The 7 Best Cast Iron Teapots 2022 – Does Really Work ?

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Are you looking for a cast iron teapot or rather tetsubin? Of course, you would look for it. After all, it is so effective in serving your tea purposes and what’s more, it has a historical significance. The heat withstanding ability and long-lasting features of cast iron teapot can make anyone their fans.

Now the million-dollar question is, what would be the best-cast iron teapot for you. There are a variety of cast iron teapots available in the market, but which can serve you the best?

Rest assured, as today; I will provide a review of 7 best-cast iron teapots. Looking at the reviews will help you to find the best teapot among them.

Our Pick 3 Best Cast Iron Teapot

 Best Cast Iron Teapot Reviews 2022

1 Happy Sales Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set – Our Pick

In case you are searching for a teapot that you can present as a gift for birthday or anniversary, then you have to consider happy sales green bamboo best-cast iron teapot. It comes in impressive shape with attractive color, consequently can enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

This green colored cast iron teapot is best suited for couples as it can easily store enough tea for two people. This cast iron teapot made in Japan has impressive heat retention ability. The water in it can stay warm as long as an hour.

What’s one of the best things about this teapot is that it produces tea with a great smell. Buying this made in Japan teapot is very advantageous as two cast iron material cups also come along with it, ultimately becoming an ideal teapot set for a couple as mentioned before.

  • Ideal teapot set for anniversary or birthday gift.
  • Great heat retention ability
  • Produces tea with a great smell.
  • Ideal for couples.
  • Can enhance the beauty of the place.
  • Can’t serve tea to the whole family because of its small size.

2 Primula PCI green dragonfly tetsubin – Easy to Clean

If you are a regular heavy drinker of tea, then you can’t just simply ignore this best-cast iron teapot. It has already so much demand in the market, which justifies how impressive this teapot is. It can handsomely serve your morning, evening and bedtime tea schedules.

This teapot is made by heavy cast iron, which ensures its long-term stay with you and all types of teas can be brewed by it. Its historical significance can be felt even more due to the traditional dragonfly made on the mouth and that is the whole reason why it is known as green dragonfly tetsubin.

Due to the fact it has an enameled interior, the tea made by it will always smell fantastic. The coating of enamel also ensures ease in cleaning the pot. It has 26 oz capacity that ensures brewing of enough tea at one time. Being infused with stainless steel, this teapot ensures that loose leaves stay away from tea.

Due to its excellent design, this teapot is a fantastic idea for enhancing the kitchen’s beauty.

  • Great teapot for regular drinkers
  • Made with heavy cast iron that ensures long-term usage.
  • Coating of enamel ensures fantastic smell and ease in cleaning.
  • All types of drinks can be brewed by it.
  • Has a heavyweight.

3 Old Dutch Cast Iron Positivity Teapot

Due to the fact this authentic Japanese cast iron teapot is made with traditional materials and traditional touch, it has an exceptional value.

It comes with excellent heat retention ability allowing you to have the perfect warm tea even after an hour passes. It has stainless steel infuser that prevents loose leaves from getting in contact with tea in the interior portion and just like the previous teapot products I mentioned above, it is also coated with enamel that forbids this teapot from getting rust while helps in the cleaning process.

This teapot comes in numerous colors and this means you can pick the one which best suits your kitchen look.

  • Made from impressive quality iron.
  • Comes with great heat retention ability.
  • Can provide you perfect warm tea even after an hour.
  • Coating of enamel forbids this teapot from rusting while helps in the cleaning process.
  • The handle can get hot.

4 Primula Japanese Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot

If you are looking for a Japanese teapot that can serve your big family, then this is the Japanese teapot you are seeking. Having a capacity of 34 oz, this teapot is ideal for big families.
Being blessed with a stainless steel infuser, this best-cast iron teapot can easily assist loose tea for brewing. All types of tea can stay warm in it for long because it has impressive heat retention ability due to its high-level cast-iron craftsmanship.

The coating of enamel in the inside makes the tea smell as you crave and also this coating ensures an easy cleaning process for you. Due to its fantastic floral design, it can serve the purpose of a gift. It has a foldable handle and spout is beautifully curved, ultimately ensuring an impressive pouring.

  • High-level cast-iron craftsmanship.
  • Fantastic floral design.
  • Impressive pouring due to its foldable handle and curved shaped spout.
  • Impressive heat retention ability.
  • Enamel coating gives a sweet tea smell and also ensures ease in cleaning.
  • The external paint is not promising and may fall off.

5 Camp Chef Cast Iron Tea Pot – Runner up

This black teapot is ideal for camping purposes due to its adventurous type of look and that is why we can say it comfortably lives up to the reputation of its starting name. Being a lightweight teapot compared to its similar teapots, it can add excitement in your camping trips with its efficient brewing.

Although this cast iron teapot made in japan may look simple, yet it delivers a high-level performance. Being crafted with stainless steel infuser, this teapot can efficiently serve loose tea purposes.

