7 Best Drawer Liners For the Kitchen 2022 – Buying Guide

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The kitchen is the most considerable part of any house. A kitchen in good condition may reflect the level of status of a cook who uses the kitchen.

Maintenance of the kitchen can sometimes be a tough job especially when there is a danger of food stains that can stick with the cabinets. In times like these when maintenance of cabinets is a priority, shelf liners showcase their talent.

In this article, I will update you about the best shelf liners for the kitchen that you can use to protect your cabinets.

Why You Use Kitchen Drawers Liners?

If you are aiming to make your kitchen well-decorated and beautiful, then using shelf liners in the kitchen can make that wonderful aim come true as shelf liners can:

  • Safeguard your cabinets from moisture
  • Safeguard your cabinets from scratches
  • Reduce rattling sounds in the drawer
  • Ease your cleaning process, because compared to wood, dirt on liners can easily be removed within no time at all.
  • Improve the beauty of cabinets by their stylish and attractive colors.

Shelf liners can be used for even more kitchen purposes, however, the above mentioned are the very basic purposes that justify that shelf liner is a must for a tip-top kitchen.

Top 7 Best Drawer Liner for Kitchen Review

1 Duck Brand Select Grip EasyLiner Shelf – Our Pick

If you are wishing to have a shelf liner for the kitchen that could get cut easily, can be easily installed, and should be easy to remove then this shelf liner is what you are looking for. With some excellent features, this shelf liner can make wonders for you.

It prevents the stuff to slip around when you put them on the shelf. Due to its substantial thickness, it protects the fragile surfaces under items by providing cushioning.

If you are tired of washing shelf liners which are tough to wash then this problem of yours can be solved by means of this particular liner as this lining material can be washed utilizing machine and hence this makes the cleaning process quite convenient.

What’s more this liner can make your kitchen even more splendid and beautiful as this liner is available in multiple fun and attractive colors. This shelf liner easily fits in the list of best kitchen shelf liners.

  • Cutting, installing and removal on an easy basis.
  • Has a convenient cleaning process.
  • Comes with non-adhesive grip top and bottom.
  • This liner is not suitable for refrigerators.

2 Self Adhesive Shelf Liner – Quality Choice

This shelf liner can easily be considered as best shelf liner for kitchen cabinets as with the feature of the adhesive bottom, your stuff won’t fall from the cabinet if kids shake the cabinet. This makes this liner quite handy when you have kids at home.

Being a waterproof liner, this shelf liner is best not just for lining refrigerators in the kitchen but also can be very useful for bathroom shelves. Applying it is very easy as you just need to peel and stick.

It can be easily cut and can easily be removed, ultimately making it quite a valuable liner when it comes to saving time. Cleaning it is very convenient as all you need would some water along with a soap to clean it.

Buying this liner will always give you the advantage of an extra liner as the pack has two liners in it and what’s more this liner comes in multiple colors ultimately making this liner resourceful for decoration purposes.

  • Waterproof ability increases its scope of usage for different areas.
  • Convenient cleaning process with a little water accompanied with soap.
  • Comes with easy cutting and removal feature.
  • Thin material

3 Duck Smooth Top Easy Non-Adhesive Shelf liner

In case if you are having trouble with scratches and slipping of objects from your cabinets due to your inappropriate liner then this Duck brand best shelf liner for kitchen can easily save you from that trouble as this liner’s top surface is smooth which prevents this liner from putting scratches on your dishes and also makes sure that none of the dishes fall when you are trying to grab them.

You might want to have a liner that can be easily removed, if that is the case then you should opt for this liner as this liner can easily be removed because of its bottom surface’s non-adhesive nature.

Washing it won’t be a serious issue as it can be washed through a machine with cold water and can be dried by laying it flat. If you want to cut it then all you will need is a scissor as cutting this liner is very easy.

  • The top surface is smooth protects your dishes from scratches.
  • Repositioning is easy as the bottom surface is non-adhesive.
  • very convenient washing process.
  • Easy to cut
  • Can’t serve your needs if you are interested in the adhesive liner.

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4 Shelf Liners for Wire Shelf Liner Set – Budgeted

Wire racks and shelves are designed for big and thick objects. One cannot put small and thin objects on them because if someone does put such stuff then they will slide down because of their limited size. This is a complication, however, having sterling shelf liners for wire shelf can solve this problem.

This sterling shelf liner prevents the falling of small and thin objects from wire racks and shelves. It also happens to increase the beauty of your wire racks and shelves as this shelf liner comes in various attractive transparent colors.

This liner comes with the waterproof ability which makes it quite resourceful when any type of liquid gets in contact with it. Dirt can easily be removed by dusting it as this liner has a very smooth texture. It is made from 30-gauge polypropylene of high quality.

  • Comes with the waterproof ability.
  • Easy to dust since it has a smooth texture.
  • Made from high-quality stuff.
  • Increases the beauty of wire shelf because of its variety of transparent colors.
  • Can’t meet with your cushioning desires.

5 DII Non Adhesive Cut to Fit Machine Washable Shelf Liner

Looking for a soft and durable liner? This liner from DII is then what you are looking for.

Made from viscose and polyester, this liner is a total pro when it comes to softness, durability and convenience. What’s best about this liner is that it has a buy one gets one free offer aspect in it as this liner is reversible.

Both sides of this liner can be utilized and this makes this best shelf liner for kitchen quite handy when one of its sides is dirty as you can just reverse it to the opposite side.

This liner is quite resourceful when it comes to the decoration of the house as this liner has various colors and patterns. It comes as a set of two that are easy to cut and can easily fit into any surface.

