boil dry protection
  • Come with the slow-opening lid
  • Comes with temperature control features
  • The bottom is heavier than others
  • The cord is a bit short. Not too much short

Our Verdict:

We highly recommend you to buy the product. We found high ratings, the customer’s positive comments, key features, and quality of the product. Also, the price is reasonable compared to a similar product within the market.

2. SMAL WK-0815T – Lightweight and Strong

This best glass tea kettle comes with dimensions: 13 x 8.1 x 11.1 inches and weight 4 pounds. It is the best-selling product in the Kitchen & Dining category. The kettle’s average Kettle Heating Rate is 4-6 Minutes only. It operates at 120V 60Hz 1500W. It can boil 1.7 liters water at a time.

Key Features

Safe to use: Triples protections ensures the safety of you. So you can use the tea kettle without any worry.

No chemical or plastic smell: You will get the chemical and plastic smell from many kettles available in the market. Even some branded and expensive product also not free from the chemical and plastic smell. You can enjoy tea or coffee with the tea kettle having freshness.

Instant boil: It takes only 4-5 minutes to boil water. So no delay, have a cup of fresh tea just after 4 minutes and remain fresh all day long.

Affordable price: The kettle comes with a reasonable price after discounted from its original price. Also, its features, quality, and ratings encourage you to buy it.

Lightweight and Strong: The SMAL WK-0815T Tea Maker is fragile. Its durability is too high.
Automatic turn off: Automatically turn off when water boil. So no need to worry about any unexpected risk or overheating.

Both Tea Maker and Electric Kettle: Another attractive feature of this tea kettle is you can use it as both tea maker and tea kettle.

  • Stainless steel and acrylic teapot and electric tea kettle
  • It included two lids, traditional lid and tea straining lid
  • Its base included with the heating element and cord
  • It cools to the touch handle
  • Can be used multipurpose such as tea, instant coffee, soups, noodles
  • A perfect item for the vacation to use in a hotel or college dorm room
  • Free of chemical or plastic smell
  • It boiled 1.2 liters of water. I think it is enough for you and your family. If you are looking for larger than it, It’s not for you

Our Verdict:

We recommend you to buy the product. We found high ratings, the customer’s positive comments, key features, and quality of the product. Also, the price is reasonable compared to a similar product within the market.

3. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp – Best Budget

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Premium Stainless Steel
15,850 Reviews
Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Premium Stainless Steel
  • CONVENIENT: The 1.7-liter stainless steel Cordless Electric...
  • CUSTOM CONTROLS: One touch controls, 30-Minute keep warm...
  • COOL FUNCTION: 2-minute memory function that allows the...
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: 6 preset heat settings for steeping tea...

The Cuisinart CPK-17 is the stylish looking stainless steel cordless electric kettle. Its capacity is 1-2/3-liter. This work great and very easy to use. The kettle is easy to fill, solidly made, and heats water very quickly. This one, while not cheap, offered a great feature set, perfect temperatures, stainless interior, excellent controls, unobtrusive base, and pretty nice aesthetics. It comes with blue LED indicator lights. It keeps water 30 min warm. The Cuisinart CPK-17 will encourage your tea drinking regularly in your home and office. So enjoy a perfect cup of tea or coffee every morning and evening with this best glass tea kettle.

  • 1.7-liter capacity
  • Auto shutoff and boil dry protection
  • One-touch controls with blue LED indicators
  • Six preset temperatures
  • 30-minute Keep Warm option
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • price is high but worth to its quality.

Our Verdict:

We highly recommend you to buy the product. We found high ratings, the customer’s positive comments, key features, and quality of the product. Also, the price is reasonable compared to a similar product within the market.

4. Breville BTM800XL One-Touch – Quality Tea Kettle

Our Pick
Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Tea Basket Cycle - Auto Lowers and Lifts
  • Auto Start. Construction Materials - Brushed Stainless Steel...
  • 60 minute Keep Warm feature
  • Variable temperature control; Jug Capacity: 51 oz.

The Breville one-touch is a glass tea maker. You can drink a perfect cup of tea by using the revolutionary tea maker. It controlled brew times to allow Black, Green, White, and Oolong tea to exact water temperature. To get unique flavors and aromas, you can buy the Breville one-touch is a glass tea maker. It is a fully programmable tea maker that allows you to make tea very easily. It’s moving tea basket circulates water freely for maximum tea leaves infusion. It consists of a timer to set the time. The German-made electric glass tea kettle is durable and stain resistant.

Key Features

Variable temperature control: The tea kettle comes with variable temperature control. So you can easily set up your desired temperature to drink a cup of perfect tea.

Well-designed: Its design is pretty nice. Sturdy and Durable.

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty is available for this product.

Quality brew: You will get the quality blend from the best electric tea kettle.

  • You can make a perfect tea without any hard effort.
  • It comes with an excellent design.
  • It prepares tea at the proper temperature.
  • If the water temperature held, tea steeped.
  • It can be set to brew tea at a programmed time.
  • It keeps tea hot for 1 hour after brewing.
  • It includes a tea scoop.
  • It is costly but deserving the money.
  • Its carafe cannot be wash under running water.
  • Its electric cord is a little short.

Our Verdict:

We found high ratings, the customer’s positive comments, key features, and quality of the product. Also, the price is reasonable compared to a similar product within the market.

