10 Reasons Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Ikea Door

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If you’re the kind who has a soft spot for quality, you must have heard about IKEA kitchen or probably have it already. Whether you’re out to replace your kitchen cabinets or your cabinet doors, IKEA is your one-stop brand.

For homeowners planning to remodel their kitchens, bespoke IKEA doors make the best replacements for your kitchen cabinet doors. We know it’s all about quality, but you may be wondering why they can’t go for other brands.

Well, we are here to help you understand why homeowners prefer IKEA doors. Keep reading to find more :

1.High-Quality Hardware

If there’s one thing you’ll appreciate about IKEA doors is their quality. These doors are made out of medium-density fiberboard that’s wrapped with an extremely durable finish. It’s more or less like particle board, but it’s much stronger. It’s used in place of plywood. The good thing is that this material is affordable but still strong and durable. Unlike real wood that develops mold, this material dissolves when exposed to water. So, you’ve got to keep the water droplets away.


For those who would like to remodel their kitchens without breaking the bank, the IKEA door is an ideal option. While most cabinet manufacturers provide similar accessories to those offered by IKEA, you’ll have to pay dearly to get them. That’s why you’d prefer products from IKEA. Almost every homeowner can afford an IKEA door. Even with an amount as low as $6000, you can have all your kitchen cabinets remodeled. With some brands, you may have to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, save a few dollars by going for IKEA doors.

3.Design Your Doors

In case you don’t have a design in mind but would like to get something stylish for your cabinet doors, try IKEA. While you’ve got several designs to choose from, with IKEA software, you can easily design your kitchen cabinets. IKEA employs a rich version of 2020 design software that’s web-based and allows you to explore your design ideas and create something that blends with your kitchen theme. You can do this either at home or in their stores.

4.Amazing Door Styles

With IKEA, you’ve got amazing door styles to choose from. Depending on your taste and kitchen decor. To begin with, all IKEA cabinets are Euro-styled, meaning they already have that sophisticated modern design. Nevertheless, we’ve got specific styles designed to blend with every kitchen. In addition to this, the IKEA doors come in a set of many different colors. Just to highlight one of them, we have the Grimslov Medium Brown, and as the name suggests, it’s got a brownish finish.

5.Attractive Warranty

One of the attractive features of IKEA is that you have your kitchen cabinets covered by a 25-year warranty. The warranty not only covers the cabinet doors, but also the drawer fronts, toe kicks, finish panels, and any other moving part. In most cases, IKEA cabinets get damaged during delivery. In that event, all you need to do is to take it back to the store and they’ll replace it immediately without asking so many questions. With IKEA, no warranty issues arise. They value their customers.

6.Easy To Fix

When doing a kitchen remodel, you may want to know just how long it would take to get your cabinets fixed. Well, with IKEA kitchen cabinets, it takes approximately one to two weeks to get your kitchen ready depending on the size of your kitchen. Nevertheless, IKEA doors are quite easy to fix and the experts will get the job done as fast as possible. If you’re just replacing the doors on existing cabinets, the job can take 3 to 5 days.


Since it can be quite costly to remodel a home, you’ll want to go for materials that won’t get damaged the next day. With IKEA, you won’t go wrong with your kitchen remodeling. Since IKEA cabinets are made of high-quality materials, they tend to be more durable than other brands in the market. As such, even after five years, your IKEA doors will still look amazing. Nevertheless, you also need to take care of them so that they don’t get damaged soon.


It’s quite straightforward to order your IKEA doors. It all starts with researching your desired door style and the materials you prefer. From here, take the measurements of your door space to ensure you get the right door size for your cabinets. You can make use of the IKEA software to visualize your door. Finally, visit an IKEA store with your plan and get your door. That’s pretty fast. It could only take a day.


IKEA cabinets come in a wide range of widths and sizes, and you’ll like their adaptability. IKEA kitchen can conform to a wide variety of looks, lifestyles, and locations. Whether it’s in a polished urban home or a luxurious country home, you can never go wrong with IKEA. What’s more, you can go for those amazing add-ons at a cheaper price to add style and fashion to space.

10.The DIY Factor

One thing you’ll appreciate about IKEA kitchen is the DIY factor. It’s very possible to install your IKEA kitchen without professional aid. Therefore, if you’re out to keep the costs low, it would be an ideal option. All you need to do is do plenty of research to know how to install the parts correctly. The good thing with DIY is that you can try out those custom accents to add style to space. For instance, you can paint the cabinets to blend with your kitchen walls.


If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, try to explore new ideas to give the space an amazing look. While we’ve got several options in the market, with IKEA kitchen, you can never go wrong.

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