It also has a coating of enamel, which ensures sweet smell tea along with an easy cleaning process. It comes with a stylish long handle that makes this teapot easy to grip. Having enough space for water, it can serve tea for many people at a time.

Due to its ability to store a considerable amount of heat for a long time, it can serve you the ideal warm tea you crave.

  • Lightweight compared to similar teapots.
  • The stylish long handle makes it easy to grip
  • Impressive heat retention ability.
  • Can serve many at a time due to impressive capacity.
  • Can efficiently serve the loose tea purpose.
  • Few complaints regarding its paint coming off.

6 Sotya 300ml black teapot – Lightweight teapot

If you are a fan of that authentic Japanese cast iron teapot that can enhance the beauty of the kitchen due to its stylish looking body, then you have to pay a visit to this marvelous piece of creation.

Weighing only 1 pound, this stuff is easy to carry. Due to its broad base area, it can heat the water in no time, consequently providing you the tea within a short time. What’s another cool aspect is it has a big opening for refilling?

It also has an enamel coating in the interior portion, which does not allow the teapot to rust. Its handle is foldable and is made from hemp rope which doesn’t let the handle get hot.

It is easy to clean and can be used with plenty of types of stoves, however, care should be taken that flame remains low. Since this teapot also has a stylish looking body, it can serve the purpose of the gift.

  • Very lightweight teapot
  • Easy to clean and carry.
  • Heats the water quickly.
  • Craftsmanship from stainless steel infuser.
  • Enamel coating does not allow the teapot to rust.
  • A lot of users say that coating is not up to the mark.

7 Cuisiland dragonfly teapot with two cups – Budget Pick

This best-cast iron teapot is specifically ideal for effective brewing of tea as heat in the teapot is evenly distributed, ultimately making a well-balanced and high-flavored tea.

This teapot has a symbol of a dragon, which gives a touch of happy beginnings and strength. It is safe with almost any type of stove and has a coating of enamel, consequently becoming a teapot that can be used for several years.

Tea in this teapot can stay hot for more than an hour due to its great heat retention ability. Buying it will increase the number of cups in your as this teapot comes with two cups.

  • Heat in the pot distributes evenly
  • Very economical due to its interior enamel coating.
  • Tea remains hot for more than an hour
  • Works well with almost any type of stove.
  • Not considered that much stylish looking compared to other best-cast iron teapots

What’s the best cast iron teapot?

The best-cast iron teapot depends upon your preference for a teapot. Some prefer cast iron teapot based on its stylish looks, some prefer based on its durability and some prefer based on its price. Although above mentioned cast iron teapots have almost similar features, yet no all of them have the same price and stylish looks. In my opinion, the best teapot should be durable.

How to clean cast iron teapot?

Cleaning the best-cast iron teapot is very easy. All that you need is some freshwater and soap. Use a soft scrub with hot water and soap for deep cleaning.

Scrub the inside portion of the teapot with a wired brush if the teapot is getting rust.

How to make tea from cast iron teapot?

Making tea from cast iron teapots is the same as making tea from any teapot. If you are new to this field, then worry not as I will explain in easy words about how to use cast iron teapot.

First of all, you need to put some freshwater according to the quantity of tea you want. If you need to make tea for several people, then put water according to this requirement. Allow the water to get warmed up. Once it is warmed, then put some tea leaf in it.

If the water is 200ml, then the quantity of loose-leaf added should be 1 tablespoon. Steer it for a couple of minutes and then let it rest for five to ten minutes. After this, all that is required is to drink high-flavored tea.

Cast Iron Teapot – Buying Guides

cast iron tea pots buying guides

Know the Brand

Since cast iron teapots are a creation of Japan and China and thus that is the reason, they go by the name Japanese tetsubin, you should always consider a Japanese brand for buying.

Teapot Capacity

Buy authentic cast iron teapot with a bigger capacity if you have a big family and vice versa.

Stylish Look

If you have a desire to enhance the beauty of your kitchen no matter what, then prefer cast iron teapot that has an attractive body and color.


Pick the cast iron teapot can serve your long-term brewing purpose and this reminds you should pick the one that has some warranty so that if anything goes, you get it fixed for free.


If you are low on budget, then pick the cheap cast iron teapot, however, keeping in mind that you have to use and clean it with great care.

The Cast Iron Teapots – FAQ

Q1: Are cast iron teapots any good?

Ans : Cast iron teapots can be passed on to your generations after generations if treated with proper care and since they are made from cast iron, which means they are free from harmful chemicals. These things make authentic cast iron teapots very reliable.

Q2 : Are Japanese cast iron teapots safe?

Ans : Yes, they are completely safe due to the fact there are no chemicals used for making them. Even if the cast iron teapot rusts, it will still be safe and usable because the rust would be non-toxic.

Q3 : Can you put cast iron teapot in the oven?

Ans : No, don’t ever do it. They only work with open fire and stove.

Final Verdict

After keeping in touch with multiple cast iron teapots, I have tried to make a list of 7 best-cast iron teapots. Though all of them have very similar features yet each of them is unique in its way.Choose that best iron cast teapot that suits your needs and then have a happy tea.

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