5. Capresso 259 H2O Plus – Affordable in Price

Capresso 259 Water Kettle, 10" x 8.25" x 6.25", Polished Chrome
  • PATENTED DESIGN: Exclusive stainless steel dome heater is...
  • GERMAN GLASS: Beautiful and durable heat-resistant German...
  • SAFETY: Boil dry protection and automatic shut off for safe...
  • CAPACITY: Boils up to 48 ounces (6-cups) in less than 6...

The Capresso H2O Plus best electric tea kettle is a cordless water kettle. It is a beautifully designed tea kettle. Its slip-free textured handle is versatile and also economical and safe to use. The Capresso H2O Plus best electric tea kettle is faster, safer and more efficient than any other electric tea kettle available in the market. It’s auto shut-off features provide safety to use. Its cordless design with 360-degree swivel base for right and left-hand use. Its maintenance is very easy. The stainless steel covered heater make the kettle long-lasting.

Key Features

Cordless: It is a cordless electric tea kettle comes with an appealing eye design.

Auto shuts off: Its auto shut off features provides safety. Auto shut off when water heats up.

Cheap in the price: Price is cheap compared to its quality. Most of the customer who brought the product commented that it is cheap.

Heats up water quickly: This best electric tea kettle heats up water quickly. So you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea without delay.

  • It is a cordless electric tea kettle.
  • Its glass carafe looks nice.
  • A perfect item for the gift.
  • Cheap in price compared to its quality.
  • It heats up water quickly.
  • Auto shuts off immediately.
  • It’s plastic covered in stainless steel.

Our Verdict:

We recommend you to buy the product. We found high ratings, the customer’s positive comments, key features, and quality of the product. Also, the price is reasonable compared to a similar product within the market.

6. Aroma Housewares Hot H20 X-Press – Editor’s Pick

Aroma Hot H20 X-Press is a beautiful polished stainless steel tea kettle. You can use this multipurpose kettle for making hot tea, instant coffees, hot chocolate, baby formula, soups, oatmeal, noodles and much more. Its capacity is 1-1/2-liters. The kettle will automatically shut off when water boils properly also it lifts off its base for easy, cord-free pouring. So now it is a matter of minutes to enjoy a perfect cup of tea.

Key Features

Multipurpose kettle: You can use this unique kettle as tea maker or boil water. This multipurpose kettle can be your perfect choice.

Automatically turn off: This tea kettle comes with automatic shut off features. So, d worry about overheated or an unexpected accident.

Attractive design: Aroma Hot H20 X-Press comes with beautiful design. It is a durable quality tea kettle within the market.

Easy to clean and dry: The kettle is very easy to clean and dry.

  • Beautiful polished stainless steel attractive design.
  • After drying, you will never see any spot.
  • Boil water quickly as expected.
  • It is easy to clean and dry also.
  • Useful size for single or family use.
  • Cheap in price compared to similarly rated tea kettle available in the market.
  • Not loud but a little noisy.
  • It is not heavy enough but comes with the warranty.

Our Verdict:

We found high ratings, the customer’s positive comments, key features, and quality of the product. Also, the price is reasonable compared to a similar product within the market.

Best Electric Tea Kettle Buying Guides


The body of electric tea kettle holds the water for the boil. It varies in shape and size. The body can be tall and narrow to short and round. It made from metal such as stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, etc., plastic or glass.


Handle plays a significant role in choosing electric tea kettle. In Stovetop kettles, handles are attached to the top of the kettle, on the other hand, electric kettles typically feature side handles that may be shaped or grooved for comfort.

Power Source

There are two types of power source of electric tea kettles corded and cordless. Cordless kettles have a power base that provides the heat to the water. Water is ready to be poured when The kettle removed from the base.


Most of the tea kettles available in the market capacity 1.5 to 1.7 liters of water that means 7 and 10 cups. However, larger capacities are also available. So buyers should choose according to their daily needs. We suggest a regular sized model.

Warranty Period

The warranty period is the indication of manufacturer confidence in their product. So don’t think about buying any cooktop with less than a 1-year warranty period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are electric tea kettles worth it?

Electric kettles are worth it because of their efficiency and performance. First, an electric kettle can quickly heat the water, in just about 2 minutes.

Along with this, it does not require a large amount of electricity to have hot water. In turn, you can spend less money since you will not need to use gas.

How do electric kettles work so fast?

While a gas burner sends heat in all directions, the thermal energy of a more concentrated electric kettle. So the water can be heated faster and more efficiently.

In other words, electrical energy is better concentrated in producing heat for the water. With which in approximately 2 minutes you will have hot water.

Does electric kettle use a lot of electricity?

Typically an electric kettle needs 1,200 watts to boil an average amount of water. This means that less electricity is required than a microwave oven or kitchen stove.

Also, it is a cheaper option than if you use a gas cooker burner. So, with a small amount of electricity, you can get hot water.

Are electric kettles safe?

Electric kettles are healthy because they do not include toxic components. They are also safe thanks to the operation they can offer. On the one hand, this type of teapot offers an automatic shut down so that the temperature will not be exceeded.

Along with this, this operation prevents water spills when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius. You also don't need gas burners to boil water.

 Final Verdict

With our list of the best electric tea kettles available, we hope you could narrow down your options to make the perfect buying decision. There was a lot of research that went behind the making of this post.

You should always take your time when you are going to buy an electric tea kettle as these things are not very cheap. For the top pick, we have selected the Breville BKE820XL as our favorite. It has a 360-degree stainless steel base, a push-button control panel, and numerous other features.

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