It can be washed on a convenient basis because it is machine washable. Works effectively in wet places and can be used not just for kitchen purposes but also for laundry and washroom purposes.

  • Multiple colors and various patterns.
  • Convenient washing process.
  • Moisture has zero effect.
  • Two-sided usage
  • Lacks waterproof ability.
  • Not suitable if you want an adhesive liner.

6 Warp Brothers Warp’S Plast O Mat Shelf Liner

The idiom “don’t judge the book by its cover” best fits this liner as this liner may look like a very simple transparent liner but in reality, it has more to offer than you perceive.

This shelf liner is made from a fine stain resistant high quality plastic and is blessed with the waterproof ability which can be a very handy ability when it comes to the protection of shelves and wire racks from liquids. It can act as a cushioning tool for the objects you put on shelves as this liner is equipped with a ribbed pattern.

Another cool aspect of this liner is that it is breathable which means it can allow the passage of air through it, ultimately becoming a pro in getting rid of dirt.

Due to its non-adhesive nature, it can be easily removed without leaving marks behind.

  • Ideal for ventilation and cushioning for shelf racks
  • Made from stains resistant high quality plastic.
  • Comes with waterproof ability
  • Air breathable ability
  • Can be easily repositioned because of its non-adhesive nature
  • Not ideal for decorative purposes

7 Gorilla Grip Original Drawer and Shelf Liner

This particular shelf liner will assist you with improving the style of your rack, cabinetry, shield them from any harm, and what’s more, it holds the entirety of your things – regardless of whether that be dishes, cookware or some ingredients-securely in one place.

Cutting this particular liner only requires a normal scissor and since these liners come in pre-cut sizes, it is, therefore, easy to install them. It can breathe and this becomes a resourceful ability for eliminating dirt from drawers.

Cleaning it won’t give you trouble as this best shelf liner for kitchen cabinets requires only soap and sponge for cleaning it. This non-adhesive shelf liner is made from high-quality stuff that reduces slipping and bunching in drawers and shelves.

This liner comes in many colors and can be replaced or money can be refunded if it doesn’t meet with the qualities which it states.

  • Highest quality materials.
  • Easy Installation
  • Versatile use like kitchen cabinets, pantry, work station, laundry room, office space
  • Not square, slides around when using drawer

Types of Shelf Liners

The most widely used liners can be divided into four categories:

1. Foam liners

The liners which lie in this category are non-adhesive and have grippy texture. They have a foam-like quality that separates them from other types of liners. These liners can easily be trimmed to whatever dimension you have in mind.

An example of the liner which lies in this category is gorilla grip original drawer and shelf liner.

2. Vinyl liners

The shelf liners which lie in this category are slightly thicker than paper and made in both adhesive and non-adhesive natures. These liners are difficult to clean and what’s more, they will leave a stubborn leftover on your shelves.

An example of the liner which lies in this category is the Con-Tact brand self-adhesive vinyl drawer and shelf liner.

3. Heavy-duty plastic liners

The liners which lie in this category are meant for wire shelves. These liners have the waterproof ability and are very easy to clean. However, you can’t cut these liners and because of this fact, you need to find the liner with the exact size of your wire shelf.

An example of the liner which lies in this category is Sterling shelf liners for wire shelf.

4. Fabric liners

The liners which lie in this category are soft. These liners safes your objects from scratches as these liners have a very soft and gentle touch. They are non-adhesive and because of this, you won’t find any residue of them.

An example of the liner which lies in this category is DII non-adhesive cut to fit machine washable shelf liner paper.

Drawer Liners for Kitchen Buying Guide

Best Drawer Liners For the Kitchen buying guide

Following things, you need to realize before attempting to buy a shelf liner:

1. Adhesive nature or non-adhesive nature

Either you want the adhesive best shelf liners for kitchen which have sticky bottom surface and are difficult to remove or you are looking for non-adhesive best kitchen shelf liners which have breathing ability and can be easily removed.You have to sort this out before buying.

2. The texture of the liner

Since best shelf liners for kitchen comes in hard and soft form, you need to know what form will suit your needs the best. If you want to place objects such as glasses on the liner then you should opt for soft liner as glasses are prone to scratching.

What type of shelf is required for lining?

Shelves can be of two types, harder shelves without holes and wire shelves with holes and because if this fact, you need to choose the appropriate liner for a particular shelf. For example, wired shelves will need a harder liner since they do not slip out of holes.


Do you want shelf liner just for protective purposes or is it you want to intensify the beauty of your kitchen by colorful liners?

Best shelf liners for kitchen comes with protection as well as decorative purposes. You need to know what aspect you are looking for. Either you want attractive and decorative shelf liner for kitchen or you want a liner that can just serve the aspect of protection.


The cleaning process of the best kitchen shelf liners can be different from each other. Some may require a machine for cleaning while some may require soap and sponge for cleaning. You should realize what type of efforts you are ready to give for cleaning liners before buying them.

Our Favorite Kitchen Drawer Liner of 2022

Our Pick
Duck Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Select Grip EasyLiner, 12-inch x 20 Feet, Brownstone, Sq Ft
  • Ideal for: drawers and utility cabinets or in campers and...
  • Non-adhesive grip top and bottom holds liner and objects in...
  • Provides cushion and protection
  • Machine washable for easy cleanup. Wash in cold water and...


With all the information provided to you about the best shelf liners for kitchen with the help of this article, you should now be able to choose what type of shelf liner are you opting for and for what purpose.

You should always follow your taste of lining cabinets and choose the liner which you feel is the most appropriate according to you.

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